I’m being held hostage by a baby!

*Warning: if you don’t like things like babies and cuteness and sweetness, don’t read this post.*

Guess who decided to blog today? Yeah, Kenley is as surprised as you are.


But it goes without saying that when you and your heart are being held hostage by the most angelic doll of a baby you have ever seen, you neglect your blog for many, many weeks. And it’s totally okay.


You know what else is totally okay? A duck hat.


But come on! Who wants to blog when these rosy little cheeks are in the same house and just demanding to be smooched?


That little duck and her cheekers will be two months old in just one week. Where does time go? She doesn’t look like this anymore when she sleeps, a fact that already makes my new mommy heart ache.


But growing up also means we’ve now met her early baby smiles, which of course makes my mommy heart melt.


I am now actively resisting the urge to shamelessly drown you in a sea of my favorite Kenley pictures from her first 7.5 weeks of life.




I said I was actively resisting. I didn’t say I was succeeding. Hey, you were warned.


If you’re sitting there thinking that all I do is dress her up and take pictures all day, you’re of course totally wrong. I mean, right. Totally right.


You know what else is totally right? A bear suit.


Don’t pretend you weren’t thinking like the same exact thing.


So duck hats + cheekers + bear suits = I might be back to blogging, I might not.

Don’t question the math.

I do have projects I could share, sadly none of which involve a bear suit. But we’ll see. (We’ll see about sharing those projects, not we’ll see about creating a project that involves a bear suit. Although now that you mention it.)

I hope all 3.8 of you who are still visiting my slice of the Internet have been well! Again, don’t question the math.

:) Happy Thursday!


  1. Awww, baby in a duck hat!!! I need you to get on Instagram so I can a constant dream of baby. Work on it. ;)

    1. I would like to second this motion.

  2. Bear suits. Everyone definitely needs a bear suit.

  3. Margaret12/05/2013

    Precious! And worth the wait to see!

  4. All of this is definitely okay with me! She is so precious!! I love that pic of her in the bathtub, lol. The blog will always be here, but your tiny baby is gonna get big in no time!! Enjoy it mama =)

  5. Oh. My. Cuteness. She is so stinkin' precious...I don't blame you for spending all your time with her. It'd be a crime not to! Glad you guys are doing well!!! :)

  6. oh erin! she is so beautiful!!!!! i love her!

  7. Ridiculously cute!!! Kenley is a doll, especially in a bear suit. A bear doll. Love it and love seeing pics of her. So glad all is going well!

  8. She is soooo cute! Seriously- it causes me chest pains. haha. Glad you guys are doing well- enjoy her while she's small. You can always blog later.

  9. Just getting more and more perfect ... how IS that possible when she was perfect to begin with? Lucky Mama!
    So good to have you back today ... and see that beautiful girl!

  10. Too bad you don't have a picture of the face Miss K gave me after I....um....may or may not have said a bad word infront of her... :-p

  11. So adorable! It's a close call, but I think the little panda suit is my favorite - and she's showing off her muscles! :)

  12. She is adorable! I love the black and white photos! Enjoy every moment, it goes too quickly!

  13. Take your time and enjoy every precious moment - blogging will still be here if and when you're ready. You may find that it's the last thing on your "to do" list when she's napping.

    And BTW - she is ADORABLE!!!!!

  14. Oh my goodness! So much precious in one picture!!

    This post instantly made my day so much better! She is adorable! :)

  15. Erin, you are so blessed. Every season is a good season…I am in the teen season and I have to remind myself of that every day. LOL. Seriously, they are all good seasons from newborn to teenager and beyond. Teach that precious little girl to know the Lord Jesus Christ and to put Him first in her life and she will be a blessing for all.

  16. Thanks for sharing these adorable pics!

  17. Oh my gosh, I seriously want to squeeze that baby. She is adorable! Oh so cute.

  18. She is SOOOOO sweet!! And cute! And she looks extra huggable, so soak all of that sweetness up and enjoy a break from blogging, it can wait :)

  19. Q: How many times did I read each Pre-Kenley blog post of yours?
    A: 1 time.
    Q: How many times do I read each Post-Kenley blog post of yours?
    A: 7,593,032 times.

    And that math is absolutely correct, so don't even bother questioning it.

  20. Kenley + Bear Suit = Priceless. Congrats!

  21. Oh my goodness - she is adorable! I'm quite possibly dying from the cuteness over here :)

  22. Can't even handle how adorable she is. Can't even! Goodness these babies are heart stealers!!!
    PS - short update just posted. Love you friend!!!

  23. Dude. Life happens. It has been so long since I blogged, my husband asked me if I've quit. I promise I haven't!

    Also, it goes without saying, adorable baby and bear suits!!!

  24. She is just lovely! And that bear suit. I'm dead.

  25. MORE pictures, please. More bear suits! I wish I could squeeze her. She is SO perfect!

  26. she is so beautiful!!! congratulations!!

  27. Anonymous1/14/2014

    I'd willingly be held hostage by THAT baby any day!!

  28. Oh my gosh, seriously an explosion of cuteness over here! That bear one with her sleeping. I. Die. So dang sweet.

  29. I must have checked your blog just BEFORE you posted this. Have been waiting to see that beautiful face of hers plastered all over in duck hats, of course. She's simply adorable as I knew she would be. No need to apologize for not blogging. Try having THREE kids and then see how much you blog. [Ahem. You should read my post on the art of blog abandonment which is sure to be my most fascinating post in history].

    Go enjoy those sweet cheeks. :) Miss you, but it's all good.


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