Home “Improvement” Without a Handy Husband

Day 3 of the Honey-Do List series continues today over at Décor and the Dog! (If you missed the first two days, go here and here.) Today, we discuss what home improvement would be like without husbands who know their way around a sheet of drywall. For me, “home improvement without a handy husband” is a total contradiction of terms, an impossibility of epic proportions. It’s like a Twinkie without filling. It’s like Aladdin without his genie. It’s like a Superbowl halftime show without Madonna’s dance moves and a herd of sword-wielding Nicki Minaj Trojans.

(Wait, what?)

Forget everything you just read. Go visit Michelle instead. And check out some of her inspiring DIY projects while you’re there, like this mudroom makeover! :)

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  1. Hahaha I laughed all the way through this; you are so funny and best of all what you said was so TRUE!! I love taking all the glory on my blog for all my genius projects, but really, if it involves more than a sewing machine or some mod podge, my husband is the real hero because he's the one that made it all happen!


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