Link Party Features, Winners, Cheerleaders, and Giveaways

Today, I’m wrapping up some loose ends with September’s Random Acts of Craftiness Challenge, and announcing more details about October’s!

First, September…

1. Features: September’s cheerleader, Karah of The Space Between, is sharing her favorite game-inspired projects on her blog today, and over at Décor and the Dog, Michelle’s husband Nate is sharing his “Husband’s Choice Awards.” Go check them out!

2. Winners: Well, technically that should be singular. There’s only one winner. Regardless, the winner of the Crazy Fox Studio giveaway is entry #20, Heather at New House, New Home, New Life! Congrats, Heather! I’ve emailed you with the details.

And now, October…

3. Cheerleaders: Again, only one. Darn the need for plural repetition to make my headings consistent. October’s cheerleader in the singular is none other than Kim over at Newly Woodwards. Go visit her blog and begin bribing her to feature your project. ;) (Kidding. I, of course, do not condone bribery. Only Rick does…if it involves candy.)

4. Giveaways: Giveaway. One. Sigh. Anyway, this month, everyone who enters their project in the link party (open from 10/31-11/2) will be entered in a giveaway for one of these outfit-making upcycled infinity scarves, created by Lindsey at Thirty Something.

infinity scarf 

On an unrelated note, Gingerbread escaped from the house and was missing for a good 3 hours the other night. She only came back when we shook a cup of food. No amount of me tearfully calling to her in the pitch dark while wearing my bathrobe and wandering through my neighbor’s backyard was enough to wrest her from her rat-eating.

But happy Wednesday! Let me know if you have any questions…about Random Acts. I’ve got no answers about cats who care not for their mom’s feelings or dignity. A bathrobe, I tell you. Seriously.


  1. Cats. Seriously. Off to check out the cheer leading!! Thanks for being such a great organizer!

  2. So glad you found your cat! Lost pets are the worst!!

  3. it's ok, when scout was a weeee little puppy he escaped from the fence and ran through our backyard (which where we lived at the time was also a private club golf course) and I chased him around in snowman pajama pants. red and white snowman pj pants.

  4. Felines can be such an unfeeling lot. Selfish little furballs. Glad she made it home safe and Bubonic plague free. ;)

  5. My cat escaped and was gone for 21 days. I spent close to $1,500 to get her back. That was three years ago and I still to this day look at her and cuss.

  6. So glad you found your cat!

    I can't wait for the next Random Acts of Craftiness challenge! :)

  7. Love the infinity scarf. And I'm super excited to be a guest judge. Thanks for having me.

  8. Ok. So I stumbled on your blog somehow I started off reading IHeart Organizing and somehow several tabs later read the above post. I clicked on yet another link and was met with this, "Something's wrong. This page has apparently been eaten by the Internet." So I have to let you know you have a new blog follower. You have a very refreshing "voice" not found very often in blogland. I am eagerly anticipating more of your wit and humor. (Also, as a side note the New House, New Home, New Life link above gave me that wonderful error message.) My two Boston terriers give me the same kind of response, although they are contained in our yard. I can yell and yell for them to come inside and get silence. My husband can breath heavily and they have to come inside to see what he is doing...fur babies....


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