Increasing Our Living Room’s Privacy, Sort Of

I mentioned waaaaay back in this post that one of the things we needed to do in our living room was to add blinds so that our neighbors couldn’t watch PBS with us. Well, we finally got around to doing that, sort of, as well as adding new curtain panels. We didn’t end up going with blinds because A) it would’ve been a nuisance to climb over the couch when we wanted to open or close them and B) they would have blocked too much of the light coming in. So, we settled for sheer curtains instead, which means that the neighborhood technically can still set up lawn chairs outside our bay window and live vicariously through our cable-less existence, except the quality of their picture will be significantly reduced.

In Enchanted, Giselle cuts apart McDreamy’s Robert’s curtains to make herself lovely little dresses. In my life, which frequently contains just as much spontaneous singing as Giselle’s does, I cut apart old prison garb from my former life of crime and make them into curtains. We’re practically twins.

Seriously, though, black and white stripes do really make me think of an inmate sometimes. (Has anyone else wondered why Robert has silky aqua drapes with pink and gold embroidery in his living room, though? I mean, really.)

Nonetheless, I am happy with our new curtains.The fabric is 54” Premier Prints Canopy Stripe in black, purchased here and then rotated and sewn together to make extra wide curtains with horizontal stripes. You can’t tell from the fronts of the curtains, but they are made of two separate rectangles of fabric:

The sheer fabric is extra wide 108” fabric purchased here.

As always, the cats were super helpful with the creation process, and graciously took turns making sure the fabric didn’t run away.

We needed a way to easily slide the sheers open to let in more daylight, so we attached them to silver shower curtain rings. This might be a temporary solution, but at the same time, I really don’t even notice them all that much. We’ll see.

Next step: hang stuff on walls. ASAP. As soon as I figure out what stuff to hang on the walls, that is. We’re also in the middle of giving our curbside dresser a makeover and are hoping to have that in as our new TV stand by sometime next week month year. Hey, we’re sort of slow around here. Silly things like needing a paycheck just always get in the way, you know? Plus, writing this post just took me way longer than it should have due to a certain relentless feline who thinks that the mouse arrow and the words being typed on the screen are just about the greatest things since these packing peanuts.

Do your cats “help” you with your fabric projects and computer work? Any inexpensive but slightly nicer replacements for shower rings that you can think of? Anyone else love everything about Enchanted, with the possible exception of Queen Narissa’s creepy tongue? I’m all ears. (Or would it be “all eyes”?)


  1. I love a story with cats, and I'm so glad your curtains didn't run away! Your curtains look great btw.

  2. Oooooo, pretty stripes!

    I wish I could watch PBS through your windows. Sounds like a wonderful time. I'm glad we don't have close neighbors because I walk around half naked in the morning (sorry for the visual)..you don't get that on PBS.

    But back to the curtains. Love them. :)

  3. 1. LOVE the sheer with the stripes! LOVE IT!
    2. I never thought "jail" until you mentioned it. :-)
    3. On Saturday I decided my next girl movie night is Enchanted because I watched 27 Dresses with James Marsden which made me want to watch Enchanted.
    4. Never thought about Robert's curtains before, but now that you mention it, that is really really weird.
    5. I can't believe you MADE the curtains. WOW.

  4. The black and white stripes are amazing! I'm so impressed that you sewed a straight enough line to completely disguise the hem. This is magical!

    I've been working on some curtain panels for like WEEKS, and Weston is the one who helps the fabric not escape. Mid-ironing, he lays on it and says "Ni-night! Weston go ni-night!" and it's too cute to stand. But seriously I will never finish those curtains.

  5. That fabric looks great! I would have never thought of going black and white stripes but is a great addition to the room. Love your kitty helpers. Holding on to fabric is a major task and you are lucky they were there to help. We have many animal helpers here. Between the mutts and the cats, we always have someone on call for our renovation and crafty projects ;)

  6. I love the big graphic black and white stripes!! I also love the picture of your cat in front of the picture. too funny!

  7. I never would have thought of getting black & white stripes - but I love them! They really pop in the room & frame the couch nicely. Love it :)

  8. Those look great! Curtains are on my to-do list this week, I hope they turn out half as cute!

    Fievel like to help me do everything. While I was sewing bunting for my sister's baby shower last night he actually laid himself on the sewing machine (while puppy rested her head on the foot pedal). :)

  9. I don't know how you would have finished that project without help from the cats! My Pomeranian "helps" me a lot too. And by "helps" I mean "rolls on top of whatever I'm working on to beg for belly rubs". ;)

  10. I love the black and white! Yout cats are so cute. My dog Piper always likes to help with projects too.

  11. Our cat is always "helping" He can't stand to be ignored so will sit right in front of the screen. Gotta love them : ) As for the shower curtain rings... they def look fine! BUT if you want to change them you could always use the ring clip thingies they have for curtains.. like these:

  12. I'm loving the b&w stripes. YOu did an amazing sewing job despite the kitty loungers. I happen to think your curtain ring idea is quite brilliant so no need to replace those.

  13. I love the striped curtains! I have striped curtains in my bedroom but the stripes are much wider.
    I also have two cats that are very helpful with projects, not just sewing projects, but projects of all kinds. I can hardly take a picture without them in it.

  14. i second everything katie said.
    and i also want to add that your living room looks so warm and cozy it makes me really want to come visit. :)

  15. These are awesome! They are fun and elegant and I'm so impressed that you sewed them yourself. I'm intrigued by your shower curtain ring idea...how did you attach them? I'm thinking that might be a solution for a couple of curtains in our house.

  16. I love Enchanted too!! and I have had that thought about Robert's curtains as well! The curtains look great, I'm impressed you made them look so seamless.

  17. Haha! I love how the cats helped!!
    The curtains look great. One year I was that in-mate for halloween; I may still have the costume if you would like to match your curtains ;)

  18. I have 3 interrupters when it comes to my projects, my other half the dog and my son, they always want to help.As in the don't think your help is worth it kind of way. I always find my pay schedule getting in the way of my great ambitions too, why can't we all be independently wealthy. I really like the calming effect your color palette has. I worry that I need more energy and less calming though.

  19. Black and white stripes! Perfect! Love the kittens too, ours sits in front of mirrors and turns her head, funny!

  20. Thanks everyone!

    Carrie-I just cut little slits in the hemmed top of the curtain (initially I made it to go on a rod) and hooked the rings right into the fabric. It’s up so high that the slits don’t show. I think if they were lower I might have had to use a more…careful approach. :)

  21. I am new to your blog and just LOVE your style! Where is your couch from, I also just love it!

  22. Hey Calliecalgal; our couch is from Raymour & Flanigan--it's this one:


    Except we got it at the clearance center because of a small tear in the back and it was $400 less than retail. Gotta love a deal! :)

  23. Oh my goodness!! I just love your curtains, although i would be more apt to use navy blue or red. I love "Enchanted" and your right about his curtains although at least they are not like the curtains in The Sound of Music. Visiting from theCSIproject. Loved your curtains & cats.

  24. I love your curtains. They are such a nice touch. I want them. Too bad I don't sew. :(

  25. Can't even comment. Way too many things spinning around my head after this one. Such as...

    Why, yes. Yes, I did always wonder about the peculiarity of McSteamy's...er...McDreamy's...er...Giselle's guy's apartment. Clearly a Metro. ;)

    Then, there's your history with the police department. I am so disappointed in you, Erin.

    Furthermore, your love of fabric.com proves that unlike your police record, we have yet another thing in common.

    Make it stop.

    Finally, you let your cats lay on the sheer fabric. Let's think about this one for a moment.

    cats = claws
    sheer = delicate
    Erin = the cat lady

    Look at that! I was able to comment after all. I'm not usually lacking in the verbiage department.

    Verbiage. I like that word.


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