Furniture is in the house. Oh, and we painted.

Slowly but surely, our furniture collection is growing. We started out with this elegant table and chairs:

It's too bad I didn't also capture our plastic tableware in the photo.

And now that stylish set is in the company of our new couch:

You can tell from the picture that we also hung curtains. Well, Rick hung curtains. I stood around and captured the moment on camera, and occasionally said helpful things like "Where are the Twizzlers?"

The room is also sporting a brand new wall color (Glidden's Seal Grey color matched to Olympic no VOC).

Here's the patriotic before:

And the less 4th of July-ish after:

108" panels courtesy of West Elm. Fabric wrinkles and excessive length courtesy of me.

We still need to replace the maroon blinds, but, for now, they are all that is shielding our neighbors from seeing me prance around the room, with paint in my hair, singing songs from Hairspray. We don't want them to think we're completely crazy, even if I was singing "The New Girl in Town," which is, according to me, totally and completely appropriate given my new-girl-in-town status. In fact, I think I should sing it every day, in honor of my status. Rick disagrees.

Party pooper.

Anyone else been up to any "room progress" lately? :)


  1. Caitlin6/01/2011

    Dilemma: is it okay to paint a room in an apartment as long as you paint it white again when you leave? We want to paint our bedroom purple but are worried about the consequences. Your new paint colors look fabulous though!

  2. While "The New Girl In Town" was a nice change from your enchanted version of "Happy Working Song", the broken record feel started to get to me--sorry dear!

    Now all the room needs is nice flat screen TV and surround sound ;-)

    I am grateful to A) have such a creative wife to put such wonderful rooms together, and B) not have the picture she took of my butt on a ladder hanging curtains appear in this post!

  3. Hey Caitlin! I feel your pain--we've been renting for a few years now and we're so glad to finally have non-beige walls. I would check with the landlord--they might be OK with it because it will mean they have fresh paint for the next tenant, but you never know. Also, if the purple you're thinking of is a more saturated shade as opposed to a pastel, you'll probably need at least one coat of primer before the top coat of paint when you go to change the walls back to white (otherwise the deeper color will show through). BUT if the landlord says OK, and you're planning on living there a while, then the time it might take to reverse the fun and colorful walls might be worth it!

  4. Jenn@P&C6/01/2011

    sing it girlie! =) LOVE the curtains and i'm excited to see more furniture choices and details! <3

  5. ourhumbleabowed6/01/2011

    Oooh la la! Love the changes. I'm on the prowl for a great grey, so can I ask if this reads more cold and blue or warm red undertones? It looks great in your home. Though I think it may be too blue in ours. Just wondering...

  6. Rick-You SHOULD be glad that picture isn't in here, because it almost was. I'm working on a special medley of Hairspray/Enchanted/Legally Blonde songs...just you wait, husband.

  7. Hey Amanda! The pictures make it look more blue than it actually is (I'm still figuring out this camera thing); it reads really true pure gray on our walls, which is what I wanted. I think the most accurate picture is the close-up with the curtain. We did the whole tape the swatch to the wall thing/look at it in every light to make sure, though, and eliminated so many "grays" that actually looked more brown, blue, or purple in our room and lighting.

    Good luck! :)

  8. Amy@ Journey Mum6/01/2011

    You two are keeping busy!!!

  9. Erin your house looks great! I love the gray paint color. A much better choice than what was there!

  10. Eileen6/01/2011

    You and Rick have done a super job Erin! Looks like home sweet home to me.

  11. Aunt Kathy6/01/2011

    I would totally agree on the song choices!! A medley of those shows would be fabulous. Let me know if you would like me to come and sing harmony. Brian of course is ready to play his "lovely" role for Hairspray, so we could basically.... Put on a show!!!

  12. haha yes Aunt Kathy! It will be like old times at the cottage. Maybe we could get Regan and your boys to put together a talent show with lots of falling down as an opening number? :)

  13. I'm sure I could come up with several humorous (aka sarcastic) remarks...but really I just want to say I loooove that paint color!

    And twizzlers? Really? Yuck.
    Shucks. Looks like we're different after all. :(


    Ha! I'm so glad I proofed this comment. I left out the "h" in shucks. Lol!!!


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