Dear Intense Debate: Why do you hate me?

Dear Intense Debate: 
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and...

Oh wait, that's a different poem. One that's intended for an audience upon whom you'd like to pour massive amounts of affection. Intense Debate is so not that audience. The poem I would like to send to Intense Debate is this:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I plan on beating
You up with my shoe.

Yeah. Did my credibility as an English teacher just plummet? Can I lie and say one of my students wrote that? Maybe the one who raised his hand today and asked why Eve gave birth to Jesus if God used to make people out of ribs? Would you believe that he wrote that terribly lame poem I've just made you read?

In a nutshell, Intense Debate, which started out as a really fabulous thing that allowed comment threading, has gotten in a bad habit of deleting itself from my recent posts after a couple days of masquerading as a friendly and functional feature, knowing all along of its plans to depart without warning, taking all of the comments with it. And the help section on the website has not been, well, helpful. There is no FAQ that can answer "Why does Intense Debate hate me?" Please note that ID is not in charge of comments anymore. I fired it. Right after it quit, of course. Do I still get the upper hand?

Why am I writing this?  It's a warning to all. DO NOT TRUST INTENSE DEBATE. It will steal your comments, your fun, and your little dog, too.

Oh wait, that's also a different work of literature. Now my credibility as an English teacher has really tanked. Good thing summer vacation is in 22 days. Not that I'm counting, or anything. :)

Has anyone else had problems with ID? Does anyone love it? Don't let my dislike taint you, seriously. I just have no idea why it has suddenly decided to be temperamental...


  1. I tried Disqus and quit for the same reason. If only Blogger allowed you to reply to comments...

  2. What is up with cyberworld??? I'm having major issues with Blogger lately too. Damn thing won't let me easily upload photos anymore :(

  3. Just stumbled on your blog and wanted to say thanks for the good stories. Congrats on the diploma for both of you. Love the details you are putting into your house. God bless you!


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