Caption Fun: Can you identify this warning symbol?

Today is Friday, June 10th. It's the time of year when I really start wishing that summer vacation could just hurry up and get here. It's the time of year when pools are supposed to be functional, unless they are reformed Black Lagoons who need to now be enrolled in etiquette classes regarding How to Not Be Cloudy. It's the time of year when students show up to their Romeo & Juliet final project presentation with a Scarecrow Barbie doll dressed in a wifebeater and announce that it is Romeo, and that the ratty blonde in the pink jumper is Friar Laurence. In honor of this insanity, I thought I'd host a little caption party, because we like to laugh around here, and I had to contain my snickering during the aforementioned R&J presentation. Which is really difficult when Romeo has an orange nose and Juliet is stabbing herself with a plastic blue spatula. Therefore, without further ado:

What caption should go with this perplexing symbol that appears 13 times around the perimeter of our pool?

We have honestly been pondering this ourselves and, while we have come up with several viable options, we're still not 100% sure. We have thus far eliminated "Do not spin a baton while swimming because it will start leaking toxic waste and turn your head into a disfigured trapezoid." (Good to know, because I have been known to enjoy a few good baton twirls while perfecting my side stroke.)

What do YOU think it is? Please leave a comment with your thoughts! And if you have a pool that is functional, enjoy it this weekend. Just watch out for those nasty toxic batons. :)


  1. Hmm...I think the symbol means hold on to the side of the pool when you think your head is going to explode. Well, everybody knows that!

  2. Good question, jeeze.
    Don't dive into the pool because you might hit your head on the bottom at which point you'll need to hold on to the side of the pool because your head will be gushing (and oh my God, I mean GUSHING) blood?

  3. I personally thought this meant not to play with overhead electrical lines while swimming because you might get zapped. This is quite unfortunate, as overhead electrical lines make for great zip lines into the pool :-(

  4. One-armed swimmers should not projectile vomit out the side of the pool?

  5. Keep cotton candy an arms length away from the pool water?

  6. Do not try to do javelin while sitting on top of the water because it will turn your head into a star shaped object with the most gigantic nose you've ever seen. How did you guys not know that's what it meant:)

  7. Suzette6/13/2011

    It was driving me crazy but I finally found it. I have to admit the "creative" meanings are MUCH more fun!

    Click on link.


  8. HA! Thanks, everyone, for the fun captions. :) I am now much more secure in swimming knowing that I cannot javelin, eat cotton candy, or be one-armed while I do so.

    Suzette-I tried clicking that link, but the page couldn't be found! :( Wish I could see its true meaning!

  9. Anonymous6/14/2011

    Looks like "no diving" to me, but upside down?


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