Our office is progressing!

One coat of primer + 3 coats of eggshell paint + a custom built desk + freshly painted trim + a chair makeover + new fabric, an old pillow, and a sewing machine =

I think when Gingerbread wakes up in the morning she thinks to herself, "How many photos can I sneak into today?"

The finish on those chairs, which is grossly reminiscent of raw beef, used to look like this:

You can see a full picture of the "before" here.
{Not that I often reminisce about raw beef.}

The room as a whole used to look like this:

And now it looks like this:

Basically, at no point over this past weekend did Rick and I look at each other while twiddling our thumbs and say, "Gee, what shall we do today?" Even Gingerbread was busy!

OK, so maybe she was mostly just busy being in my way. I love her anyway.

Rick's putting together a step-by-step on building the desk, which will appear as soon as he has gotten past "First, you".


That's it so far.

I think he has some mad skillz for getting that much done, seeing as how the rest of our office kept him busy all weekend. And you didn't just hallucinate; I did, in fact, just say "mad skillz." You were probably thrown off by the single 'z', right? How's this, better? "Mad skillzzzzz, doe." What do you think? From now on, should every post have a little 9th grade speak? That would be epic, right?


  1. Jenn@P&C6/01/2011

    yay no more "raw beef" chairs! love the silver!!!! good call! =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Kelly @ VATW6/01/2011

    "My" chairs look fabulous! :) My crush on them has now grown to true love, and even the distance between us cannot make my love die.

    Love the white desk in the dark room! I was wondering whether you were going to paint or stain it, and this white is perfect.

  3. Rachel6/01/2011

    I have heard of "Mad skillzzzzz, yo" or even "Mad skillzzzzzzz, ho" but never "Mad skillzzzzzz doe."

    I be diggin those sweet chairs though, yo. Theyzz be hott.

  4. Katie Waddell6/01/2011

    HAHA!! Raw beef and mad skillz...love it! :) Looks great!!

  5. raw beef...you crack me up. I love the color choices! You're inspiring me to keep on-keeping on w/ my office. "It will be beautiful, it will be beautiful." :)

  6. hahaha Rachel...come meet the boys in my 3rd block B/D class. They find every opportunity to use "doe". Like, "It's raining, doe." And "Are we reading a book today, doe?" And they generally say it wile speaking in obnoxious voices. :-P

  7. Kelly-hey, long-distance romance sometimes works out...:)

    We thought about staining it, but it's actually made out of random wood from around the house, so none of it was the same kind. We've never stained before and didn't think a desk made of miscellaneous wood would be a good place to start, since it might not all absorb the stain the same way!

  8. lmcniff6/01/2011

    i love your chair re-do! Did you spray paint or use a brush? The metallic silver is so beautiful!

  9. lmcniff-Thanks! I used Rustoleum metallic silver spray paint. It was a lot easier than sanding, priming, and painting each one! :)

  10. The chairs perfectly fit the room and the green really stands out. The table looks so neat and organized. You've done an awesome job so far. Keep up the good work! I'm sure it's going to be an awesome office when everything's all done!


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