Circles, Candy, and Cooties

I promise that title will make sense soon.

Meet the latest addition to our $1 "art" collection:

Frame ($1 at a yard sale)
Scrapbook paper for circles (owned for.ever and in dire need of being used)
Circle paper punch (I used the 2" one that I had but you could really do this with any size circle)

After I punched out all of the circles, I just played around with arranging them until I found a pattern I liked.

You could also make a happy face. She's happy because of her bow.

Or a fire-breathing fish.

But I instead opted for a decidedly less fishy arrangement...

...and at some point ditched the yellow in favor of two more shades of blue.

Something about the yellow just made it seem like I purchased the whole thing at a circus craft fair or something.You know, the kind where the lion tamer sets up his booth of crocheted palm tree paraphernalia and the clowns sell lavender potpourri and shell art next door. (What do you mean you've never heard of one of those?)

After a couple coats of dark metallic spray paint on the frame, my "art" was ready to go.

I know where I'm going to hang it, but there are a couple of other things I want to put next to it and am waiting until those are ready before I put any holes in the wall.

Now: before I finish this post, I need to say that throughout this entire project I was reminded of two things, the first being those weird little neon candy dots on strips of waxy paper. I asked Rick what "those weird little neon candy dots on strips of waxy paper" were called and he said, "Oh, those ones that look like that thing you made downstairs?"

Yep. Those. And apparently they are called Candy Buttons. (Can you still buy these?)

The other thing that kept going through my brain was "Circle, circle, dot, dot, now I've got my cootie shot."

(Because of the circles, obviously, not because of any particular concerns I have about Rick's sanitary condition.) And just because this is too good not to share, I just googled "cootie shot" (in what was apparently another attempt to prove that teachers probably shouldn't have the entire summer off with nothing to do), and I found someone who posted a question on a Yahoo forum about how to get a cootie shot, and whether they could go to Planned Parenthood to get one.


I am now busy using both of my hands and feet to scrape my jaw off of the floor after stumbling upon that question, so I'll conclude this post by simply asking: Has anyone else made any cheap "art" lately? Did you administer cootie shots on the playground? Rick's officially legal for giving immunizations, so he can hook you up if you need one. Although he will need to get a job at Planned Parenthood first...


  1. I was thinking of those candy buttons when I started reading your post too! Too funny! Katie and I want to attempt the paint chip art one of these days. Oh and our lamp post is up so you'll have to check it out sometime. Thanks again for the inspiration! My living room owes you one!

  2. I LOVE this!!! It looks great!!! I think removing the yellow was a good call. Not that it was bad before but the monochromatic looks aweseome!! Plus, I'm a huge fan of cheap/diy art. I snub my nose at those who only look for fancy frou-frou, someone-told-me-to-buy-it-because-I-don't-know-any-better kind of art.

    I am actually doing a post today about two new paintings I did yesterday (using old recycled canvases and cheap acryllic paint). High-five for diy art!!

  3. This is an AWESOME idea! I really liked the fish. Would be super cute in a kids' bathroom maybe?

  4. I <3 cheap art! :)

    If you find out where to get these cootie shots, I probably need one. *sideways squinty glance at Andy.*

  5. You are too funny! It looks great. I agree boys have cooties until they're about 30. Now if I can just convince my daughters.

  6. Rachel8/18/2011

    Hahaha...do you remember the diary I had with that picture on the cover? Did you give it to me? I don't remember how I acquired it but after our "Ew, ew, boys have cooties" joke all those years it would make sense if you did. :-)

  7. Bahahahahahahahaha. This is good stuff. You never fail to entertain me. Cootie shot. Planned Parenthood does it all these days.

    I REALLY like the dot art. Genius.

  8. LOVE the cheap art! I just pinned it and am definitely considering doing this project down the line with some paint chips! :) Thanks for sharing!!!

    as for cheap wall art... this is our only one currently... http://designbuildlove.co/?p=355

  9. So cool! I thought of the candy buttons too. And just lol at the yahoo questions. The posters on there are just winners! :D

  10. I have EGADS of paint sample card thingys (do they have a name?) that I just haven't been able to bring myself to throw away. Thank you for giving them a new purpose!

  11. Haha you got me a journal once with that picture on it! and wrote "For all those times when 'ew, ew, boys have cooties'" on the inside! Too funny. I like your candy button art :)

  12. I just saw Candy Buttons on sale at Michael's yesterday, actually. Near the check out.

  13. Pretty!! I like the colour combo.

    I made something similar but with a different shape. http://kjandco83.blogspot.com/2011/03/it-safer-for-general-population.html


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