Blog Crashing & Please Indulge My Need to Take Millions of Kitten Photos

I'm crashing Strictly Simple Style today, sharing some of of our favorite projects. Karen's blog was one of the first I started reading, mainly because she includes cool ideas like how to make these nailhead pumpkins, this DIY felt pillow, and this no-sew ottoman cover. So go! Check it out!

But before you go: when I'm not A) reading great blogs like Karen's or B) spending time with Rick and family or C) staring in disbelief at a roomful of 10th graders who just told me that Thomas Jefferson discovered electricity, you may find me D) taking pictures of Zoe. If you like small furry things, feel free to indulge me in my recent spree. If you don't like small furry things, don't scroll down. I repeat, do not scroll down.







DSC_0340(Big yawn)


DSC_0299Pay attention to ME.

DSC_0408 Do you think he wants grandkids?

This post was brought to you by a crazy cat mama, the power of electricity, and Thomas Jefferson. I mean Malcom X. (That was their next guess.) Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse than these writing flubs, right?


  1. Zoe is adorable! There is nothing cuter than a kitten. I've also been known to take my share of kitten/cat photos.

  2. She is sooooooo cute! Love little furball pics. :) Off to check out your guest post!!!

  3. Visiting from Karen's site today...Your cat is so incredibly cute, and I'm quite jealous that she uses a scratching post. Mine just turned his nose up at the first one (and the second and third ones) and proceeded to destroy our ottoman!

  4. OMG, that second pic? With the furry belly? It makes me need to put my face in a furry cat belly, pronto.

    Is that weird? Probably.

  5. You are making Ike and I want a cat. Nate can just get shots right?

  6. Yay you got her batting in the air !! She's too cute... when can I visit her again?! haha

  7. Anonymous10/26/2011

    Awwwwww. I love cats...I wish my husband wasn't so allergic.
    I am stopping by today to pass the "Versatile Blogger Award" on to you. If you have already done this, no problem!! If you haven't, check out my post today for details :)

  8. My sister just got a black kitten. I'm normally not a cat person at all -- dogs all the way -- but I'm slowly being converted by the oh-so-irresistible adorableness.

    Anyway, there's no such thing as too many kitten pictures! I loooove Zoe's fuzzy little belly. :) Keep the pictures coming.

  9. Anonymous10/26/2011

    She's so adorable!

    And wow. I read your best grading flubs... I laughed out loud in a meeting. Oops.

    And everyone knows that Thomas Jefferson didn't discover electricity. Obviously it was Leonardo DiCaprio way back when he was paining the Moaning Lisa.

  10. Haha. My poor mom calls my dogs her grandpuppies. At least I have my brother and sister to fulfill her wish :)
    Off to check out your post.

  11. I require photos of Zoey meeting Squirty and Gingerbread. Mmmkay thanks :-p


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