Save Money: Make Your Own Rug Pad

This post is about saving some money so that, instead of spending your cash unnecessarily on a pre-made rug pad, you can buy one of these


…and send it to ME so that I can wear that shirt while I have meaningful conversations with my cat and simultaneously earn another badge to pin on my Crazy Cat Lady Club beanie. After that, I can work toward the one where I buy my cat a matching shirt and then get our portrait taken by a professional photographer called Mrs. Snuggles.

Or something.

But if you don’t want to contribute to my downward shame spiral, I’ll share how I am going to save enough money to buy one of those shirts for myself anyway, beginning with this new thing I discovered called rug padding by the yard.

buy rug padding by the yard

The rug that we needed a pad for is an Indoor/Outdoor rug from Marshall’s that I inadvertently bought for our bathroom, intending to use it elsewhere. But being indoor/outdoor, it can be hosed off with soap and water AND is supposedly resistant to mold and mildew.

use an outdoor rug in the bathroom

This seemed like a logical thing to try since I hadn’t had luck finding a “real” bath mat that I liked, what with these being out of my price range:

moss-bath-matWould you want one if I told you that “This bathing room carpet is produced of imputrescible foam named plastazote”?

We still needed a rug pad, though, which I found by the yard at Joann Fabrics. It is regularly $7.99/yard (54” wide) but my friend Joann has this habit of sending out 50% off coupons approximately every other minute, making it just about $4 a yard. That means for a 3’x5’ rug, your rug pad will cost a mere $4 since you will only need one yard. The same size costs $13 at Target, $12 at West Elm, $16 at Walmart, $14 at Overstock, and $13 at Amazon. (All of those were online prices. The store might be different. But if you’re going to go to the store, you might as well go to Joann’s.) We needed 2’x4’, which meant 2/3 yard of rug padding. Once home, I just trimmed off the excess to make the exact size that we needed…

buy rug padding by the yard 2

…and tada, a rug that stays in place. Even if a certain chubby cat isn’t laying on it possessively.


This is in sharp contrast with a rug that skids and scrunches because said chubby cat and her soon-to-be chubby sister insist on diving into it like it’s a big pile of meat.


Total cost for the rug pad: $2.66.


With the money you and I will save, we could practically buy a moss mat and share it. You know, like an every other weekend and take turns at Thanksgiving sort of thing. Or, you could fly to my house and help me renovate our bathroom so that Jordan, Trey, and Grace are no longer rub-a-dub dubbing in our tub and our window can be covered with something better than a partially used sheet of white fabric.


Or, there’s that cat t-shirt thing. Just sayin’.

Did you know Joann Fabrics sold by-the-yard rug padding? What would you do with $10 saved? Who believes me when I say that I would wear that t-shirt proudly?


  1. i did not know they sold that! awesome! ido love their coupons. and now i can get that shirt like i have always dreamed. and i don't have a cat, but i need that shirt.

    1. I just found out a few days ago that you can use multiple coupons in one transaction at Joann's as long as they come from different sources (ie the mailer, email, Joann app, Hobby Lobby/Michael's, etc.). Score!

      This, of course, means that you and I both can buy supplies to make our OWN shirts like that for a low, low price. ;)

  2. I need to do this for our little accent rug by the front door. I have to fix it HOURLY because the cat and dog fight on it. It's like they think it's a wrestling mat.

    Unrelated, where did you get that shower curtain? I'm kind of in love with it. Maybe we could share that on weekends and holidays if I buy you that fancy mat? Or the t-shirt? Your call!

    1. hahaha I love animals...and you'll have to participate in the shower curtain exchange program if you want the one we have, because we got it from West Elm several months ago when it was on sale AND they no longer sell it. :( Maybe try Ebay? Or West Elm might cycle it back in like they sometimes do with certain products.

  3. I totally believe you when you say you'd wear that shirt proudly!! Go ahead and rock that shirt, girlfriend. Very smart to DIY your rug pad!

  4. I can totally see you wearing that t-shirt! You could totally pull it off! Great idea going to the fabric store for a rug pad- never thought of that before!

  5. Joann and her coupons, gotta love that woman! I didn't realize she sold that stuff by the yard. I'm making a note to myself =)
    PS-love that shower curtain, your bathroom is huge, but it's kind of creapy you have strangers in your tub, LOL!!

  6. I haven't commented since Winter when I fell off the face of the earth BUT, I wanted to point out that you can also get hem tape by the yard! You can buy it in 44" widths at walmart.. it's called interfacing and it's much cheaper than buying tiny roles of stitch witchery! It was a ground breaking moment when I realized, like the rug pad! I had no clue, thanks! :)

  7. Love the rug itself!! Looks like I need to start checking out Marshall's for home decor stuff!

    You should totally get that shirt! AND the people version for your cats! ;)

  8. Kitty loves the rug I see and she looks very regal on it. Much cooler than that weird moss thing anyhoo. Nice work ;)

  9. This is the kind of sweet tip that makes my heart flutter.

    But we need to talk about your shower curtain. Have you blogged about it yet? I couldn't stop looking at it! It's beautiful, and I LOVE it in combination with that rug. Even if it's not imputrescible.

  10. Rachel6/14/2012

    Sooo.... when are Jordan, Trey and Grace getting out of the tub? They must be pretty prunny by now!

  11. Great tip! Loving the bathmat/shower curtain combo as well!

  12. Joann is my BFF. Try not to be jealous. ;)

    I need that shirt...in the dog version, of course. I don't know if my conversations with her are really that meaningful, but I do talk to her in the yard like she's a real person. I'm sure my neighbors think I'm a little crazy. My conversations may or may not also include random insults about her being weird, lazy, crazy and disgusting....but I love her. :)

    Oh, yes....and the shower curtain is very striking! Looks awesome with the bathmat.

  13. your blog is cracking me up. i never knew i could make a rug pad from jo ann's! (i'm addicted to that store too)


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