Five Etsy Finds for Under $20

Happy Friday, everyone! I’ve decided to do a monthly feature of some handmade Etsy products that I’ve come across, with a focus on home items that are $20 and under. Because who doesn’t love cool stuff that doesn’t hurt the wallet? I wasn’t paid or perked by any of these Etsy shops: I simply wanted to feature their affordable work!

1. Precious sweetness overload. I obviously don’t have kids yet, but what a sweet truth this must be when you become a mama. It’s just one of many adorable prints from Pretty Prints by Cristy. The one below is just $4.50 for the digital 8x10 version that you can print yourself, or you can upgrade to a custom color for just $1 more!


2. This cute coupon organizer from In His Name. It can easily slip into your purse. I could actually fit about 10 of them in my gigantic man-eating purse. (Seriously, my purse eats the things I put in there. Like men. I haven’t seen Rick in days.) With 10 of these in my purse, I could be those people on Extreme Couponing who buy 185 bottles of ketchup for $1.40 total and then store them in their attic.


3. State love from Poppy and Pinecone. Here’s Florida. I picked Florida because I am long overdue for a trip to Disneyworld. And I’ll be able to afford it with all the money I save from that extreme couponing.


4. Attention animal lovers: this is the Etsy shop for you. These beautiful 7x10 animal watercolors from Jason Paints are BOGO free right now! He has all sorts of animals from cats to elephants to cats to owls. And did I mention cats? I especially like this fun colorful octopus. Not as cuddly as a cat, I’d imagine, but all those extra legs would have to be good for something. Like putting away all of my ketchup.


5. Last but not least, this screen-printed pillow from Gracious Home. When I get back from Florida and still have money left because I saved so much by eating exclusively ketchup while I was there, I’ll sail around the world on my yacht. Which will have this pillow on it.


Which is your favorite item? And just for fun and because I am curious: If you’ve been to Disney, what’s your favorite thing there? What state would you like to visit soon? (Say New York to visit Erin if you’d like some virtual brownie points.)


  1. I have three prints from poppy & pinecone and I love them so MUCH! I also love that coupon organizer.

    some of my favorite etsy shops:
    mama marchand's nest

    aubrey plays
    http://www.etsy.com/shop/aubrey plays

    row house 14

    love this post :)

    1. Oooh I will have to check those out! Thanks for the links! :)

  2. i want to come to new york to see erin!!! our family is a HUGE disney family (as in we still go there frequently as adults..). i love all the big rollercoasters. oh the tower of terror. so awesomely scary. what's yours?

    1. Tower of Terror is my favorite!! I love everything about it. I also love the Everest coaster at Animal Kingdom. We went to Disney a few summers ago with my family and Rick's family and it was awesome. :)

  3. Love all of these! I am going to see what SC looks like in those prints. That would be fun!

  4. Thanks so much for the shout out! The other featured etsy shops are fabulous too! I really love the water color state..So unique!

    Cristy from Pretty Prints

  5. New York, to visit Erin.

    The first one is my favorite. In fact, I'm off to buy it right now. :)

    1. Ooooh brownie points for Amy...it was because I hid that bra in the post, wasn't it. ;)

  6. I like this new series!! I want to see what Indiana looks like :) Keep the good deals coming!

  7. I LOVE etsy! We bought our wedding favors from Cacao Bakery and they were a huge hit!

    And I also adore Disney! My husband and I are taking a trip there later this summer and I can't wait :)

  8. HA! I hope you find Rick soon, lol.
    I think my favorite is the first one; so sweet =)

  9. Ohhhh.....eating ketchup exclusively....that it the way to fame and fortune. Why didn't I think of that :)

    Have a great weekend rock star!


  10. These are awesome! Things for sharing Erin! And Jesse and I are definitely trying to save up for another trip to Disney, truly the happiest place on earth!

  11. i love the state love photos! That's so cool, i think i need to have one of these in my gallery wall!

  12. I'm going to FL this week! CAN'T WAIT! I need a coupon organizer just like that.

  13. A trip to Disney AND to see your bestie?! :) That sounds better to me!! haha


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