That Time I Frolicked Through Central Park

frolicked [frol-ik] 1.to gambol merrily; to play in a frisky, light-spirited manner; romp 2. to have fun; engage in merrymaking; play merry pranks.

And that, my friends, is precisely what I did the day after I turned 26 and into a more sophisticated adult: I frolicked. I romped. Merrily. Light-spiritedly. In Central Park. Next to a small toddler running around pantsless. (That part isn’t mentioned in the dictionary.) Isn’t that what you do when you go on vacation?


If you don’t really know me, you’re wondering why the tarnation I did that. If you do know me, you’re wondering what took me so long. Whether you know me or not, you’re wondering when I incorporated tarnation into my vocabulary and why a child was running around commando while we frolicked and WHY I am wearing the same dress as my  sister; after all I am 26 and the idea of matching family outfits conjures horrifying images like this:

matching-family-portrait-outfitsCourtesy of Awkward Family Photos.

The answer is simple: we frolicked around Central Park wearing matching dresses because when you are shopping with your little sister and she finds a dress that reminds you of Giselle from Enchanted, you should obviously both buy one.



And Giselle obviously frolicked just like we did.


Basically, this all began because we were going to Central Park during our trip to NYC last week, and Central Park is the land of both pantsless toddlers AND “That’s How You Know,” aka the best frolicky song ever. What’s more, Regan and I are both proud members of the “I Have Committed Enchanted to Memory and Harbor Unrealistic Goals of Meeting Prince Edward or At Least a Prince or At Least Someone Named Edward” Fan Club. It’s very exclusive.

524085_440492042638814_1995460083_nThis is the club’s secret handshake: You say “It’s goooood!” while trying to prevent your dress from flying up. Top secret.

So while we were in Central Park, in addition to frolicking, we also had to find and dance/trot around by the the same fountain by which Amy Adams danced. There was a general shortage of blue construction workers when we were there. They obviously didn’t get the memo that it was Be an Enchanting Nerd day.


In sum: we are basically the Elvis impersonators of the fairy tale world.


And maybe I will begin acting like an adult when I turn 27.


  1. I SERIOUSLY thought, "this reminds me of Enchanted" when I saw the first picture, BEFORE reading the post. Mission accomplished, I'd say! Cute dresses!


  2. I love Enchanted, but probably not as much as you! It looks like you and your sister had a lot of fun, and you pictures cracked me up!

  3. I love how much you love Enchanted! Looks like you guys were having so much fun!

  4. Hahaha! As soon I saw the dresses and the park I knew it was an Enchanted birthday celebration! The dresses, and the frolicking are adorable. Happy Birthday!!

    P.S.- I don't think you have to be a grown-up until you have kids! ;)

    1. And when I have kids I will force them to love Enchanted as much as I, and then I will be able to prolong that growing up even longer. BRILLIANT. ;)

  5. OK -- first thought on seeing picture was that you & sis had cut down curtains & were reenacting "Sound of Music"; but didn't see you hanging from trees in subsequent photos.
    Next thought, after reading your post, "where's the pantsless toddler?" (as moms always feel been-there-done-that-or-was-it-only-ever-my-naked-kid-peeing-by-the-pool-at-the-pastor's-house...
    Last thought: perhaps you & Regan should write a rendition of "The Importance of Being Prince Edward". (Oh, how I love a good mash-up...)

    1. Oooh! I would love to reenact Sound of Music! Maybe when we travel to Austria. :P And no pantsless toddler photos--we thought we might get arrested. And that just would not be very Giselle-like.

  6. Haaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaahahaaahaaaaaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaha. Ha.


    The only way that trip would have been more perfect is if you had bought me a 3rd dress...and a plane ticket...and then we could have been quadruplets. (You, Regan, Amy and me, of course.)

    I would have very much enjoyed impersonating Chip, as well. And using words like tarnation. I grew up with that word (thanks, Mom) and always thought I was odd because no one else used it. (That either makes me normal, or both of us odd.)

    See? Twins.


    Haaaahahaaahaha...there I go again. ;) Somebody stop me.

    Ahhhh, to frolick. Simple pleasures of life. If it makes you happy (and possibly gets you a part as Amy's understudy in Enchanted 2...not that there is one, but there should be)...then frolick away, my friend. Frolick away. Growing up doesn't have to be boring. ;)

  7. Happy belated birthday! I think we should all just be kids forever. The world would be much more frolicky, and who doesn't like frolicky?!

  8. My brain basically just exploded with excitement, so much so that I can't use real sentences. So here it is:

    1. I need to see Enchanted stat
    2. Why don't my sister and I wear matching clothes anymore (come on, at least for 1 DAY?)
    3. I am overdue a trip to NY


    1. I am planning on watching Enchanted tonight. With my sister. (We've never actually watched it together!!) Not in matching clothing, though. :)

    2. I'm not exactly sure what in tarnation (heh,heh) made me come back here...I mean it could be because you are awesome or I am your favorite blog stalker or a combination of the two...um, anyway...back to the point...

      Um. I'm sorry. What? You've never watched Enchanted WITH your sister? I am shocked, honestly. I find that very hard to believe. Lol. I actually can't remember the last time I watched Father of the Bride with MY sister (our fave movie together), but it was the best thing to watch it together. So much more fun to laugh and quote it together. We are such dorks. You know what that's like.

      I wonder if my sister has seen Enchanted?

      I wonder if my friend whom I loaned my copy to will ever give it back? It's been about a month and I'm practically dying without it. ;)

      I wonder if I will come back to see if you replied to my reply to your reply.

  9. I'm kinda jealous that you're only 27 and of that dress and of your trip to NY. Oh and Enchanted could be one of the best Disney movies ever.

  10. Love it! You are too funny!

  11. Very fun! Girl you and your sis look like you should be in the East Village. :)

  12. Hmmmm...but I don't think dressing up and acting like Giselle got you Prince Edward, Sissy. WAS Cookie Monster in Enchanted though...? :)

    1. EWWWW I feel the need to wash at the mere mention of Cookie.

  13. I think the rest of your family should have dressed in blue construction outfits. It only seems fitting.

    Glad you had a great time frolicking.

    And not that it matters, but I am LOVING your short hair. Does Rick hate it? Because Nate hates mine short. So I keep whacking it off further. :P

    1. Thanks! Rick likes my hair. He went with me when I got it cut and, in his words, sat there "grinning stupidly." I think he likes that I no longer look half his age when we go on dates. :P

  14. I was laughing out loud at this post. You look like you're having a great time. I would totally frolick in Central Park.

    Happy belated birthday! I think I definitely need to see this Enchanted movie.... urgently!

  15. Happy birthday!

    You are friggin hilarious.

  16. How do I break this to you gently?

    I guess there's no easy way, so make sure you're sitting down, and take a big, deep cleansing breath...

    Ready? Because I have a big confession to make:

    I have a blue construction hat in a costume box at school. Please don't hate me for not packing it. Had only I known!!

    But to make it up to you, if I get invited on the trip to Austria with you, I will totally pack my nun habit.

  17. Also, when you got your hair cut, did Rick "grin stupidly" or did he just "grin and grin"?

  18. I am rolling. And now have "I've been dreaming..." stuck in my head.

  19. OMG too funny. Looks like you guys had a great time =)

  20. Hilarious as always. I can just imagine the looks you must have received and I hope those onlookers were able to see the blog post!!


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