Cupcakes for the pharmacist in your life (or mine).

Rick's birthday was last Tuesday, but he had to work (boo life of an employed grown-up who doesn't have the summer off...), so I decided to surprise him at work with cupcakes. But these weren't just any cupcakes: these were Special Pharmacist Cupcakes. (No, they did not have narcotics in them.)

Here's what really made them Special with a capital 'S'.

Reason 1: I made them from a box. A shiny Pillsbury Stars & Stripes box.

Reason 2: I sampled one of the cupcakes. Or three. Just to make sure they weren't, you know, deadly or anything, or would require medical care after consuming. How awkward would that be?

Reason 3 (The real reason they are Special Cupcakes for the pharmacist in your life): I used decorating icing to put prescription abbreviations on them. "PRN" means "as needed" (get it...eat this cupcake as needed...hahaha) and "PO" means "by mouth." If you can read the handwriting on your latest or next prescription, check it out! Immediately! One of those might be on there! (I bet you're dashing there right now, right?!)

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate myself on the wise decision to pursue teaching as a career path instead of cake decorating.

As needed...by mouth! Perfect amount of job-related dorkiness for Special Pharmacist Cupcakes.

It just occurred to me that anyone who just scrolls through pictures is going to be ridiculously confused by this post, unless, of course, they are a medical professional. Hopefully nobody thinks I wrote abbreviations for...um...questionable merchandise sold by adult stores in shady alleys.

I figured that the arrival of these cupcakes would either make the pharmacists laugh or think I was completely nuts, and luckily they found it quite amusing. They even lamented the fact that I hadn't written "qid" on any of them (four times a day), giving them permission to eat four. And here's the expression Rick made when I handed them to him:

This has made me wonder if there are clever (dorky?) job-related things that could be written on Special English Teacher Cupcakes, or Special Lawyer Cupcakes, or Special Stay-At-Home-Mom Cupcakes, or Special Accountant Cupcakes. Any ideas? :)

Big thanks to Michelle at Decor and the Dog for helping me out with her pharmacy wisdom so that I didn't unwittingly present my husband and his co-workers with cupcakes that said things like "PR". (Per rectum.) They would've been like, "Wow, never knew that Betty Crocker made enemas."

And this has officially gotten out of hand. Completely un-ladylike. Post ending. Now.


  1. How thoughtful and very cute.

  2. Those are so fun! I'm not much of a cupcake decorator either...sprinkles are the only thing that save me:)

  3. Your posts crack me up. So many cute giggle to myself moments at work. Wait, I should get back to that :)

    Love the creativity! Great idea! I have a handful of friends who are accountants, Dr (Debit), Cr (Credit), GL (General Ledger), etc. could get you pretty far there. I may try that out!

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, love them!! I am totally going to have to steal this idea for the next pharmacy birthday!!!

  5. You are hysterical. I think I say that every time I comment.

    Love the new look and what a great idea (for the cakes of cup that is...er, that didn't really work out.) haha.

  6. You are so silly! What a fun idea for your hubby! I wonder what gov't consulting ones I could do for my husband? :) ps- I can't believe you didn't throw in at least one "PR" too funny!

  7. Oh My Goodness, What a great idea. They are soooo cute and look yummy to boot. I would have rather had those as a perscription after my cancer removal : )

  8. Great idea! I only wish all the cupcakes in my life had instructions commanding you to consume them... because you have to do exactly as the pharmacist demands, right? Especially when it comes to eating cupcakes?

  9. omg, you are hilarious!!! love your blog and I'm going to sit and read every post right now. :)


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