I’m being held hostage by a baby!

*Warning: if you don’t like things like babies and cuteness and sweetness, don’t read this post.*

Guess who decided to blog today? Yeah, Kenley is as surprised as you are.


But it goes without saying that when you and your heart are being held hostage by the most angelic doll of a baby you have ever seen, you neglect your blog for many, many weeks. And it’s totally okay.


You know what else is totally okay? A duck hat.


But come on! Who wants to blog when these rosy little cheeks are in the same house and just demanding to be smooched?


That little duck and her cheekers will be two months old in just one week. Where does time go? She doesn’t look like this anymore when she sleeps, a fact that already makes my new mommy heart ache.


But growing up also means we’ve now met her early baby smiles, which of course makes my mommy heart melt.


I am now actively resisting the urge to shamelessly drown you in a sea of my favorite Kenley pictures from her first 7.5 weeks of life.




I said I was actively resisting. I didn’t say I was succeeding. Hey, you were warned.


If you’re sitting there thinking that all I do is dress her up and take pictures all day, you’re of course totally wrong. I mean, right. Totally right.


You know what else is totally right? A bear suit.


Don’t pretend you weren’t thinking like the same exact thing.


So duck hats + cheekers + bear suits = I might be back to blogging, I might not.

Don’t question the math.

I do have projects I could share, sadly none of which involve a bear suit. But we’ll see. (We’ll see about sharing those projects, not we’ll see about creating a project that involves a bear suit. Although now that you mention it.)

I hope all 3.8 of you who are still visiting my slice of the Internet have been well! Again, don’t question the math.

:) Happy Thursday!

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