I’ll have a Nightstand and Lamp Revamp, with a side of Cooties.

At any given point throughout my life, I may have told you that all of the following things had cooties:

  • boys.
  • mattresses found on the side of the road.
  • the mangy evil cat that keeps scrounging through our garbage can.
  • the color red.

But obviously I have changed my mind about some of those things, with the exception of the mattresses and the gross cat, lest you think I adore all curbside finds and all felines. That’s a negative. Anyway, I’ve continued being insane making red the accent color in our bedroom (following the gallery wall and the knobs on my desk makeover) with our new nightstand lamp.

lamp makeover

You can probably predict what I’m going to say next: I got the lamp from a thrift store, it was $7, I spray painted it with Krylon metallic, gave it a new shade, blah blah blah, you-can-tell-this-story-in-your-sleep-Erin-please-just-buy-a-new-lamp-for-once-in-your-life. (No.)

lamp makeover

The shade was just a plain white drum shade from Target that I attached some red grosgrain ribbon to using spray adhesive.

lamp makeover 3

But I bet you can’t predict what I’m going to say next regarding our nightstand.

Or maybe you can, because maybe you are a part-time wizard and you have a crystal ball in your basement, or maybe you have a paper fortune teller lying around from the time you thought boys had cooties.

You see, you might be able to tell that our nightstand was once a cabinet that, um, I got off the curb (so much for being unpredictable with this one)…BUT can you guess what the top was made of?

turn an old cabinet and tv tray into a nightstand

I’ll give you three choices:

  1. wood from the hardware store
  2. silk from the nests of cooties
  3. the top of an old TV tray table

If you guessed cootie silk, you are right wrong…

use an old cabinet and tv table top to make a nightstand

…unless cooties are often recruited to make TV tray tables. Because that’s what it is: the top of a TV tray table that was left in our old apartment. When I realized that it fit the top of the cabinet perfectly, it was a lightbulb moment. There may or may not have been fireworks and streamers and Shania Twain singing “From This Moment On.”

lamp makeover 5

Our bedroom is finally coming together, because I’m finally in the stage where the little stuff is getting added, like pretty flowers.


Believe it or not, the corner with the nightstand is the same corner that the arrow is pointing to in the photo below. Yikes.

major bedroom makeover

And for another yikes, if you’re wondering what our nightstand used to look like, take a peek inside our new nightstand…


…and now picture all of that on a nightstand. Seriously, nightstands without storage are useless. I need a place for my tissues and lotion and lighters. Doesn’t everyone?

Are there any colors that you used to think had cooties? Who wishes we’d kept the birdhouses and fence? All wizards in the audience, can you tell me what I am going to make for dinner tonight? Thanks.

P.S. Random Acts of Craftiness is becoming bigger by the minute. And I am getting more excited by the minute. Go here if you don’t know what I’m talking about and want more information…I’m hoping to have more details solidified by the end of this week!

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  1. What a great idea to use the tray table on top! It looks perfect, and your lamp redo is beautiful! Enjoy!! Megan

  2. it all looks adorable, but i love that red ribbon pop! :)

  3. I really like the lamp! You needed some pop of colour on the shade, and I think red was a great choice.

  4. With a chic transformation like this lamp, I would hope red has been cured from having the cooties :). Really well done. The transformation of that corner of your room is IMPRESSIVE. I'm a white picket fence kind of a girl...but never thought I would have to clarify, only on the outside of my house. Thank goodness you got rid of it :)

  5. I like the lamp in silver - it feels fancy!

  6. I love the shape of the base, and the metallic gives it some glam!

  7. Wow, it turned out so good! The cabinet is amazing!!!!

  8. You are so gosh darn crafty! Looking at the old lamp/table and seeing what you transformed it into...WOW. TEACH ME!!!

  9. Loving the metallic silver lamp.
    I still think red has cooties. Orange too.

  10. I think hot pink has cooties... and maybe chartreuse. Love the updated lamp and the sidetable. They look great!

  11. Just disappointed there were no bra displays involved...
    Red bra? Silver bra? cootie silk bra?

    Lovely cab transformation! Is that a water-damaged dictionary you keep beside your bed?

    1. haha yes it comes in handy when Rick references drug terminology that I don't understand (he lulls me to sleep sometimes that way...)

      No, actually it's our Bible. I guess it has seen better days. And yes, water has been spilled on it. :)

  12. Oh la la! Tres chic! J'adore!

  13. Tray table as nightstand top? Total stars-aligning moment. I love the simplicity of the shade and all that. And I'm finding it near impossible to buy new lamps these days. I might never buy a new lamp ever again.

  14. I love the touch of red in the lamp shade! Everything looks so good, especially the lamp!

  15. Looks great! The tv tray top is genius!

  16. I am surprised about your previous feelings for the color red, however I am happy that you decided to change your mind. The lamp and shade look great! I am all for the $7 lamp vs the $57 new one that wouldn't even be half as cute! Well done =)
    Ok...I sadly realized the Groupon flaw the other night when I went to purchase my rug. I actually thought of you and then felt bad =( I came to the conclusion that it may be best to use the Groupon on furniture from there. I totally agree that they should have put that in the "fine print." I'm glad you called them (I am super lazy or I would have also). I hope it isn't a complete waste for you! I'm sorry!!

    1. Oh and that little nightstand looks great too!
      Are you sick of hearing from me now? ;)

  17. Loving the red. I'm a sucker for red.

    Faith has cooties.

    I'm still scared about crafting with hoses. :P

  18. OMG, nice lamp and nightstand, but I'm totally distracted by that fence & birdhouse mural. Um, wow. Just wow. Looks like the previous residents really subscribed to the 'put a bird(house) on it' philosophy. Glad to see you're not afraid to take a bird off some some things...And nice move on the tray-to-nightstand-top move.

  19. You are really rockin the color! It REALLY POPS!!!!! The RED...the flowers...the blue -- it is all amazing!!! Thanks so much for sharing with us at our linky party! It is wonderful to have you on board! sending hugs...

  20. Ok, it's not enough that you made that shade awesome with the ribbon and the lamp with spray paint but the nightstand out of the cabinet takes the cake. And ... you probably have a piece of cake in it right now. :) I appreciate you linking up. :)

    1. bahaha I should have cake in there. It would be convenient when I wake up hungry at 4am.

  21. I'm pretty sure I can add to your list of things that, at one point in time ... or forever and ever ... have cooties list!

    And it's too funny that you are adding red while I'm in the process of eradicating red from my home ...


    ... but your red is fun and punchy and mine is dark and moody ...

    ... but not bloody. Never bloody ...

    Thanks for sharing at our Crazy for Color link party!



  22. this looks awesome! i love the silver of the lamp. and i'm with you on the never buying a full priced lamp thing...$40-$60 for a table lamp? I DONT think so.

  23. Love them both! The lamp looks great painted silver!

  24. Great upcycle! I’d love for you to link up this (and any other ideas you’d like to share) at "One Creative Weekend" on OneCreativeMommy.com.

  25. I have it all over my house - glad you finally found out that red definitely does not have cooties!

    Thanks for coming to our Color party!

  26. I like the lamp in silver - super cute!


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