Birthiversary: Our Wedding Slideshow

In honor of our marriage turning three tomorrow (the second installment in our birthiversary celebration!), I thought I'd share something we put together for The Big Day that was the #1 most commented-on feature by our guests: our wedding slideshow, which we played continuously while our guests were arriving at the ceremony. This slideshow was not (or so we were told by numerous guests) "your ordinary picture slideshow." Instead, it displayed the fruits of many hours cuddled up with our photo albums to find parallel pictures of our "growing up" years. We had so much fun putting this together, and our guests had fun watching it. Here are some of our favorites slides:

Our 1st birthdays, held by our grandpas. :)

Here, brother, let me dump some snow on you. You don't look frozen enough.

Rick was miserable because he didn't get the yellow gumball. True story.

Uhhh...Santa on the right? What's up with your tinted glasses?
Just an ordinary day.


Ahem. Side note: If you were to view us playing the piano today (a rare occasion for me, so you must've gotten lucky, or I was being forced at gunpoint to choose between playing the piano and eating slugs) it would look pretty much just like the photo above, except I usually try to save frilly silk dresses and bows for more momentous occasions like washing silverware or visiting the dentist. However, I would, today, still be the one plucking awkwardly at the keys with the wrong fingers and Rick would be the one looking away, grinning, and maybe even juggling flaming swords and clipping his toenails while sounding like a pro. My 10 years of piano lessons have little to show for except the right hand of "Soccer is My Favorite Sport." And even that would probably be a little rough. But am I allowed to brag about my husband? Yes? Great. Hands down (and I'm not even being biased), Rick is an amazingly gifted pianist.  I could listen to him all day.

There are 16 more, but I won't force you that far down memory lane. After all, you did just view a scandalous photo of Rick cross-dressing, and a longer-than-necessary review of my pianophobia. You can probably only take so much in one sitting. :)

What was the favorite feature of your wedding, or a wedding you've attended? I'd love for you to share. :)


  1. I adore this idea. I want someone I know to steal this idea since I'm already married.

  2. these are so cute! my favorite part of our wedding was the fact that everyone was on the dance floor the whole night. boring, i know, but we had so much fun!

  3. Your posts always crack me up!! What an adorable slideshow!

    Favorite wedding feature?... I can't remember that far back. :P

  4. That is AWESOME. SO much cooler than your standard wedding slideshow. Before our wedding, Andy found pics of each of us sitting on a staircase as toddlers, then photoshopped it so it looked like we were sitting next to each other. I thought that was pretty awesome. But this is way cooler.

    (P.S. Huge THANKS for your your help today!)

  5. Awww! ;) My brother just got married about a month ago and they had the most fun wedding I've ever been to. Totally low key (No Bridezilla here-I LOVE my sister in law!) 10 min. ceremony and then tons of food, dancing, cake, dancing and more dancing. My sister in law was out on the floor barefoot all night, I got to dance with my hubby for the first time (in almost 8 years-shameful I know!) we had a BLAST! One of the things that I loved was right after the ceremony they got both families together for photos. I can't tell you the last time my WHOLE family was together for a picture! Another thing that they did during their photo time was have a picture taken of them together, each of them holding an 8x10 picture frame with simple script inside. My brother's said "Thank" and his wife's said "You"...they sent them out with all of their thank you cards. Love that idea!!
    Congrats to you and Rick!!!

  6. Awesome post. Great photos!!!


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