And That’s a Wrap: Final Day of the Honey-Do List Series!

We’re wrapping up our Honey-Do List series over at Hazardous Design! (If you missed the first three days, definitely check out the fun here, here, and here.) Our final topic is “If our husbands were in charge of decorating.” I know, I know; that seems like an oxymoron. Husbands? Decorate? With what, bags of chips and laundry?

Maybe we don’t give them enough credit.


Then again, maybe we do.

Hop over to Carrie’s to find out—and when you’re done, check out their recent family room renovation—it’s gorgeous!

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  1. Hilarious! My husband would jump all over that. I have to work his "requests" in to my designs sometimes and sometimes they work out. Othertimes, not so much. Like when he wanted to paint the dining room red. That is not my favorite, but red it is.... which gives me lots of leverage on other things :-)

  2. This is so funny! If my boyfriend had his way every piece of furniture in the house would have a cup holder & probably speakers attached.

  3. That photo is funny,,, Let me know what you do with all those leather recliners, sounds like you are in need of a big family :)


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