A Cativersary, a Reminder, and Features (aka Three Completely Unrelated Things)

In honor of it being Friday, and Seafood Bisque Day, I’ve compiled three completely unrelated pieces of information that are also, incidentally, completely unrelated to Friday and seafood bisque.

I do what I can.

First: We recently celebrated a cativersary. And by cativersary, I mean we have had Zoe for just over a year now. And by celebrated, I mean we discussed how I could never again count on Rick to be the strong, sensible type who could turn a blind eye to homeless furry faces.


Seriously, though, the day we turned from a 2-cat household into a 3-cat household ended up being such a good thing. Zoe and Gingerbread play (and nap) together—and leave our older kitty alone. They’re friends. Well, maybe frenemies. Like some of my 7th grade female students, only more reasonable. And I’ve never seen them travel to the bathroom together.

Second: The next Random Acts of Craftiness party is in just 12 days. Raise your hand if Erin hasn’t done her project yet. (Have you?) I promise I’ll pull something together. Hardware store, here I come. Don’t forget, either, about the final prize package in April’s “My Favorite Project” link party—one lucky participant will win 30 cans of Krylon spray paint and gift certificates to Fabric.com and Cutting Edge Stencils! Go here for more challenge details. :)

blog craft challenge

Third: While I’ve done absolutely nothing, or maybe even less than nothing, in the way of fall décor this year, last year’s granny pumpkin has been featured at both Dollar Tree Crafts and Pillsbury.com. I am happy to report that the embarrassing grannified photo of me that accompanied said pumpkin was not included.


What are you doing in honor of Friday and Seafood Bisque Day?


  1. Happy cativersary and congrats on the features!!

    Must head to hardware store now. doh.

  2. Congrats on the features! I can honestly say that I have not started my project yet (oops). This weekend will include a trip to the hardware store.

  3. ValenzMom10/19/2012

    Happy Cativersary! I have not started on my project either, so I guess we're all in this together. Good thing we all don't live in the same place or we'd be fighting each other over nuts and bolts :).

    I'm a legal secretary and since all the partners are away at a retreat this Friday, we get to wear jeans today. So that's I'm doing in honor of Friday!

  4. Happy cativersary! That photo of your cats napping is super cute! Makes me want to get a cat!

    I haven't started my project yet either and have been racking my brain trying to come up with something... unsuccessfully. I'm hoping something comes to me soon!!

    Congrats on the feature! I definitely think that photo should have made an appearance though... haha. Happy Friday!

  5. Yay for features! Congrats! And I love nothing more than when cats take naps together. Even if they are frenemies.

    I have not started my project yet, but I have excellent intentions. Once we find out boy or girl, I have a feeling I am going to go craft crazy.

  6. Happy cativersary! Congrats on the features as well!

    I really need to get on my project... what to do, what to do.

  7. Keeping with the theme of randomness, I'll share that I accompanied a couple of hundred grade 6 girls to a full day presentation of The Power of Being a Girl presented by YMCA yesterday. I have to bow down to you because these kids are exhausting. I was spent after just one day. Happy Cativersary:)))

  8. Your granny pic was piece of art on its own. How could they not feature it?!

  9. Congrats on the features...that is so great!

    And your cats are too cute...happy cativersary! :)

  10. My hubs is the exact same way with dogs now. He never had a pet until we got our dog about 3 years ago and he's such a softie now. I swear, if we have a girl, i am going to push him around with a broom because he'll be a puddle on the floor.

  11. Happy cativersary! Your cat on the right looks just like my Stella. I went to Lowes last night got what I wanted now to finish!

  12. Wow - featured on two, count them two, big websites - you're playing in the big leagues now!!! Congratulations.

  13. Congratulations on the features, Erin!! You totally deserve it! And I love your cats. So much.

  14. I can't believe I missed Seafood Bisque day AGAIN!

  15. we are currently a 2 cat household and i am trying to resist becoming a 3 cat household, but you are making it hard!! they are so cute...although our 2 cats are close in age and hang out just like those two....frenemy style :).


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