Another Pillow Makeover?

The following is a list of the crazy things I have done lately:
  • Made a million pillows.
  • Changed the color scheme in the living room 4,598 times.
  • Painted this curbside dresser an absolutely heinous shade of blue. But more to come on that next week when its shade is no longer heinous. I hope.
Okay, that’s the short version of the list. I won’t mention my reaction to the comment “Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1942.”

Here’s the latest and probably final version of one of the million pillows I made.

It’s the final version mainly because I like it a LOT this time. And Rick approves because he didn’t like the leaves that I made initially to be the accent color in the room, declaring the shade to be somewhere between vomit and the slimy things I throw on our compost pile:

AND he approves because I have gotten rid of any and all pink elements from the living room, which marked the second round of Erin Has No Idea What She Is Doing When She Decorates. You see, for a brief time, I wanted pink to be the accent color, and the version of the pillow you never saw had pink flowers on it. You can sort of see it here:

rick pink
Truth be told, bubble gum pink was just not the Best Choice. Elle Woods may have just died a little when I said that, but even I had to admit that it wasn’t working. And I am what some might call A Fan of Pink. That is, that’s what I’d be called if anybody actually called people things like “A Fan of Pink.”

The pink purge all started when I found this old necklace:

First, I cut off some beads before I could change my mind, then got busy making a fabric flower out of one of my many fabric scraps. It’s the same fabric I used to give a makeover to this lamp, gray denim.

This is what my petals looked like before I began gluing them around the bead:

I made them imperfect on purpose, just because it felt better that way. I hot glued the small petals around the bead first, then layered the larger petals behind them.

The final step was arranging my new flower with not only the black roses I made initially, but also with some other beads to fill out the arrangement. The whole process, from cutting to gluing, took less than a half an hour.

I’d include a picture of the whole end of the couch now, but it’s light outside for approximately 5 minutes these days, no minutes of which are spent by me at my house taking pictures of things, and the result would be less than desirable.

So that’s the story of my changing color scheme and pillow makeover. Does anyone else change their mind about color every day, or is it just me? Have you ever used an old piece of jewelry in a project? Do share. :)

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  1. What a great idea to use the necklace in that way. Love the color scheme and the pillow. And for his sake, I'm glad you did away with the pink ;) I love that blue!

  2. Very pretty!! I tried to make flowers the other day. I couldn't grasp it in 5 minutes so I quit. I should work on this patience thing.

    I'm impressed pink was momentarily allowed in your house. That is one color I know I can't touch.

    I also love your fabric selection!..and Elle Woods reference.

  3. YES, changing my mind every five minutes around here. I love the pillow! You could totally sell those. They are fabulous!

  4. I love the turquoise (whoa. I just spelled that right on the first try. that never happens)!

    I really need to start making pillows now that I've recovered from my sewingmachineophobia.

  5. I like the pink, but love the blue. Your pillow is perfect. Isn't Rick wearing a "pinkish" red shirt in this post?

  6. Anonymous11/22/2011

    Changing the color scheme is def a woman's prerogative. In our first home I changed the color scheme in our living room and bedroom often.Then I found something that worked perfectly. Now that we just moved into a new house, I'm starting all over again. Now we have more rooms to furnish and decorate!

  7. Making pillows is to Erin as Spray painting is to Gloria. I've probably spray painted a minimum of a million things this past month.

    I had a brass lamp to paint and asked Caleb what color it should be, I told him I had the urge to paint it a really offensive color (whatever that means) and it ended up with bright pink. I'm obsessed with pink lately, I don't know what it is...

  8. I need to be more obsessed with pillows like you. We have the same ugly black and gray pillows on my couch that we've had for about three years and I just can't seem to decide on a fabric I like. Please teach me your pillow-obsession-ways.

  9. The pillow looks so pretty with the black roses and other flowers! I love what you've done to it. :) I really need to borrow my mum's sewing machine and sew up some pillows... you're my inspiration! haha

  10. Oh I love the blue accent! I worked on these burlap flowers for a half hour the other day and couldn't figure it out. . . You are way more skilled than me :)

  11. Impressive re-use of jewelry!
    I love where you ended up, although I'm also a fan of pink and would have supported that decision wholeheartedly :)

  12. Adorable =) I love how you added the necklace! I still need to make some pillows. Thanks for the inspiration.
    PS-I am kinda sad: they don't sell Sure Cuts a Lot anymore! I was very excited after reading your post...stupid Provocraft filed a law suit.
    Also, do you crochet? If so, I have a pattern giveaway today; check it out if you have a second!

  13. SERIOUSLY LOVE THAT PILLOW. You did great! Wow!!

  14. That is so cute! Great use of the beads as accent color.

  15. Um, you are awesome. I love this idea...and you make it sound so easy. I love a project I can't mess up. :)

  16. I just noticed my hot pink/orange shirt while I'm gasping to expunge the pink!

  17. Your pillows rock! Love this pillow ;)


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