Dining Room Chairs a la Downton Abbey

My life includes a long history of joyful oblivion. This is partially because I am biologically predisposed to be the last person my age to get my period and partially because I live under a very nice rock. For example, I only last week figured out why those stupid Make 7/Up Yours t-shirts were banned from school.


To be fair, though, it was really the first time I had thought about that particular piece of attire since being an Adult who knows Things. The last time I thought about it, I was playing with a Tamagotchi and wearing saddle shoes. Obviously that was last month.

tamagotchiSpeaking of things that were banned from school.

So it should surprise no one that I didn’t even hear of Downton Abbey until a couple months ago when it had already completed two full seasons, at which point I proceeded to call it DowntoWn Abbey, because, you know, that makes sense, and what the heck is a “downton” anyway. But Rick and I finally hopped on the proverbial wagon and instantly got sucked in, prompting dinnertime conversation regarding whether or not we should move to England so we can watch Season 3 sooner and why Thomas needs to be devoured by a pack of hungry wolves, preferably with the ex-Mrs. Bates stapled to him at the time.


But now we have finished Season Two, and are going through withdrawal. Or something. It’s caused us to do weird things like google pictures of what the characters actually look like in the 21st century (hint, Ms. O’Brien isn’t actually a frumpy old maid) and trying to find a dress like Lady Mary’s.


I even went so far as to buy mismatched shield back chairs that are just like the mismatched ones at Downton.


dining room

Actually, I’m not quite that lame. Actually, I acquired those 8 chairs via two separate Craigslist purchases for a total of $150 long before we watched Downton, with big plans to give them makeovers at some point during my life. I did, however, spend several episodes squealing “THOSE ARE OUR CHAIRS!” whenever the Granthams ate dinner, and I also commended Lady Grantham for her excellent taste in people who decorate her home. We are practically twins.


Now I just need to work on my inability to sit around and do nothing. And probably my posture.

-Lady Erin

P.S. Since I haven’t yet been identified as a Grantham heiress, I have to work, and like I mentioned in my last post, I got a new job. Since some of you were wondering, the abbreviated version is: I will now be teaching 7th and 10th grade English at a school just 10 minutes from our house. I have been driving 45, so this is definitely exciting and an answer to prayer!


  1. Haha SO many people have been posting about that show lately... and every single time, until you pointed it out in this post, I have read it as Downtown Abbey as well, even googled it that way a few days ago and didn't even realize that it was Downton. Wow.

    Also, congrats on the new job - I heard a few days ago! That's awesome :)

  2. Dear Lady Erin,

    I also thought it was Downtown Abbey. I have only finished Season 1 because I'm waiting for Season 2 to be free on Amazon Prime. I may need to give in.

    Man, I wish I still had my Tamagotchi. Memories.

    1. We took advantage of our 1 month free Netflix trial to do all of our watching. You could always sign up for a trial... ;)

      My most vivid memory of my Tamagotchi is when I left it at home over a week-long vacation and came back to about 8 Hershey kiss poops and a dead alien pet. Is this why I don't have children yet?

  3. Congrats on the new job, Lady Erin! The chairs are pretty posh (I think the Granthams would says that instead of awesome, but I've never seen the show... gasp.) Want another confession? I still dont understand the Make 7 t-shirts. I'm pretty naive.

    1. I always thought "make 7" was the offensive part. Turns out it's the other side. :P

      I don't mind living under my rock. Some things are better left unknown. :)

  4. Lady Erin....loving the chairs! Great choice and looking forward to seeing what becomes of them in your castle. We have yet to finish season 2 because we know it will be a while before season 3 and so we are holding on tightly to the last few episodes like Mrs. Bates is hanging on to her man. We just can't let them out of our grip yet. Yeah for answered prayers and not commuting 45 minutes! I was too old for the Tamagotchi phase....you young un's and your elecronics. ;)

  5. I have always read that as Downtown Abbey... thanks for pointing out my error. lol.

    Tamagotchis were amazing... man I miss that. And my Dinky Dino- also a great time.

    Love those shield back chairs- they are gorgeous! Great deal- can't wait to see what you do with them!

    ps- congrats on the new job. A shorter commute is always a great thing!

  6. I always read it as DowntoWn Abbey too! Wow you seriously do have the exact same chairs!! That's pretty exciting! They are sweet looking.
    And congrats on your new job! A short commute means more Zzzzz's! Oh and I'm gonna go ahead and say please don't judge my spelling/grammar/etc. See, I just said "gonna"...whoops :)

  7. Yay for a way shorter commute! Congratualtions!

    And I can't even explain how jealous I am that you have Downton Abbey chairs!!! You are so lucky! Best show ever.

    Also, please watch this video if you haven't already. SNL does Downton. It's super hilarious.

  8. 7 friendship bracelets? Hahaha! I have a GIGANTIC list of Things I Did Not "Get" Until Adulthood. And I was with you on the way-too-late-period thing. Although looking back? WHAT WAS THE RUSH?!

    PS - High-five on the Downton chairs. Now you just need to hire some help.

  9. I have numerous friends who teach high school English, and...well...good luck with that!

    Also, those chairs are sooo great.

    1. haha I've been teaching Englishfor over 4 years now and have had 8th, 9th, and 10th, so by this point I know what to expect. Usually. There are always surprises.

  10. Downton Abbey is awesome (and you definitely aren't alone when it comes to calling it "DowntoWn" - I did the same thing before watching it). Love the chairs.

    PS - I'm super jealous of your commute!

  11. Okay, call me stupid. Okay, call me much older and clearly not much wiser than you. I don't get the Make 7 t-shirt issue?

    And for Downton Abbey. I've heard of it. Read about it. But need to figure out how to get it on my cable provider. Not even sure what channel it's on. Is it premium? Perhaps I should do the DVD route ...



  12. I'm also a late Downton Abbey adopter, I watched season 2 "live", by which I mean on dvr, then had to go back and watch season 1 on amazon prime:) Um, ok, I'm technically and adult, and with 3 kids I even occasionally feel like 1, but I have no idea what the shirts refer to! Maybe I should ask my 15 year old sister...


  13. Make 7? I AM SO OLD!! I'll have to ask my grandson (he's 11). As for Downton Abbey - shut up!!!! shut up!!!! shut up!!!! It's the best thing on tv these days by far. Reminds me of a better Upstairs/Downstairs which I was addicted to in the 70s. If you like Dowton you'd love Upstairs/Downstairs.

    Congrats on the job. Lucky kids to have you and your wonderful sense of humour to get them through the day.

  14. Anonymous6/08/2012

    Congrats on the job! And if it makes you feel better, we only watched Downton Abbey a few months ago. Those chairs are awesome!

  15. Lady Erin, I had to ask my friend to come in here and explain what was so bad about those t-shirts. I didn't get it either. But she explained and I'm now happily in the know. And I was also the very last person I knew to get my period. High five?

  16. You are not alone, I only heard about Downtown Abbey MAYBE a month ago-same with Mad Men, I missed the entire first season. Maybe, like the Mad Men craze and everyone copying the clothes and decor, you'll be the first to start the Downtown Abbey decor trend.

  17. You totally just made me add it to my Watch Instantly queue on Netflix.

  18. Things I have to say:
    2. I just recently heard of Downton Abbey.
    3. I thought it WAS Downtown Abbey until I read this post.
    4. Those 7up t-shirts actually crack me up. :-)

  19. Apparently, we share that nice spot under the same rock. Works for me.
    But I am so going to find out about the Downton Abbey bit. I'm guessing it's on satellite or cable, though. :(


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