Smile, I Made a Gold-Painted “Smile” Pillow

I participated in the following conversation last week:

Rick: Where did you get that from?

gold-painted pillow

Erin: I made it.

Rick: No you didn’t.

Erin: Um, yes I did.

Rick: But it’s so perfect.

Erin: Thank you?

painted pillow

This was my first attempt at painting fabric, and I just used regular white fabric and water-based acrylic paint I had left from this drippy watercolor dot painting. I know some people have mixed the paint with something called fabric medium or something like that, but I didn’t. This is mainly because I don’t know what that even is, AND it was not in my immediate possession. Smile, I am clueless. And impatient.


Aaaand then I stuffed it with fiberfill from a deformed pillow that came with an old comforter. Sometimes things just have to be sacrificed in the name of cheap.

gold painted pillow

Seriously, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner…instead of buying the sometimes-pricey bags of fiberfill from the craft store, buy the old ugly pillows that are on clearance because nobody wants them. And then destroy them, which technically should have been done before they ever hit the stores and/or homes in the first place. This one would be a perfect victim, for example:

ugly pillowSource

On that note…some things that make me smile lately other than the thought of burning that pillow:

  • Feeling my baby do gymnastics at all hours of the day.
  • Spending time with my brother who is home from Arizona for a bit.
  • Watching my dad beam with absolute pride and excitement as he directs the orchestra of Les Miserables…of which I am a (mostly) willing participant on the French horn.
  • The hilarious comments of the 5 and 6-year olds at summer rec arts and crafts (“I can see seven germs on my desk!”).
  • Watching Rick have three potential job prospects within two weeks of finding out that his pharmacy (at a long-term care facility) is going to be outsourced…and all within four days of applying for said jobs. That whole deal isn’t over yet--and definitely didn’t begin with either of us smiling--but we’ve cast our anxieties on the Lord and He is so clearly already showing His faithfulness. :) :) (That deserves TWO smiles.)

What makes YOU smile lately?


  1. LOVE the smile pillow! it is perfect! but i would never destroy that beautiful deer pillow. ;)

  2. Anonymous7/25/2013

    Your blog makes me smile :) - as well as my own faithfulness in the Lord. And 5-6 yr olds are some of my favorite people on earth. They make me smile, too, 'cause they say the cutest stuff!

    I really love your pillow! If you hadn't told us you'd made it, I would have asked the same question as Rick - Where did you get that? You are just oozing talent, lady!

  3. Love that pillow! It's so cute! I want one!

    Also you and your blog make me smile! So glad you guys are doing well! :)

  4. today, pie makes me smile. and milk. lots of milk. {with the pie, not alone}
    and you.
    and Jesus. ;)

  5. smile pillow = awesome. ugly deer pillow = even more awesome.

  6. That pillow rocks. Your blog makes me smile. And peanut butter cups. And the fact that VBS at church is over tomorrow. That makes me REALLY smile.

  7. So cute! So glad to hear that Rick is rocking the job market; fingers crossed!

  8. God will provide! He always, always does. I love the pillow! It DOES look too perfect to be homemade. :)

  9. It is so perfect. I'm impressed! Make me one. I'm bossy tonight. ;)

    1. I hit publish too soon. Hope things work out for the husband figure. Like pharmacy isn't stressful enough!

  10. This turned out so cute! Love the gold and the scripty words. Wish I had such great handwriting.

  11. 1. your pillow is awesome
    2. the deer pillow is nasty (Wow. Just wow.)
    3. God is the DIVINE everything and yes, He is faithful. :) Definitely SMILES for that.

  12. Adorable pillow! And yay for Rick!

  13. I love your pillow! Kevin had the same reaction as Rick to a pair of watercolor paintings I did for the bedroom. Husbands. What can you do?

    God is good (and definitely deserves at least two smiles)!


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