Stray kitten, welcome to our bathroom.

Alternate Title: And Then There Were Three.

We "accidentally" gained another member of the family over the weekend. Meet Zoe:

Rick spotted her from my parents’ back deck and made oogly sad eyes at me. Let me tell you, Rick does not make oogly sad eyes over small furry things. Power tools and cars, yes. Small furry things, no. He’s always the one rolling his eyes at my cooing, saying “Erin, we already have two cats.” He’s the strong, sensible one who can turn a blind eye to fuzzy tails and big eyes.

Until now, apparently. Because before I knew it, we were hunched in the neighbors’ driveway, dangling a string and attempting to lure the cat out from underneath their car. And then I was in our car, driving home, with approximately 2 pounds of life on my lap. And then she was in our bathroom, where she'll stay until we're 100% confident that she's litter-trained and her little ringworm infection is cleared up.

She wouldn’t let us touch her at first (we had to use a humane small animal trap to get her), but now she won’t stop purring and just wants to be loved. She has a thing for small spaces and always crawls underneath our legs when we sit down.

Rick has claimed her as “his cat.” (Apparently I hog the other two? Who, me?) Judging from the way she mews whenever he leaves the room, and how she even watches him brush his teeth, she’s totally OK with being a daddy’s girl.

Other than the ringworm, she got a clean bill of health from the vet this morning, where we also found out that she’s about 9 weeks old. We don’t know what her story is or how she ended up in the neighbors’ garage, because there was no mama kitty or other kittens around, and hadn’t been for the 2 weeks that they said she’d been there.

What we do know, however, is that her story from now on will be one of a perfectly happy and content little kitty. This is because I am planning on reading her Mr. Buffy Moves to Dubai, like the cat lady I mentioned in this post. Rick says this isn’t a good idea. I asked Zoegirl what she thought and this is how she responded.

Okay, okay. I can take the hint.

So that’s Zoe. I’m sure she will continue to make an appearance on the blog, seeing as how we have already taken at least 30 photos of her and she’s been in our possession for less than 48 hours. She’s just so darn cute; I can’t help it.

Has anyone else ever made sad oogly eyes in an attempt to convince your spouse that there is, in fact, room for one more in your house? Can stray furry things work their way into your heart as easily as Zoe worked her way into ours, or are you the strong, sensible type? :)


  1. Hello, Zoe! She is so cute!! Have the other cats met her yet?

  2. Gingerbread knows she's there and has done a little hissing and low growling--but she'll be fine once she gets used to her. Our 16 year-old kitty as of yet has no clue she's upstairs. :) Zo's already using the litter box, so that's not a problem, but we can't let her come around the other cats until her infection clears up, which might be another week or so. :/ We're anxious to let them officially meet her, though!

  3. So cute!! Congrats on the new addition! Hope the transition to three goes smoothly :)

  4. That's so sweet! It is so amazing how a pet really makes a house a home, and how adding a new pet just compounds that joy and fun!

  5. She is precious!!! I am such a sucker for sweet animal faces (and after a few years of marriage so is David). Actually, that's how we acquired 100lbs of blonde doggy lovin', aka Nigel. Looks like Zoe is already feeling safe in her new home. <3

  6. I am NOT an animal person but this little kitten is pulling at my heart strings. Meow.

  7. ummm I am a tad jealous of you right now. She is SO cute.
    I'll bring her cute toys and lots of treats when Katie and I come and visit.

  8. I just saw your mom and she told me you got another kitten... how cute!! I wanna come play.... haha

  9. P.S. I might steal her...

  10. OMG I want her. Preparing the ogley eye for Andy (which does NOT work anymore, after I successfully used it on him in college to gain both a dog AND a pot-bellied pig.)

    Zoe is SOOO CUTE it's making me melt in a puddle.

  11. She is adorable!! Can I just tell you that our best friends started off with 2 "intentional" adoptions and are now up to 5 cats. I see the writing on the wall lady:)

  12. I'm not guilty of "sad oogly eyes" but I am guilty of hearing "absolutely not" then listening to a stranger's plan of dropping the furball near a lake to hope someone pick him up followed by what I would like to call "the one eyebrow raised look of if you don't say yes I am moving out so I can say yes eyes". The end result was this pug named Mooshie that follows me around like a lost puppy (oh wait...he was a lost puppy... Ba Dum Ching)

  13. Awwww, I'm pumped for more Zoe posts! Can you believe I used to be a cat person?..until I married a dude who is allergic. Sad. :( Hope she heals up quickly!!

  14. oh my GOSH!!! SOOOO cute!! I keep trying to get Aaron to get a cat but he refuses. It makes me sad. I'll live vicariously through you!

  15. You do realize you're outnumbered by cats, now...

    Zoƫ is sooooooo adorbs!

    Our current kitty (& most cuddle-y/purr-y/snuggle-y -- oh! -- until Auggie took over) was a feral rescue by our cat-lady neighbor. (Oh, she's THE cat lady who feeds all the strays in the greater Phoenix/Glendale area...) Enjoy your new baby!

  16. Anonymous10/11/2011

    So I almost had the hubs convinced that we needed another puppy when ours came down with Parvovirus (our vet said it can live outside the body for about a year and survive bleach!), so we can't bring another puppy into our house for at least a year.

    BUT Parvovirus only affects dogs, not cats. So maybe instead of another puppy, we could get another kitten! Maybe I could just "find" a stray one (like in the newspaper?)!

    Zoe is adorable!

  17. That is an adorable kitten!! I'm always so happy to hear when kittens get adopted (rather than bought in a pet store). Our two cats came from a no-kill shelter. We were only going to take one but how can you split up a brother and sister?? You can't so now we have two :)

  18. Awww, she is so cute. I have attempted to make sad, googly eyes at my husband but it has yet to work. I keep telling him we need a kitty to make Jack, our dog happy. He is not a big fan of dogs, but absolutely adores kitties.

    I know Zoe is lucky to have found you two!


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