It's Birthiversary time!


1. a clever combination of the less clever terms 'birthday' and 'anniversary'
2. the occasion on which you celebrate your birthday, your anniversary, and your significant other's birthday within 10 days of each other
3. an excuse to eat cake and ice cream three times within 10 days of each other

I'm the cute one in the pink. Rick's the cute one trying to play with the fire. Time changes little, no?

True story: I turn 25 tomorrow, Rick turns 25 on July 5th, and our marriage turns 3 on June 28th. We are so blessed to be able to celebrate these milestones with each other, and I'm super excited to celebrate in blog world by sharing some wedding details, gift making, and just a little bit about us that you probably never, ever wanted to know.

Consider yourself warned.

But despite the fact that I am almost a quarter of a century old, one of my co-workers told me today that I looked like I was 11. Someday, I'm told, I will view comments like hers as a compliment. Right now, though, it's just another one of those times when I have to swallow my indignance and simply smile politely, even though I really want to smile impolitely and say "No way, you look like you're 80!", which would be just as obviously inaccurate as the statement she made about me. But I'm not in the business of purposely insulting others, and am not good enough on my feet to think of a poignant but kind reply, especially when my feet have just been informed that they look pre-teen. (Though I'm pretty sure they'd be wearing a couple gargantuan BFF toe rings and glittery purple nail polish if that were true.)

She is approximately the 8,342nd person to tell me that I look like a little girl, not including Tigger in Disneyworld, who makes 8,343. I'll let you decide for yourself, if you're interested in the position of 8,344. Do I still look like this? Don't let the seersucker skirt and Tweety backpack throw you off.

No toe rings and glitter polish for this pre-teen. Of course, I might be hiding them under my saddle shoes.

While you're trying to figure out why glasses that size ever went out of style, I'm off to go work on Rick's anniversary present. I hope to share that with you sometime next week, if all goes as planned. In the meantime...have a happy weekend! :)


  1. Ah. You do look young to me but these days just about everyone looks young to me. I remember being a quarter of a century old. That was...well...a quarter of a century ago. LOL! In side I am still the same young person but the outside I look slightly older.
    I married a guy that looked very young. He was almost 2 years younger than me. For about the first 5 years of our marriage, I had people asking me if he was my younger brother...one girl asked me if that cute guy was my son. I almost burst into tears over that comment. So crazy...she was only 16 years old. What does a 16 year old know?! After a few years, he started looking older and the comments stopped. Now we look our age...for good or bad. LOL!

  2. Happy birthiversary you crazy kids!! I hope you kept that fabulous tweety backpack.

  3. People say the same thing to me all the time. And maybe I will appreciate that when I'm older, but for now I don't really appreciate being mistaken for a high school student! lol

    Happy Birthiversary! I hope you have a great 10 days of celebrating your life and marriage.

  4. haha people say that to me too!! our anniversary and my birthday (25 too!) are within 8 days of eachother. dan's bday is a month later...busy summer! happy bday to both of you and happy anni too!!

  5. What a cute post :)
    As someone who used to get that "complement" all the time, I can tell you it is a sad day when you realize you haven't been told that in a while. Enjoy it!
    Happy birthiversary!

  6. I don't get 11... but, I do get that I look like a teenager all the time so I feel ya!

    I don't remember your hair ever being that long!

    I have a birthday card for you... but I forgot to mail it today :( guess you'll be getting it a bit belated!

  7. Thanks everyone! :)

  8. Happy Birthday and Anniversary! We just celebrated our third anniversary as well!


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