Blog-crashing today!

Don't tell my cats: today I'm guest posting over at Decor and the Dog! Michelle, who has a slew of impressive projects under her belt, very kindly asked me to share one of my favorite projects, but I had a hard time narrowing it down, so I'm briefly touching on three "favorites." If you've been reading my blog for a while now, chances are you've already seen all of the projects I'm highlighting, but you never know...I might throw in something that surprises you. Like a never-before-seen discussion on how I once used old carrots to decorate my living room. (Well, that would be surprising, wouldn't it?)

But again--top secret from my cats. As in more secret than your middle school diary. If you tell them, they will be likely to make this face, which sorely compromises their air of intelligence:

"My entire sense of ladylike behavior goes out the window when you say the word dog."
(Incidentally, that's the same face I made when I re-read my middle school diary as a matured adult with a more well-developed sense of the things that actually deserve to be treated with extreme drama and irrationally heightened sensitivity. Which is pretty much nothing.)

Thank you again, Michelle, for giving me the opportunity to crash your beautiful blog! :)


  1. My old diaries make me feel the same way . . UGH.

  2. Stopping over now.

  3. I would probably die of embarrassment if I read my diary from middle school!

    Thanks for your nice compliment on my CSI Project mantel. Thanks to it, I've discovered your blog.

    I'm off to read your guest post!

  4. I spent a couple of hours last week touring your blog! I remember thinking, "They are so much like us, except way better photographers and much more polished home improvers!"

    Anyway, I love that you love Jesus, cats, and being crafty. So happy I found your blog, and thanks for the lovely comments! Made my day!

  5. Thanks again for the post! Hope the cats are cool with it...Ike does like cats...they just generally don't like him...

  6. Hi Erin,

    I knew I liked you right away, you are a teacher! I used to teach middle school Physical Education and Science before I quit to stay home with my girls. Those middle school diaries are too racey for me to read! Now the kids just just lay it all out on Facebook for the world to see. Cute kitty!


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