Hutch, there it is.

Am I the only one who only knows the part of the song that goes “Whoomp, there it is…whoomp, there it is”? Is there more of a song? Is there an actual melody? A purpose? A message? Will scholars 100 years from now find pearls of meaning in its words and have their lives forever and irrevocably altered?

Speaking of forever altered. And things that actually matter. But not really.


In the continuing saga of projects that take nine million years to finish: meet our “new” hutch.


The paint is Benjamin Moore’s Fairview Taupe. You can tell from each of these pictures that it morphs greenish in certain light and is a muddy greige in other. It works.


On Friday, I’ll share details about cost, making the doors and drawers and trim, and our decision to “door” the whole thing rather than leave some open storage.


By the way, I am calling it a “new” hutch because it has been here all along. At least, most of it has.  Non-essential things like doors have been MIA for a while. In lieu of those features, it had star spangled drawer covers. This was to magically distract your eye from noticing that drawers were crooked and missing. See? Does your eye notice the giant gaping holes where drawers are supposed to be?

hutch makeover

I told you it was magical. 

What did you get finished this weekend? Do you have “Whoomp, There It Is”—or at least the part that you know—stuck in your head now? Any guesses about what we store behind those doors besides the obvious like giant bags of cat food and my extensive recycled bottle collection? (Oh wait.)

Don’t forget—Random Acts of Craftiness: October goes live one week from today!


  1. oooh so pretty! i love the knobs! and the message of the sing is this. there it is.
    so deep, i know.

  2. I like. I like.

    And yes, song is stuck in my head now. Noooooooooooooo...

  3. Anonymous10/24/2012

    Whoa! Looks nice. I'm totally on board with doors covering up my mess... I can't be trusted with open shelving.

  4. It looks much better. Now you can really take advantage of all that wonderful hidden storage!

    Sadly, those are the only words I know to the song too. lol

  5. Wowzers...so pretty! Love the pops of white against the taupe. And yes, I now have the song stuck in my head, thankyouverymuch! ;)

  6. It looks so good! I love the white detailing. You did an awesome job!

    I definitely dont know anything else about that song...

  7. Fantastic! I absolutely LOVE the color you chose, it's gorgeous!

  8. So pretty!! Love the color that you choose.

  9. Those knobs totally rock!

    Speaking of RAofC... my Toilet Wax Seal art is starting to evolve rather nicely! (ooooooops, I "leaked" my craft item...)

    ♫♪ WHOOOOOOMP!!!! There it is! ♪♫

  10. Okay...I guess it's bad that I know every word to Whoomp There It Is. Ha! I do absolutely love this piece! That color is just perfect and so is the hardware.


  11. Hi Erin - the hutch looks terrific. I had a built-in in my old house and wrestled with painting it to tone down the oak wood. Never did and regret it.

    Fairview Taupe is my colour of choice for my front door - nice to see it used somewhere as it looks great.

    Yikes, only 1 week till RAC!!! Better put my thinking cap on.

  12. Love the white trim detail. And nope, there are no other words to that song. It just goes "WHOOMP there it is," and then it stops. Pretty sure.

  13. OH LA LA!! She's lovely. :)

  14. Beautiful! Nice work! And I'm with Kelly - there are no other words to that song. :-)

  15. Nope, that's all there is, and what an appropriate title for this post! Whoop I love those knobs!

  16. Haha! Totally agree about that song, and basically all of the cool songs from growing up. I only know the hooks. :)

    The hutch looks so good! What an amazing transformation!

  17. This turned out really well. I love the colors.

  18. Gorgeous! I love the white trim detailing. It's the perfect touch.

  19. if only our giant bags of cat food had such a beautiful place to be stored ;). I love that paint color, the finished product is amazing!

  20. i love this! it's so pretty. oh and Katie was awesome and did the craft challenge. i suck at life and did not. sigh. i'm aiming for November...

  21. Considering it took 9 million years, it looks really new! ;)
    Love the charm of it, Erin. Anything you can't do? (THAT should be a fun answer.)


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