Our 1897 Floor Plan: The Upstairs

We've been doing a little renovation around these parts lately as we begin tackling what will one day be our master bedroom. I wrote an entire post about the first couple phases, which included removing an entire door frame and a 6'x6' closet, and then realized it would make less than zero sense to anyone that didn't understand why we were smashing down doors and closets in the first place. Therefore, before I show you what it looks like now that we're done swinging hammers around like crazy people, I should clue you in on our upstairs floor plan and how we want to change it, so that you don't think we're completely insane for knocking out a walk-in closet.

So here's my Fancy Pants I-Busted-Out-the-Graph-Paper-To-Make-This floor plan before and (hopefully) after we make some adjustments. (Please note, however, that I didn't use a straightedge or bother to make my lines on top of the lines provided to me by said graph paper. My Fancy Pants-ness only goes so far.) It's not exactly to scale, but since I'm not applying for a job at This Old House or anything, and it's pretty close to being accurate and gives a good idea of what we plan to do, I'm OK with it. Right now, we're sleeping in bedroom #1.

As you can see, our current upstairs floor plan proudly screams "I was designed in 1897." We're trying to make it scream "I was designed in 1897 and lovingly made more 2011 functional by two adorable homeowners." We plan to do this by creating:

1. Better flow for the upstairs. Right now, it's all connected, but not really in a good way. When we're done with our renovations, the bedrooms will be more situated around a common family room area that might, one day, include some comfy seating, a desk for homework, storage for toys, my own personal spa...

2. A "master suite" in the back of the house with a 13'x18' bedroom, adjoined full bath, and walk-in closet.

3. A central family room/playroom instead of a central bedroom that others must awkwardly stroll through to get to their own bedroom. (Hands if you'd enjoy that feature?)

4. A closet for bedroom #2/the nursery. It currently doesn't have one. (Poor future babies. No place to stash their onesies.)

So. Now that you totally understand why we're smashing things with hammers and don't at all think we're insane, (here's where you smile and nod) you're fully prepared to witness the aforementioned closet and door disappear later this week, if you're up for it. :) What floor plan challenges have you faced? Who else has an old house? I'd love it if you shared your stories! :)

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  1. I love before and after plans! I can't wait to see how it all comes out!

  2. We're considering smashing out the wall and closet separating our living room/stairs and our kitchen since the kitchen has NO windows and is a dark tomb. We'll be interested to see how your smashing goes, did you have to move wires and such? Did it cost much to demo it?

  3. Hey Elz! We did have to move wires, but they were actually coming from the ceiling, so Rick just continued snaking them across the ceiling and down the outer wall and put the outlet there instead. I honestly don't know where he learned to do all that, but it required shutting off the power to that section of the house and fiddling around with the wires. (I would have had to hire an electrician if it were just me, what with my entire knowledge of electric being summed up by "fiddling around with wires.") And it cost $0 to demo because we did it ourselves AND it wasn't a load-bearing wall. If you have a load-bearing wall, you might need a permit and professionals..which then would obviously cost more than $0. :)

    A kitchen with no windows--ick! I hope you're able to figure something out!

  4. Your plan looks great. Won't it be nice to have a large master bedroom with it's own bath and big closet?

  5. This is exciting! The biggest home project we've ever tackled has been new flooring, so there's some mystique to a major reno for me. :)

  6. I lived in a house like this growing up (I did, however, live in 11 houses so it was short lived)...I liked the connecting rooms as a kid! Probably not so much fun as an adult.

    I'm impressed with your graph paper skills. ;)

  7. Once when I was a kid, we lived temporarily in this terrible house where the front door entered into A BEDROOM, which was of course MY room, shared with my sister - and to make matters worse, I was 14 at the time. NIGHTMARE.

    I don't know how my parents didn't get arrested for child abuse for that fact.

    Your new plan looks awesome. Totally jealous-in-advance about that master closet!

  8. I'm still confused by the first plan, its crazy that people build houses like that!

  9. Lol, your room plan drawing skills are WAY better than mine :)
    I think your future plans are going to be so much for functional for 2011 (and beyond). I really like the way you've configured a master bedroom. I'm also jealous of your new master closet.


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