Dresser-Turned-TV Stand (Finally)

Seven layers of paint later, our curbside dresser is finally up and running. And by that, I mean:

A) It’s not blinding us with its blueness or making us seriously re-think our sanity.

B) It’s in its proper home in our living room as opposed to the circus.

When your sanity fails you, fear not: Benjamin Moore’s Ozark Shadows will come to the rescue.



We started this project way back in the beginning of October, when the grass was still green, the leaves were still on the trees, and the fresh buds of naivety were blooming. (Okay, that sounds like the start to a bad romance novel. And I don’t even read those things. Better not quit my day job.)


It was pretty obvious after our first coat of primer that the regular Olympic water-based stuff wasn’t going to cut it. The red stain from the wood just leaked its way through.


We tried Kilz stain-blocking water-based primer next, but still no luck. So as nasty as it is, we turned to Kilz oil-based primer. That did the trick, and we were ready to put on our top coat. We used the leftover paint from our bedroom (a pale gray), and it seemed fine outside, but once we put the dresser in our living room, I knew the color wouldn’t work. It looked totally washed out against the white wainscoting. So then we jumped to the polar opposite: Benjamin Moore’s Bermuda Blue. Yes, it is scarier than the pictures make it look, especially when paired with the rest of our subtle gray-blue living room.


Back to the drawing board. Err, the sander. Rick agreed to do the sanding if I did the painting. My upper arm muscles haven’t grown since I was approximately 5, so I am all for avoiding sanding, even the power-kind. And this particular paint didn’t go without a fight. We used Ben, the very reasonably priced Benjamin Moore line of paint-and-primer-in-one that is only a few dollars more than we were spending on crappy Olympic paint, and it’s so worth it for the extra coverage. It’s also sold at a local hardware store that frequently sends out coupons, so I’m a fan. But it’s like super-paint or something. Seriously, it dyed the paint brush bright blue.

After another coat of primer (we just used the Kilz water-based stain blocking stuff this time because Rick didn’t sand down to the wood) I put on two coats of Benjamin Moore’s Ozark Shadows, also of the super-paint Ben variety. Since it’s now December and was 22 degrees out on Saturday, unlike the balmy weather we enjoyed when beginning this marathon project, I had to paint in the kitchen. This proved to be slightly challenging in that certain animals we let live with us felt as though the dresser was their personal jungle gym.


But despite the cats’ efforts to impede our progress once again, it’s finally done.



This is the exact color I wanted from the beginning. At some point I’ll learn to listen to my instincts. In the meantime, I have officially learned that I love looking at rooms with a lot of color, but I don’t like living with lots of color. Sadly, I get tired of bold colors too quickly. So even if I had liked the color of the heinously blue dresser initially, chances are I woudn’t have in a few months. Better to bring in color in small ways that don’t require hours of our time when I want to change it. It’s really just a personal preference, I guess.

Happily, our DVD/VCR combo fits perfectly in the top right-hand drawer.


To access it via remote we just…take the front of the drawer off. Rick sawed it off for that exact purpose then attached heavy-duty magnets so it stays put. See the magnet on the left side of the drawer?


It’s Classy. The capital C is absolutely necessary, yes. It’s just that chic. Or Chic. Rick tried attaching a hinge, but then the drawer wouldn’t shut all the way. Oh well. But hey, no bulky electronics are on parade, so 99% of the time it just looks like a regular old dresser.


The knobs are from Hobby Lobby and were $1.50 each. Combined with the cost of two separate quarts of paint, this project end up costing us $35, since the dresser was free. Not bad for a TV stand, I’d say, although I am cheap and don’t like that we bought unnecessary paint. Also, who in their right mind spends a million hours of their life working on a TV stand is beyond me. I told Rick that if this color didn’t work, I was putting it back out on the curb and then it would be someone else’s problem. Good thing it worked, and fits right into our living room. The wall color is off in here (it has morphed to a blue-purple, almost like cornflower, and was supposed to be gray) and I am anxious to get stuff on the walls, but the room as a whole has definitely started looking cozier and more complete.


(Look! Our Christmas tree is standing once again!)

So: have you ever spent what seems like a million months on what should be a simple project? What’s the most marathon project you’ve ever unwittingly begun? Share, share. I love your stories. :)

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  1. The dresser/tv stand looks great! The magnet on the drawer front is inspired. Love pics of the kitties!

  2. it looks fabulous!!!! i LOVE the color- it looks so smooth- and the knobs are perfect!

  3. "My upper arm muscles haven’t grown since I was approximately 5".....again, smoothie everywhere. Maybe worse than Mickey. I can totally relate though.

    Your living room is so darn amazing. Seriously. I want to snuggle your cats on the couch while watching Enchanted....that amazing!

    I also like your knob choice. The perfect little touch.

  4. I secretly liked the blue, but I love this too! It's always important that you are happy with it.

    I'm like exhausted at all the work you guys did, someone bring me a lemonade.

  5. Have I ever finished a simple job in LESS than four months? Notsomuch.

    But this turned out to be just BEAUTIFUL. I still can't believe you picked that guy up on the curb for free. It's just perfect!

  6. Turned out so beautiful! I love the final color. The first blue was...different ;-) but you certainly ended with the "wow" factor with the end choice. Plus you got a hilarious circus-theme post out of it! :)

  7. What a journey!! It looks lovely - the colour you landed on is perfect. I also like SUPER bold rooms, but in reality I pick softer shades of the colours I ogle on blogs. Your living room is so pretty and has nice textures and patterns that this suits perfectly. Well done ;)

  8. Right now, our stockings are the project that won't die. At this rate, they should be hung on the mantel with care sometime around April.

    The dresser turned out beautifully! And kudos to Rick for the magnet idea; that is really clever!

  9. Um, have you read my blog. Office: started March 201l, still unfinished (I just shut the door and ignore the screams). Living/Dining/Kitchen: started June 2011....yep, unfinished. ETA - no idea.

    I LOVE how the room looks though. SO warm and cozy and sophisticated. And next time you find free furniture...call me. It may take me a day or two to drive...but I. will. get. there. ;)

  10. This is so pretty and sometimes the prettiest things just take the longest of time. Plus, it makes you appreciate it a LOT more when you finally finish it!

    I love the knobs and your living room is coming together nicely. Also, your tree looks much better standing up! :)

  11. What an improvement! it looks wonderful, especially in your fabulous living room with stripey curtains.... your tree looks like it has returned from the dark side =)

  12. I've been a little MIA on blogland but just got all caught up with the posts I missed of yours! As usual, you crack me up.

    I soooo admire your persistence with getting the dresser/stand to look as awesome as it does! I get so frustrated so easily with furniture projects.

    Oh and I may have commented on this before, but I LOVE your ottoman in this room! The color and shape are awesome!

  13. That looks great! Especially in that room! The blue had to of been way to overwhelming!

  14. This turned out great! And why do cats always need to stand on the things you're working on? Mine does it too.

  15. Hey Calliecalgal; our couch is from Raymour & Flanigan--it's this one:


    Except we got it at the clearance center because of a small tear in the back and it was $400 less than retail. Gotta love a deal! :)

  16. GORGEOUS! I really don't have words to express how beautiful the dresser turned out. I think I remember saying that I liked it blue, but I'm glad you didn't listen to me :P
    Your family room is a room that I'd never want to leave...

  17. Love the pulls you selected! They are perfect with the paint colour. and I love love love the journey to get it finished :) Well done!

  18. Oh la la - check out those curves! Looking good :)

    Our dresser refinishing projected seemed to take FOREVER too. I definitely did several happy dances when that bad boy was finished.

  19. The dresser looks great! I really like the color you ended up with (I also liked that first color but I think it was too bold for this room).

  20. OOOO love it!!! :) Its such a perfect color now. I am glad it worked out and that beautiful piece didn't end up on the curb again!

  21. It looks amazing!! I can't believe someone threw that beautiful piece away, seriously!!! Your cats once again are cracking me up. I think you need to buy them some furniture of their own.

  22. Love the dresser, but the color is awesome. I am totally in love with that color right now. I have to find something to paint that color. So glad, to have found your blog. Looking forward to following.

  23. It looks so good. I have this exact same dresser except for mine came from my great grandmother. According to my grandma, anything with a key whole on it like that is really old - I don't know how accurate she is but you might have a little treasure your hand. Love the color too :).

  24. I'm glad to hear the saga of the dresser has come to a happy conclusion. The knobs really work well with the piece. Even the kitties approve.

  25. BEAUTIFUL!! I love how you hid the electronics! The new color is perfect! :-)

  26. Great job! Thanks,Deidre~

  27. That looks great! Loved the blue, but the gray works well. Yay! Great find!

  28. The color you finally ended up with looks fabulous. Great job.

  29. You need to consider how large of a TV stand you are going to need. This has a lot to do with the size of your television, and how much other Audio/Video Equipment you have.


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