Updates in the Living Room: Take 8,429 (and a Hint of Columbus)

There is a distinct possibility that our living room’s last appearance on my blog coincided with Columbus sailing to America. Give or take a few years. This lengthy absence is for many good reasons, though, among which is the excuse that for the past eon, multiple living room projects have sat at a state of approximately 62% completion.*

*I realize this is not a good excuse. 

But no more! In the words of Columbus: “Let’s do this thang.”*

*Okay, he never said that. At least, not to my knowledge.

Step one in our “Stop Watching Parks & Recreation and Finish the Remaining 48% of Your Projects Already” mission: complete the new dresser-turned-television stand. So we did.


You can see in this next picture that the bottom right drawer is a little crooked. This is because a certain cat whose name rhymes with Flingerhead decided to jump in the drawer when it was open, successfully bending the drawer glide.


As with many other furniture makeovers around this place, this one started out on someone’s curb before I rescued it and then spent many months spray painting it Rustoleum 2X Heirloom White. The handles got a coat of oil-rubbed bronze spray paint.


But if you’ve been around these parts since Columbus fought off scurvy aboard the Pinta for a while, you might remember the first dresser-turned-media stand that we remade. We decided to nix that one for two reasons:

  1. The drawers were a pain to open. I may or may not have needed to yoke a small herd of oxen to the drawers in order to yank them open and retrieve Enchanted. This is obviously unacceptable.
  2. That half of the room was not grounded. The old stand plus our two IKEA chairs, all of which were on legs, floated that entire half of the room. My untrained eye said no. I think some pieces should be off the ground and others should not be. The new dresser-turned-television stand helps with that.


That wider shot of our “new” television stand also proves that since you last saw this room, other changes have taken place, as in, nothing looks remotely similar. Here’s what that same half of the room looked like when Columbus was swabbing the deck of the Santa Maria the last time you saw it:


Since then, we have painted (for the third time). We have moved all of the furniture around because the couch in front of the window seat wasn’t working for us. Different curtains (moved from another room) blend just right with the new wall color, and honeycomb blinds replaced the sheers that afforded little privacy.

living room then and now

Slowly but surely, our living room is growing up. The end is in sight. I imagine this is just how Columbus felt as he viewed the shores of the New World.



What have you been procrastinating on lately? Thoughts on grounding a room? Who wants to be Columbus’ BFF?


  1. The dresser/ tv stand is fabulous! The room make over has really come together--so impressive!

  2. That tv stand is beautiful! Seriously. The people in my town need to have better junk.

    How is the tv in front of the window? Any weird glares?

  3. LOVE it!!!!!!! WOW! it looks so amazing!!!!!!! weehaw! that's what we country folk say when we love something.

  4. The makeover looks great!

  5. Oooh! Totally loving it. The living room looked beautiful before but I love the updates!

  6. Let me get this straight. You spray painted that dresser? You can spray paint a dresser, and it turns out looking like that?! I'm off to get me a can or 12.

  7. ValenzMom10/11/2012

    You are a girl after my own heart! My hubby and I frequently troll neighborhoods for perfectly good furniture folks just put on the curb. We always go ask first, then take it, refurbish it and sell it a resale shop in our city. We've been doing this for almost 2 yrs now. We don't really make a profit, but it pays for our gas and supplies AND keeps the furniture out of the landfill. Since our kids are grown it gives us a hobby, too. Plus, we keep one or two nice pieces now and then :).

  8. It turned out great! The people in my subdivision really need to step up their junk!! haha

  9. I agree with Amy...danggg! Can't believe you could make that lovliness with spray paint!! I painted all of my furniture, by hand. :( Next time I will be attempting to spray it! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  10. Wow it reallyyyy works in the space!! You have a great creative mind!!! I am really amazed at how much bigger and better the room looks just by bringing your curtain rod up higher. It made a large impact for the better in the space!

  11. Love the dresser/tv stand! It turned out awesome!

    Columbus "Hey girl" is gonna be the next big thing, just you wait!

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! I was just thinking of picking up some heirloom white for some JUNK I picked up on the side of the road freeeee

    this convinced me!

  13. I so ♥ the wall color in there! (...and color me green with jealousy for that awesome window seat -- I've spent my entire life wanting a window seat & plotting how I can get me one...)

  14. :( None of your pictures are showing up. But... I have faith that everything looks incredible!

  15. Oh my gosh the Columbus picture has me giggling uncontrollably. Your room looks great. I have theajrdet time with the living room due to all my huge furniture.

  16. Too funny. The room looks great! That dresser turned TV stand looks awesome; it's amazing what a little paint can do =)

  17. I am definitely procrastinating on a whole bunch of projects round here so I guess I'm Columbus' BFF also. The room looks like it came from a different house when you compare the before and after. Good job you 2!

  18. Procrastinators unite! I just figure all the waiting around gives you time to decide if you are making the right design decision ;). I love this TV stand..it looks amazing!


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