And then, we relocated our living room.

Our living room furniture has been going through some pretty big changes lately. (Sort of like 13 year-old boy changes, minus the deepening voice and...well...never mind.) No, we haven't reupholstered our couch in pink fur.


Does this remind anyone else of something they once pulled out of their fridge?

These are Big Changes namely because we've moved all of the furniture, couch included, to a...completely different room. It was sort of an on-the-whim move, spurred on by a conversation about how A) we didn't know where additional seating would go in the old living room and B) the old living room was sort of cave-like since it only gets morning light and the porch is outside of the east-facing window, blocking what little light is allowed to filter in. Here's a rendering of the old living room digs that I will probably print and hang on the fridge as soon as I'm done writing this post:

See what I mean? Really, the only place to put an additional chair is in the bottom right-hand corner. And that, still, is only one additional chair. Our couch is giant (9' long to be exact), which means it can fit several people and their pet cats, but lining up on the sofa isn't exactly the best way to have a heart-warming conversation with guests. You can sit on the ottoman, too, but it would need to be moved every time we intended to use it that way, since sitting 4 inches from someone isn't the best way to have a conversation, either. (Unless you are that aforementioned 13 year-old boy, in which case you may disagree with that statement.) 

Happily for us, our 1897 floor plan has gifted us with a double parlor: the former living room spills right into the new living room via double pocket doors. So we wasted no time moving the couch, carpet, TV, and ottoman to their new resting place. We considered showing them Puberty: The Movie so they wouldn't be so alarmed by their changes (you know, the one you had to watch in a dark gymnasium at the tender age of 10) but scratched that idea in favor of not being complete weirdos. Plus we couldn't locate our personal copy.

Here's the new view from the dining room, facing the old living room:

And from the old living room, facing the dining room (which is also accessed via double pocket doors):

This room gets a ton more light, and the couch doesn't look nearly as cramped. We set up these two chairs that we hauled home from Ikea over the weekend and the room already looks more full and inviting.

I got the standing lamp from Target; my inspiration was a similar one from Crate & Barrel. Cost difference: $160. So far it turns on and off and lights up our room just like a lamp should....so I'm glad I didn't spend millions on it.

Still on our to-do list for the room:

-privacy curtains for the bay window so our neighbors can't watch PBS with us

-get lighting for the chair/TV side of the room so we're not sitting in shadowy corners like creepy people

-find round wooden or metal side tables for the chairs (or just something not made out of fabric--we already have a lot of that in the room)

-get a less awkward stand for the TV--I'm considering finding a small but taller curvy dresser that would contrast with the more modern style of the chairs and painting it a fun color; thoughts?

-more pillows for the couch, even though Rick throws them all off when he lays down anyway

-hang stuff on the walls (like this circle art and the aqua mirror that both make cameo appearances in the above pictures because I didn't feel like moving them)

-install a light fixture to make the 10' ceiling feel slightly less cavernous

-refinish floors and doors (they need some TLC) 

-more that I won't think of until I...think of it

So we still have a bit to do. BUT: it's made some decent progress from what it looked like when we moved in:

And just because it's scary, here's what our former living room currently looks like:

We're not sure what will go in there, so for now, its function is Glorified Trash Pit. (See, I told you that our storage ottoman wasn't the only place where we created disorganized mayhem.) Thank God for giving some 1897 designer the wisdom to install pocket doors. :)

So. If I were to host a party where we first all celebrated having places to sit in my living room and then followed up that great festivity by eating leftovers from my fridge and watching Puberty: The Movie just for old time's sake, would you come?


  1. Your posts always make me laugh! The room looks great and I envy those pocket doors! Are you loving your Ikea chairs...comfy? I like the idea of a dresser in a fun color for the tv stand!

  2. Love the new room! I think a dresser for your TV would be a great addition.

  3. You had me at leftovers. :P

    I like all of the light in the "new" living room! It's look all warm and inviting!

    I also like the idea of a dresser. I think an appley or limey green would look pretty (kind of the color of the throw!

  4. That looks so good! It looks so big and airy, but still comfortable. Nice changing!

    Puberty: The Movie made me laugh out loud! In 4th grade all of the girls in my grade had to watch a movie called "I Got It!" and the boys got to go outside and play kickball. We were all pretty bitter about that! Ha ha!

  5. I love the new living room! It looks so bright and cheery and the space planning seems so much more inviting for a living space. I also have to say I have door envy. Those pocket doors are beyond amazing. Thank you 1897 house/builder artisans. My 2000 house weeps. She wasn't built with such care... and she knows it. Can't wait to see your final additions to the room.

  6. Soo much nicer and airier! I like the idea of a colored dresser too! And I'm super jealous of your doors. *mean face here* :)

  7. Looks great and like others, your posts make me laugh...'with' you not 'at' you. Thanks for sharing. Happy Thursday!

  8. I would totally be there! LOL. And just so you know, we also have a glorified trash pit room. I can't bring myself to actually do much with it at the moment...

  9. Wow - SO MUCH LIGHT! I love it!

    (and yes that couch looks like moldy fluffs of meat. ew!)

  10. I would TOTALLY COME, and eat your one-year-old leftovers. :)

    This post made me laugh.

    All the talk about the puberty movie reminded me of this 1950's video we found on youtube once, where this little girl walked up to all the women in her life, and one by one, they told her about their periods, saying exactly these words: "Every 28 days blood comes from a hole between my legs." I tried to google and find it, but I felt really awkward typing that into google and didn't want to dig too deep. I even felt awkward just typing that. I'm sorry for all the awkwardness I just inflicted on your comments section.

  11. Anonymous8/26/2011

    Thanks for popping by the blog! And the room looks WAY different and a TON better than the before. Kudos!

  12. AWESOME! I love the lamp (and your comments about it)! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the trash pit room. :-) Thanks for keeping it real, I love it!

  13. The new room looks great! I love the style of the furniture you're using in there and the color...very chic. You are hilarious Erin, your posts always make me laugh.

  14. Oh how I love a good spontaneous room switch. I bet you feel like you moved into a brand new house. Complete with a trash pit room :)

    Seriously, it looks great.

  15. Yes, I would come. And sit in a shadowy corner.

    Your writing is awesome and so are your rooms!

  16. Thanks everyone! You make me smile. :) And I'm going to begin planning that fiesta ASAP since so many of you are willing to come eat my leftovers. ;)

  17. I adore the color of your room. I never pick out the right colors for my rooms - we love ikea here - used the kids eat free several times this summer

  18. LOVE the "new" living room!!! And those chairs look absolutely awesome, especially with the pillows and throws! Totally swoonworthy!

  19. Nice! I like the calm-ness of the colors. I'm a new follower, thanks for linking up to Roomspiration! :)


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