Headbands, Hats, & Hoods (Plus Enough Cheeks for Three Babies)

Katie at For Lauren &+ Lauren is hosting a Baby Mama link-up today. Say what? An invitation to parade my baby’s squishy face across the Internet? Best link-up ever. Besides, I haven’t shown you my baby’s squishy face in almost two months and I’m SURE you are going through withdrawal. This concerns Kenley’s 3.5 month self. See?


Anyway, the link-up is for cute kids in cute clothing, so I’ve rounded up some of my favorites from the past month or so that show off Kenley’s style essentials. ;)

Baby girl style essential #1: The Grin. A small redhead once said “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” This small baldhead agrees.


Baby girl style essential #2: Clothing That Professes Your Undying Love for Your Mother. A quick survey tells me that my own wardrobe is severely lacking in this category. Must work on that.


Baby girl style essential #3: The Headband. Annie may have said you’re never fully dressed without a smile, but around here you’re never fully dressed without a headband. Unless your name is Erin, in which case a headband would only draw attention to the fact that you haven’t brushed or washed your hair in two days. (Seriously, I DO have time to do these things…it’s just, why?)


Baby girl style essential #4: The Giant Man-Eating Dress. You get bonus points if it coordinates with mom and dad’s outfits. You also get bonus points if it is virtually impossible for mom and dad to hold onto you properly because of said giant man-eating skirt.


Baby fashion style essential #5: The Thumb. It pairs perfectly with pink and penguins and polka dots. You know what they say about alliterative outfits. (??)


Baby girl style essential #6: The Giant Man-Eating Hood…With Ears. Ears make everything better. Just ask van Gogh. Oh wait.


Baby girl style essential #7: Silly Hats. If the straps don’t stay under your chin because you have enough chins and cheeks for three babies, don’t sweat it. A cute smirk solves the problem.


Baby girl style essential #8: Giant Man-Eating Sunglasses. (I’m sensing a carnivorous trend here.) Try not to look too miserable when wearing them. But I might be miserable, too, if my aunt and uncle put me in these ridiculous sunglasses and then laughed at me while they took my picture.


Baby girl style essential #9: Coordinating Friend. Smooches optional.


Baby girl style essential #10: ??? I just like this picture. And needed a number 10. ;)


Katie invited us mamas to share style details, too, but truthfully I’m putting the robe in wardrobe these days and there must be some sort of occasion if I’ve changed into a shirt that isn’t accessorized with three day-old drool. Plus, I tried on a pair of shorts the other day and Rick informed me that they were mom shorts. He suggested I rectify the situation by instead purchasing a skort. A skort, people. If you see me out and about and I’m sporting a fanny pack WITH my skort, please still be my friend.


Happy Friday! :)

P.S. Spoonflower is giving away free 8”x8” swatches of silky faille until noon today! There are literally thousands of designs and colors to choose from, and the size is perfect for a gallery wall addition. :)


That time a sewing machine diagram kicked my butt.

So I realized over the weekend that there’s this soul-crushing presence that nobody ever talks about. And no, I’m not referring to the grown-up realization that Full House is incredibly corny or the cat barf that you find lurking in a dark corner like four months after it was, um, deposited.

I’m referring to sewing machine guides. Specifically the diagrams in sewing machine guides. Specifically the diagrams in sewing machine guides that are supposed to GUIDE you. And ideally not off of a cliff.


Because let’s face it: this is the worst diagram ever and it probably wants to eat my soul for breakfast.


According to this diagram and its sorry use of arrows, you should use a decapitated finger to assemble the thread as such:

sewing machine


Did I mention that I have had zits larger than the actual size of that diagram? What you see featured here is the I-zoomed-in-with-my-camera version. Real estate in Quick Start guides is apparently slim.

Seriously, all I wanted to do was wind the bobbin.


Somebody get me some chocolate.

Has a diagram ever crushed your soul? Sharing is healthy. Unless it’s zit measurements. Usually that’s a bad idea. Now you tell me.

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