Why we can't have plants in the house.

First of all, thank you to everyone who offered encouragement on my last post. I honestly wrote that as much as a way to give myself that needed kick-in-the-butt to actually talk about Jesus on my blog. God's been giving me that kick for the past several months, and I decided that it was high time I obeyed. My life isn't all about paint chips and hot glue and how we re-plastered a ceiling by ourselves (shudder), but God is amid and among my paint chips and hot glue and even those wretched plaster ceilings, and He has done amazing things in my life, which I hope to share if I'm led to do so.

But for now: allow me to dwell on the topic of my dearest little kitty Gingerbread. She is a pastel calico, and we were warned at her first vet appointment that calico kitties have "spunk." Well. Spunk is an immense understatement. She's got a 'tude about a mile wide, and if she knew how to give you the "loser" sign, I'm pretty sure she would. She missed the memo when God said man should have "dominion over every living that that moveth upon the earth" because she pretty much thinks she rules the world, and is singly responsible for A) the cat squabbles that take place on our bed in the middle of the night, B) the wear and tear on our carpets from her zooming from the front of the house to the back as though she's being pursued by a monstrous bird who is seeking revenge and C) our inability to have living breathing plants in our house.

The following series of events took place within the first 3 minutes after I had placed this gorgeous yellow peony on the table.

Ahh. So pretty. Except I can already hear the Psycho music warming up in the distance.

This dripping-with-innocence photo could not be any more deceptive.

I accidentally on purpose knocked it over, Mom.

Am I responsible for this giant river careening across the floor?

This is fascinating stuff.

Ooh! Toy!

And that is why we cannot have living, breathing plants in our house. The temptation is just too great for that particular brand of attitude on legs.

(Have I mentioned, though, that I would much rather have cats in the house than plants? Wouldn't trade these girls for a million gorgeous peonies.)

However: may your Saturday have significantly less spunk. :)


  1. My cat (who sadly died a couple years ago) used to eat all of my plants so I would have to put them in tiny nooks so he couldn't reach them. He seemed to always find a way next to them so he could chew on them though. Cats are funny animals. :)
    (also we're adding you to our blog roll...we love your blog!!)

  2. Hahaha <3 Gingerbread. She's a mischievous little one for sure!!

  3. Haha! I know a cat who has to have fresh water in a cup in order to drink, and once it's past her 'expiration time' she knocks them over to indicate it needs to be refreshed.

  4. I want an indoor cat *SO* bad! Even if it means no pretty peonies! Let me know if you find one that doesn't require a litter box. :)

  5. Rachel8/07/2011


    I thought that cat looked familiar... :-p

  6. Oh, that was too cute! I just love cat antics, she is spunky! :)

  7. That is the same reason I use faux plants in my house. I also agree that having a cat is more fun than having a vase of flowers.

  8. Just found your blog from the Mustard Ceiling - and I am so glad I did!! My cats are EXACTLY like this! Flowers get eaten/knocked over etc. Check out when I try to paint with cats: http://refinddesign.blogspot.com/2011/03/help-with-painting.html

  9. Cute. My oldest cat never bothered the plants so we had a few orchids around. Now we have an 8 month old kitten too and we've quickly learned our house is not kitten proof! A few orchids have seen their end already.

  10. I too have a mischevious cat (Bella). I have a few work arounds that may help - cause I just love bits of green around my condo.

    1) I put a shelf up the length of my living room window & stained it golden oak.
    It's balanced on 2 brushed nickel handrail brackets (see link)
    (Link: http://www.lowes.com/pd_308875-54546-27284TNXLG_0__?productId=3056529&Ntt=haindrail+brackets&pl=1&currentURL=%2Fpl__0__s%3FNtt%3Dhaindrail%2Bbrackets&facetInfo= )

    Turn them upside-down. Mount them 1 foot down from top of window; 1 each screwed into the left and right sides of window frame.
    Then mount the shelf on top and screw it in for support about 1 foot from the top of the window. It's pretty cute and with drapery panels on the window, the handrail bracket doesn't show. Bella can't get up there (unless a large piece of furniture is too close to the window).
    Here's another idea: a floating mason jar vase on the wall (see link) http://www.linkytools.com/click_linky.aspx?entryid=2815224

    Good luck. Love your blog!

  11. Yes, I have the same plant-eating cat problem. I have been growing wheat grass in various little planters around my apartment for the cats- that seems to help a little.
    I too would rather have kitties then plants.


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