My neighbor’s stool is in my bathroom.

Before this post begins, let’s all take a moment to be juvenile about the idea of stool in a bathroom.


Alright then.

No further potty humor will mar the otherwise serious reputation that this blog has.

*         *         *

Free junk: it’s the sort of thing that makes me really excited. My house is full of it. So when I noticed my across-the-street neighbors putting their overpriced yard sale leftovers on the curb, I did a happy dance. I managed to wait, however, until we were in prime garbage-picking conditions (really dark, obviously, so I could unobtrusively be weird as opposed to HELLO-I-AM-GOING-TO-TAKE-YOUR-TRASH-I’M-OBVIOUSLY-NOT-A-NEIGHBOR-LIKE-MR. ROGERS-WOULD-HAVE-BEEN weird) before I traipsed down the road and surveyed the goods. The goods included the obligatory snow globes and figurines that nobody wants even when they are free on the side of the road, but my eyes went immediately to the little item next to the useless clutter. It was hard to see, being dark and all, so I had to pick up said item to get a closer look.

You might say, at that moment, that I sampled some stool.

But I wouldn’t say that, of course, because this blog is serious.

I proudly marched my neighbor’s stool back home, where I announced “Victory!” to Rick, who had already prepared his “I’m so happy for you” face because he had been watching me out the window.


I hope my neighbors weren’t also watching me out the window?

Anyway, this stool of my neighbors has already undergone a makeover. I did this by placing it in a clean container and under conditions that allow bacteria or other organisms to grow.

I mean, no.

I mean, I spray painted it in Rustoluem’s metallic charcoal and reupholstered the seat in fabric that I got for cheap at—where else?—Joann’s.

stool makeover

stool makeover 4

Then, I made a no-sew little “pillow” just as an accent to break up the dark going on with the charcoal + navy. The ridiculous process (using leftover items from other projects) includes the following steps:

1) Saw off a cardboard tube to the desired length.


2) Wrap tube in batting; staple; stuff in the ends of the tube.


3) Wrap batting in fabric of choice; hot glue; stuff in ends of tube.


4) Cover old buttons in fabric; hot glue to the ends.


5) Don’t look too closely because you’ll notice it’s a pillow poser…but it does what you wanted it to and it was free.

stool makeover 2

6) Done.

stool makeover 3

An expert I am not, but, visually, the solid navy on the seat plays nicely with the large-scale paisley in the shower curtain and the smaller-scale geometric in the rug.

stool makeover 6

I tried other colors/patterns on the seat and the solid was the clear winner. I mean, we are talking stool here. And stool is solid. Unless you ate too much KFC. In which case--

This post has been cancelled by the Foundation for Less Awkward Blogging.

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  1. Great makeover! Love the pattern on your shower curtain and rug.

  2. Ha! Your paper towel roll pillow is brilliant. Loving the way your found chair turned out :)

  3. HAHAHAHAHA.... you are hilarious. I do love the stool and free, score! I'm totally that person that would pick over the leftovers too so don't feel too bad.

  4. 1. stool in the bathroom. snort.
    2. i love the word traipsed. we should definitely use it more often.
    3. cardboard tube into a pillow! this is a pinnable project!
    4. can we be friends and traipse through dark alleyways in search of bathroom-humor-inducing-items to post about and then pretend to be obi wan and vader and fight with cardboard tube pillows?

    did i just make this post more awkward? i didn't think that was possible.

  5. I usually don't wait until the safety of the night to grab my neighbors trash because I just KNOW someone else is going to steal my treasure. I've rolled a desk chair and a broken printer stand home, very loudly, in broad daylight before. We are the weirdos in our complex. My bad!

    Ummm....that pillow is awesome, by the way. It is the perfect compliment for your stool (heh) and the fact that you made it for free is just plain cool. Like, you deserve major pinning points for that. Major pinning points = I'm totally going to steal that idea.

    You're just awesome! Can I join you and skye in the dark alleys? Yoda I can be!

  6. HA! You crack me up.
    I love the stool...in the bathroom. It really turned out super cute, and that added pillow is perfect!

  7. My, what nice stool you have. bahahahaha I love it, so great, really!! And I'm all about creeping around on garbage day in the dark.

    And thanks so much for the nice comment at Cassie's about my rooftop bedroom, you're welcome anytime. :)

    1. Bahaha "what nice stool you have." The world's next hit pick-up line, probably.

  8. Looks great!! Great choice on the fabric and loved the humour in this post. Have a great weekend Erin!

  9. this post just makes me so happy... as someone who recently blogged a few fart jokes in a post about bread...

    slash-- i am STEALING that no-sew bolster pillow idea. so hard.

  10. Hahaha! You are so hilarious! I've never been through trash before but it looks like you've got a lot of great finds that way! The stool looks awesome by the way!

  11. Bahahahaha you have a point! On the real though, your updated stool (now I feel weird saying stool lol) looks really great in your bathroom (omg it's getting weirder hahaha)! Your little pillow is genius too :)

    1. I don't know why, but your comment just made me think that I could have titled this post "My Stool is Solid." The weird factor would have gone up infinitely.

  12. Stool is a gross word. ew.
    And again you with the freebies. That's it. I'm packing up and moving in. Get the guest room ready!


    -Your average reader.

  14. Very pretty! I love that shower curtain too!

  15. I love the poser pillow/ pillow poser. The little stool looks great. My neighbors never throw out anything good, not even stool. Maybe that's a good thing.

    1. hahaha throwing out stool…it would be like that time somewhere in history when people threw their toilet bucket contents out the window and into the gutter. Only they weren’t called toilet buckets. and they might still do that somewhere. or maybe I dreamed up this sort of thing ever happening due to my recent and bizarre obsession with the double-meaning of the word stool?

  16. Great makeover, Erin. Looks perfect in your bathroom. Love your shower curtain and rug too. Thanks again for stopping by my blog.

  17. Stool. Heh.

    But fer reals, awesome little makeover. How clever are you and that little pillow??

  18. LOL. you cracked me up through this whole post. Love the dark solid navy with the contrast of the patterns. I agree, it really grounds the room!

  19. LOVE it! where is your shower curtain from, btw? and tell your neighbor i hope to find a stool like his one day. ha ha.

    1. Thanks Cassie! The curtain is from West Elm. And my mom actually just gave me another similar stool that used to be my grandmother's...I'm trying to decide what to do with it since this bathroom is already stooled out!

  20. Great redo! I love the combination of your curtain, rug and the new stool. Also, glad you pointed out the potty humor of wanting a stool for your bathroom. I've been talking about wanting a stool for my bathroom for months and that never even occurred to me :)


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