The Changing Creative Outlet, and a Corny Video

I’ve always needed a creative outlet. It’s been my hobby, my relaxation.

As a smallish child, I drew pictures.


As a slightly larger child, I wrote stories. I drew better pictures. I wrote plays. I forced my friends to act out Nunsense in the backyard.




As a teenager, I made cards. I made scrapbooks. I doodled my way through classes.



All of this shifted again when we bought a house. My creative outlet turned to decorating and blogging. But I still make cards. I still doodle. I still force people to act out things in my backyard.

Say what?

Here’s the thing. I have a teacher’s heart. The Lord has given me that burden and that gift. And over the last few weeks, my creative outlet has, once again, shifted—and this time, it’s my classroom. My 7th grade students have been the force behind that. Blogging, decorating, working around the house…it’s all taken a backseat to how I can use my creativity to make English and learning more memorable for my students.

So if you want to know where my creative juices have been flowing over the past several weeks, and for all of the people who have ever commented saying they want to be my student, I’ve included a video here for you. You can be an honorary student for the day. The video doesn’t have anything to do with painting, fabric, or color schemes. Instead, think Erin singing, wearing stupid costumes, being a complete corndog in front of the video camera in her backyard…and think students asking every.single.day when they get to see the next one, and if they can be in it, and telling their parents at open house that “She’s the one who makes the ELA Files.”

Go ahead, laugh at me. You know you want to.

All this is NOT to say that I am done blogging. I know I will still need this as one of my creative outlets, and besides, I would miss all of you! I’m just going to commit myself to posting twice a week, who knows which days, and no more.

Because at the end of the day, there’s a person here with a life bigger than a house and a blog.

And that life comes first.

The end.

Come back later this week for a furniture makeover, and don’t forget about October’s Random Acts of Craftiness challenge!


  1. Um, I love this so much. You are totally the cool teacher at your school, right? Great job!

  2. ‡§†•* ROCKSTAR! *•†§‡

  3. where do you live? i am moving so my kids can take your class.

  4. I'll have to watch the video at home. It sounds too good to miss! I keep telling myself that I am going to start posting less....and then I sit down and write 5 blog posts. Strange.

  5. 2 cheers for real life! I can put my cheerleading outfit back on whenever you need a little rah rah!!

  6. My problem with writing as a child was that I didn't know how to control my extremely prose-happy brain, and I'd start a story and then the next thing I knew I had ten pages describing the setting and I'd completely forgotten what I wanted the point to be.

    I think we would have gotten along as kids. Although I was probably weirder.

    1. I DID THE SAME EXACT THING!!! I remember reading my notebooks of story beginnings years later and being like um…where exactly is this story going?! Good times. Makes you appreciate authors who write 400 page novels and somehow everything makes sense.

  7. Excellent ELA File video...you are making a great impression with your kids by reaching out to them in another media. Not everyone learns the same way and by making them part of the learning combined with laughter is a super way to reach your kids. Keep up the great work!

  8. I hope I will be as cool of a teacher as you are. Great video and great work teaching.

  9. Wow! You are a fabulous teacher and your passion really shows through! You have a pretty great singing voice too! Haha seriously though- will you teach my future children?!

  10. If we all had teachers like you when we were in school, we'd all be English lit grads!!! Congratulations, Erin. You're pupils are lucky to have someone as creative and exciting as you. Bet there's no sleeping in your class!!

  11. ValenzMom10/09/2012

    You are the teacher your kids will always remember as they grow up. My 8th grade history teacher, Mrs. Davis, is that teacher for me (and she wasn't nearly as young as you are). She always acted out the lesson in the classroom and made history come alive for me. I still love it to this day. I actually started doing little skits for the kids I babysat for in my neighborhood when I was in Jr. High and High School on Sat. mornings in my front yard, too. Then, when I had my own kids, I make up voices when reading stories to them or chase them around the house pretending to be the Hunchback of Notre Dame. They just loved it!

  12. I totally agree with the comment above. You will be remembered as the best teacher ever for these kids. Great job in getting a point across without the usual approach. Your kids are lucky to have you!

  13. You rock...that video was awesome!! And the outtakes at the end are too cute.

    PS-I totally agree! Life comes first...and sometimes, the blog, or whatever else, has to take a back seat. Good for you! :)

  14. Overachiever. Too bad they don't pay teachers for performance. :)

  15. You are too funny. Wait. Did that sentence make a good first impression? Probably not. :) I wish I was your student for real. And you and Katie are basically twins...but you guys knew that already.

  16. You've been given a fabulous gift: teaching with humor! Love it!

  17. Well done Rita Book ;) I am all about the two posts a week, and I'll be sure to read both of yours!

  18. Anonymous10/13/2012

    Ummm...Rita Book, could you do an investigation on the grammatic validity of "Eez goooood!"? It would be much appreciated by the 10th grade English students who are obsessed with Enchanted and bored in English class. You should know who this is.

  19. Not laughing at you one bit. It's serious business to engage your students. You get an A+ from me and you could teach many a teacher a thing or two.


  20. Rachel3/11/2013

    I read this post when you first wrote it and missed the fact that you called yourself a "smallish child". I refer to children and babies as smallish children all the time. Usually when I say it I get a response like "Did you just say smallish child????" Why yes, yes I did.


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