If I was Martha Stewart, or at least owned an apron like any self-respecting woman of domestication, and saw that this was the sweat-inducing weather forecast…


…and that my poor kitten was melting into a puddle on the floor…


…I would whip up some refreshingly luscious dessert like this chocolate raspberry ice cream pie to feed all of my neighbors and possibly even the next town over. Because I’d have time to do that.

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But since I’m not Martha Stewart, and I don’t own an apron, and the word “luscious” isn’t really in my everyday vocabulary, I stick with something like this instead. Dark chocolate + mint = take that, Martha.

DSC_0621 AKA the greatest ice cream ever.

An Edy’s fruit bar doesn’t hurt either.

DSC_0622 AKA the greatest popsicles ever.

Push-Ups, however, were better in my memory.


This is probably because sherbet in a cardboard tube is way more exciting when you are nine and also find great satisfaction in making neighborhood Cinderella movies that feature such special effects as Cinderella magically donning her ball gown while under her comforter. Plus the whole concept sort of reminds me of a tampon.

What’s your favorite from-the-box summertime treat? What treats do you remember loving as a kid? How does 93 compare to summertime temperatures where you live? It’s definitely the top end of the temperatures around here.

P.S. I’ll be taking next week off from blogland: we’ll soon be celebrating my birthday, Rick’s birthday, our anniversary, and my dad’s retirement. Busy, busy!


  1. I'm been craving those Edy's fruit bars. I might cave and get some today!!

    Happy early birthday to the husband figure!!!

  2. I have a birthday and anniversary coming up too! I remember "Missle Pops" as a kid in California. Over the years I have tried many a Popsicle similar but the taste is always off. Oh I want one now!

  3. We must be twins - I posted about the weather today, too. Glad to know I'm not the only one melting. I will probably go out and get some fruit bars... maybe for lunch. That sounds good.

  4. We've already reached triple digits here. Brutal.

    Happy birthday, birthday, anniversary and retirement!

  5. FUDGESICLES!! I totally want one now, mmm. You've also made me want to incorporate 'luscious' into my vocab (which I don't think you meant to do but alas). I think it's pretty blazing here today, I think 100 or more. I've retreated to my batcave (aka anywhere with AC).

  6. 60ยบ and raining here for the next 3 days. Jealous? Just kidding, Seattle weather sucks!

    I need that ice cream in my life, but I have never seen that brand before. Must be an East Coast thing?

    And AMEN to push pops being kind of gross as an adult. I don't care for them. DO remember those Minute Maid triangle popsicle things? I always loved those!

    1. PS- Happy birthdays!!! I hope you guys have a great week!

  7. Happy birthdays, anniversary and retirement!

    It's been a heat wave here for 3 days with temperatures reaching around 40 celcius with the humidity (thats about 103 farenheit) so I understand the heat thing. Mostly just living whereever there is AC at the moment!

    I loved push pops as a kid but haven't tried them as an adult- probably won't now after the tampon comparison!! lol. I used to love those rocket popsicles (blue, white and red) and creamsicles and the giant freezies we would get at the variety store.

  8. Last night I had to have ice cream, but those push-ups are looking pretty good =)
    Happy B-day, anniversary and retirement! Have a lovely week celebrating!

  9. bahaha the tampon comment is hysterical. It's super hot down here too, and the mosquitos are vicious! We always ate push-ups as kids too, but when you get older they're not nearly as good. Have fun celebrating!!

  10. I've never been that crazy big into ice cream (I KNOW) which is even more odd if you consider that I grew up in rural South Texas where summer temperatures average around 110 degrees and my father was opposed to air conditioning. (True story.) For me, the best summer treat was a pickle. A big, juicy, packed-full-of-sodium pickle.

    Now that I can no longer justify that much sodium in one sitting, I've actually managed to create something I call the 'adult pickle', which (I've never written that out and am only now realizing it sounds kind of dirty) is a sliced up cucumber doused in lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, and sprinkled with a touch of sea salt. Tastes WAYY better than it sounds.

    Anyway, I got off topic, have a fun vacation and eat lots of ice cream. :)

  11. It's hotter than blue blazes here. Add in the muggy humidity, swarms of mosquitos and random severe rainstorms, it's peachy.

    I think you need to send me some of that dark chocolate and mint ice cream (aka heaven-in-a-box)...except it would be in a much more liquified state when it arrived. Not that FL would be liquified, though the heat just might melt us to oblivion, but the ice cream itself would be scientifically in an altered chemical composition. (Did any of that even make sense? I'm really not that smart.)

    And when, pray tell, is your birthday? Mine is coming up, too, and if you tell me yours is the same as mine I will die...because that would just be too much for me to handle. (However, if you're taking NEXT week off, I doubt it's the same as mine...but super duper close. Cree-py! In a good way. Lol.)

    And really? No apron? Shameful. Just shameful. ;)

  12. Oh. My. Gosh. That ice cream sounds absolutely incredible! It has been so ridiculously hot here and I hate it!

  13. hahaha! Totally ♥ your top pic: "Very Hot" & "Very Hotter"! I lol-ed so o.l. that the hubs asked what was funny. When he saw the 93°, he lol-ed because we were 112° today.

    Enjoy your time(s) off for celebrating what's important in life.

    Stay cool!

    1. haha it's like when the south gets an inch of snow and everything shuts down...and up here in New York we roll our eyes. :) Air conditioners are a luxury around here--I'm guessing they're a necessity where you are. It's all what you're used to, I suppose! :)

    2. Right!? I've always thought it funny when we (Texas) get an inch or two of snow and they cancel school for 2 days. And I think about everyone up north not blinking an eye while they shovel 5 feet of snow off their porch on the way to work... lol

  14. You poor deprived thing, not owning an apron. Good for you because once you put one on everyone will think that you are a domestic diva. And you know what that means - you'll HAVE to make that pie.

    For me, it's Fudgesicles - the old fashioned creamy ones, not the watery ones they have now.

    Happy Birthday, Anniversary and Retirement!!

  15. OMG, I haven't had a push-up pop in forever! I can never find them anywhere, but those remind me of my childhood. So good.

    Happy Birthdays & Anniversary!

  16. Does banana pudding count as from the box? If so that's my favorite. Second best is a good ole Klondike bar!

  17. I live in Central Texas. If we're in the 90s during the summer, we consider ourselves lucky. It's usually 100-108 here. Last summer we had over 45 days of 100+ degree heat through July and August.

    1. And I like Blue Bell Butter Crunch Ice Cream... it's vanilla with chunks of Butterfinger candy inside. I would be approximately 30 pounds skinnier if it wasn't for this damn ice cream!

  18. We have been melted into puddles here in upstate NY with ~100 degree days this week. Not fun. My treat last night was almost a full half gallon of vanilla + chocolate Friendly's ice cream. Today filled with remorse... oh well it was yummy going down.

    Memories of summer- frozen Milky Ways on Sunday afternoons with my Grandparents! :)

  19. I will never look at push-ups the same way again.
    Have a GREAT time celebrating!

  20. I think you've ruined push-ups for me... forever.

    The lowest temp this week is 102 and highest is 107. Weirdly, I don't mind... As long as I have central AC and nearby pools and springs, it's all good :)

  21. Hi there. And Happy Birthday. That is all.


  22. LOL! i love this...IF i was martha stewart, i would be right there with you. this week has been 96-98 and we will up North..it's crazy!

  23. I really like the chocolate mint ice cream! There is a heat wave here that is going to last all week! Now I just need to go get some ice cream :)

    Happy birthday!


  24. They make these frozen reeses cup thingies? KILLER.

  25. Yay for celebrations!! Hope you're enjoying the time off.
    Prepare the fainting stool: I'm not really an ice cream/frozen treat kinda girl. I mean, it hit 103 here in Dallas today and I would STILL rather have a cookie than anything cold. I think it goes along w/ my dislike of ice in beverages. I don't know what my malfunction is, but pass the tepid water and brownies. ;)
    Miss you buddy!!

  26. If it were only 90 I'd be celebrating! I guess that's what I get for moving to Texas. Stay cool up there!

    Ice cream sandwiches do it for me. I love how they melt as you eat them, so the by the end of the sandwich all you're left with is a delicious gooey, chocolatey, creamy mess that you get to lick off your fingers.

    PS. Happy birthday to both of you and Happy Anniversary!!


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