Hey, look out for that moving van...

Post title compliments of my new favorite show tune to sing incessantly and Rick's new favorite song to get stuck in his head because I am singing it incessantly. He loves it. He really does.

Here is where I would appropriately insert a photo of our moving van, with me singing in the background, if I had been able to find the camera at the time of our official move this past Saturday. Hard to believe that I couldn't locate it, when the downstairs was as organized as this:

Despite our great deal of obvious unpacking and our excitement about finally living here (we closed a month and a half ago!) as opposed to just playing house when we visited on the weekends, we have remembered to eat and take bathroom breaks. And perhaps I'm utterly cheesy, but I've unearthed the camera and have also remembered to take pictures of cute things like this:

What can I say? I am utterly and hopelessly crazy about my kitties. And they're enjoying their new house (and that blanket) as much as we are.

Okay, maybe they're enjoying it a little too much.

The current office setup also lets me know that we've officially moved and things won't quite be the way I want them until we have time to seriously organize ourselves. This post is being brought to you from here:

Let me tell you, by the end of this, I will either have better posture than Miss California or be in serious need of a chiropractor. I'm hoping for the former. Will it help if I wish for world peace while typing?


  1. Rebecca6/01/2011

    Love the snuggly kitty! Glad they are enjoying themselves :)

  2. Jenn@P&C6/01/2011

    bahahaha! keep repeating "I WISH FOR WORLD PIECE" as you type =) office makeover tiiiime! <3

    glad the kitties are enjoying themselves! they are super cute! <3


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