White Tablecloths & My 15-Pound Centerpiece

When you have to suddenly limit your nursing due to an unavoidable antibiotic, you let certain things slide in the name of my baby needs to eat. For example, if said baby wails in the highchair and refuses to touch anything in front of her, you might end up letting her sit and eat on the dining room table…on your white tablecloth.


You will wonder if you’ve lost your mind.

You will wonder if avocado stains.


You will wonder why you didn’t put down a towel, or remove the tablecloth.

You will wonder how it is possible for errant banoatmeavocado globs to be so endearing.


You will wonder if your white tablecloth will ever be white again.

And then you will realize that when it is white again, you’ll no longer have a baby sitting on your dining room table, cooing, mashing oatmeal into her ears.


And so for right now, you leave the tablecloth as is, knowing it will have plenty of opportunities to be clean…


…but only a fleeting time to be a sweet, perfect mess.

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