Gift Bow Pillow: The Latest Addition to My DIY Pillow Collection

Somebody call the doctor. I think I have a serious problem. I made another pillow. At some point, we might not be able to find our furniture under all of our pillows. Heck, I lost Rick about an hour ago, and the whole time he was on the couch…

This time, I wanted to make a pillow that looked like a Christmas present, and this is what I came up with:



The whole pillow was basically free, since I just used fabric scraps left over from other projects. The pillow cover is also removable so that I can store it easily during the non-Christmas part of the year, and use the pillow form for all of the future pillow covers that I’ll make in the unlikely event that Rick doesn’t hide the sewing machine on me.



I’m working on the tutorial and plan to post it on Wednesday. It was really easy once I figured out how to make the bow.

Is there any type of recurring, irresistible project that you need to see the doctor about? Maybe you’re mod podging everything in sight, or spray painting anything that isn’t a precious family heirloom? Or maybe you’re on a frantic quest to upcycle all of your neighbors’ inflatable Santas? Do share…and have a happy Monday, too. :)

The other pillows I’ve made are here and here.


  1. That's such an adorable pillow! Seriously - there's nothing wrong with having too many pillows when they're this cute!

  2. LOVE!!!! This is fantastic...I can't wait to see the tutorial...the bow is perfect. And as always a good chuckle this morning. Happy Monday to you as well!

  3. That's so cute! I don't know how you got such straight lines in the "wrapping" too! I am impressed, also I really like that white/black print. Where did you get that? :)

  4. Can't wait for the tutorial because that pillow is absolutely adorable!!

  5. Hey Erin, I'm a new blog follower/reader to your blog and I just love it! I wanted to pass something along to you that was given to me: The Liebster Blog Award. It's just a way for fellow small blogs (200 followers or less) to show support and encouragement and let them know what a great blog they have. Your blog always makes me laugh, you encourage others in God's love and I love reading about your journey in home remodeling.

    The rules for the award if you wish to pass it on are this: Thank the blogger that nominated you by linking back to them; share your top 5 choices for the award and leave a comment on each blog; and post the award on your blog. No worries if you'd rather not post it - only do so if it seems right to you.

    Take Care!

  6. Love the pillow. I know what you mean with the pillows. If my husband catches me buying another pillow, he will flip. I have a lot of fabric waiting for me to use, so I guess I better tackle that. Can't wait for the tutorial.

  7. This pillow is fabulous! You should sell this on etsy!

  8. Hey Elz! Thanks! To be honest, this was the project that made me finally feel like I can sew in straight lines on the sewing machine. I actually finished it and excitedly ran upstairs to announce my victory to Rick. He was patching drywall at the time so didn’t share my enthusiasm…

    The fabric is from fabric.com…if you’ve never shopped that site, I highly recommend it! Free shipping over $35, free return shipping within 30 days (I’ve taken advantage of that more than once), huge selection, and you can always find coupon codes online! :)


  9. Gorgeous pillow! I can't sew a straight line to save my life! Your lines are perfect! I agree, you should open an Etsy shop!

  10. This is SO pretty! If I had skillz like this, I'd stop all other activities and just make beautiful pillows too, so I don't blame you at all.

  11. That is so pretty! You and you're mad skills woman...I'd be whipping those babbies out too. I can barely write in a straight line let alone sew in one...awesome job (per usual!)
    OH, and Merry Christmas sweet Erin!! I'm so thankful the Lord allowed us to become blog buddies. Much love!

  12. I think everyone here is supporting your addiction. I'm not sure if this kind of support is what you are currently needing. Step away from the sewing machine.........after you make me one....

  13. Can I just pay you to make some fun pillows for my house? I can't BELIEVE how fun that pillow is! And I'm with everyone else - holy straight lines, batman!

  14. Awesome pillow, Erin! I just had to pin it to my "pillows to copy!" board on Pinterest.

    Looking forward to seeing your tute on that bow!

  15. Your pillows are so cool! I love them all. My weakness is glassine bags. I use them in place of envelopes, I sew treats into them. I love them. They bring back memories from childhood that good things came in glassine bags.

  16. Ohh -me next, please! I'm excited for your tutorial!


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