Ever wonder what to do with old love letters?

I'm not talking about the "like" notes that got shoved in your locker by a hallway boyfriend who only recently stopped playing with Power Rangers and may still have had a lingering cootie or two clinging to him. (I've never had to wonder too long about what to do with those, as they were generally disposed of quite quickly via methods that involved either extra sharp scissors, the toilet, or lots of ketchup and a garbage bag.)

No, I'm talking about the letters that my ever-romantic husband (then boyfriend, then fiance) wrote to me during our separated-by-college years. I happened upon them in the bottom of a box a few weeks ago (where else do love letters go to be forgotten?) and decided I wanted to do something with them.

The gaps above our windows created by our extra high curtains seemed to be the right spot for some sweet nothings, so I bought five 4"x6" frames at the Dollar Tree, spray painted them white (I'll spare you the scintillating pictures of those steps), then layered in Rick's letters and a number that is special to us.

62,808 is obviously the number of hints I had to drop before Mr. Shy Boy finally asked me to his prom. Er--I mean, it's obviously our wedding day: June 28, 2008.

Here's a voyeuristic close-up:

This is the only time you'll get this intimate with Rick's sentimental writing unless you come and stand on our couch. Or use super binoculars to peer through a nearby window. But that would be kind of creepy, wouldn't it?

Besides, you might not like what you see. Buahaha.

In all seriousness, Rick was my high school sweetheart, my college sweetheart, and now my forever sweetheart. Hanging his letters that, to some, might just seem old-fashioned and corny, is just one small way to honor the fact that he has always been a perfect gentleman to me, and I love him for that.

Speaking of Rick, he's down in the basement right now, as we speak, getting sawdust all over himself (if he'd let me take a picture I'd show you--he has these really cute cotton ball earplugs in and everything) so we can have a new custom desk made almost entirely out of wood we found around the house. See what I mean? Handy, thrifty, and a gentleman. He's perfect for me. :)

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  1. Kelly @ VATW6/01/2011

    This is fantastic! I've seen framed letters before, but never with the sweet graphic number overlay like this. Genius! If I was in your house, I would be squinting trying to make out a word or a phrase. :) BTW, it looks like you're totally moved in with a fantastic living room already. For real?

  2. Thanks Kelly! Yeah, we figure that people will try to read them...they're really more mushy than juicy, so we don't care! Nothing scandalous here. :) And that wall is about the only wall in the whole house that has gotten any decorating other than paint....we're getting there, though!

  3. What a sweet idea!! I love it!

  4. Rebecca @ MGW6/01/2011

    this is SUCH a cute idea. i love it!!

    thanks for your comment on my blog!

  5. Amanda@Serenity Now6/01/2011

    What an awesome idea!! I love the fact that you numbered them and also put them up high enough where nosy people (like myself) wouldn't be able to read them. ;)

    Thanks for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. :) Hope you'll visit me at Serenity Now again soon! :)

  6. Jenn@P&C6/01/2011

    OHMYGOSH THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! I have zillions of love letters from when my boyfriend... then fiance and now hubs had written me while away training to be a pilot! He was allllways gone and there are piles of letters... I have one of them framed but I heart your idea for adding meaningful numbers and arranging a series of them! =) genius!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  7. Carol@thedesignpages6/01/2011

    What a great idea! I love that you made them look hip and cool and not corny. The out of the way part will work to your advantage when you have kids who are old enough to mock you for everything you ever did before they arrived:)

  8. Carol-LOL @ kids mocking! --they should be grateful that those love letters are around, since if the letters didn't exist, then they might not exist either....:)

  9. Aunt Debi6/01/2011

    you are hysterical!....what a great sense of humor you have! i love the colors you chose! the living room looks great. i lov that you lov and adore ricky,that makes us all happy...;).....he is certainly blessed! keep going you guys are doing great! lov you! aunt debbie

  10. Such a cute idea! I may have one love letter from my husband all the rest are little drawings or just love notes! So sweet

    And I want your couch!!! It looks so dag on cozy!!!!!!!!!! Where did you get it??

  11. Hey Holly! Thanks for stopping by! We love our couch so you can't have it ;) but we got it at Raymour and Flanigan. It's part of the Cindy Crawford Metropolis collection.

  12. This is completely adorable! I might just have to make my man write out all his love notes for this purpose. Right now they only exist as emails in my inbox. :)

  13. So sweet! How did you layer the numbers in?

  14. Hey Liz; I cut out the numbers and circles with my Cricut and then just glued them on. Super simple! :)

  15. ahhhh, my hubby ALSO asked me to prom (it was actually in June 2008), and had been missing the I've-got-a-crush-on-you hints for YEARS. Met in the 8th grade, went to prom for our first date, and now happier married 3 years.

    I really love this idea, how clever and personal!


  16. Oh my gosh, what a cute idea! My husband and I were long distance as well as I could totally do this BUT most of my love letters were sent as emails....it could still work, right? ;)

  17. Is it me or do the frames look larger than 4x6? Just asking.

  18. gasp! You have trim like mine!

    I have no love letters. Can I borrow yours?

  19. This is so sweet! I love it!

  20. Not only is this so sweet and weird b/c I'm reading old posts, but I should tell you that it gets weirder because I read the comments, too....and then I saw the magic word: Cricut. YOU have a Cricut. I (and "I" should be in bold and italics!) have a Cricut! It's official...twins. We are a medical miracle. (How old are you?) ;)


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