The Christmas Mantel That Almost Wasn’t

Do you ever feel like you’ve seen something before?

Do you ever feel like you’ve seen something before?*

*I did that in case you answered NO and were envious of all the fine folks who experience déjà vu on a hauntingly frequent basis like when they tell their cat to stop eating the Christmas tree and then five seconds later she is all up in it like white on rice and they tell her to stop eating it. Again.

That’s how I feel when I look at Christmas Mantel 2012, aka The Mantel That Almost Wasn’t Because Erin Parachuted Into a Distant Land Far Removed From Blogging and Christmas Decorating and No She Is Not Pregnant In Case You Were Wondering.


With the green + silver + natural theme going on again, it is basically the more petite, conservative sister of last year’s “fantel.” The petite, conservative sister who waits until the last minute to pick out her clothes and almost goes to the Christmas work party in her pajamas. The petite, conservative sister who may leave her sparse Christmas decorations up until March because she waited so long to get them out in the first place. The petite, conservative sister who is not planning on actually hanging any ornaments on her tree this year.

You know, that sister.

I don’t know her personally.


In terms of notable genetic mantel differences: the fake pinecones and the “When Love Came Down” shadow box were not at last year’s family gathering. I made the words using my Cricut (on silver cardstock—the font is Chunk Five). It was fast and easy. Lazy Girl’s Guide to the Holidays is the theme of this year’s Christmas décor.


Except, wait.

My mantel might be late, lazy, and the less-styled version of last year’s.

But that’s not what this season is all about. (Duh, Erin.)

This season is so much bigger and better than just a time of year when people camp out at malls and drown their yards in inflatable Santas and accidentally on purpose forget to hang ornaments on their tree. It is the time of year we celebrate Love coming down. And I can’t tell you how many times I have already looked at my lazy frame and been reminded of that.


When love came down. Four simple words that changed the world.

Four simple words that I am happy to see, and remember, over and over again.

Bring on the déjà vu.


  1. Thanks for the fun read this morning. I absolutely love the "WHEN LOVE CAME DOWN"!!!!

  2. it looks beautiful!!! love the colors and i love that phrase!

  3. But it looks soooooo good! The time and effort really shows!

  4. I love your mantel! And I really love the shadow box!

    Hey, if you do leave these up until March, just replace those words with a picture of a shamrock. Instant St. Patrick's Day mantel. People decorate for that holiday right?

  5. Looks great!! I'm all for the easy this year too. Great phrase!

  6. I love your vignette! It's so pretty and green and glowy!

    Also what a great reminder of what Christmas is all about, even though the decorations and gifts are nice too! ;)

  7. I LOOOOOOVE the Love Came Down print. I mean for real might steal it from you. In the spirit of Christmas.

  8. Nice reminder of the real reason for the season.

    Merry Christmas.

  9. Anonymous12/20/2012

    You've got it right, Erin. It's not about the time we spend decorating or shopping or wrapping. It's about the love. The love that came down and the love we spread around - whether it's to people we know or those we don't know. God Bless You and Merry Christmas Everyone!

  10. This is gorgeous. And such a great reminder of the why behind the season. Just lovely.

  11. Your mantle is beautiful - simple but elegant. And I love the shadow box! I might use it too! A great reminder of the real reaseon we celebrate Christmas! Merry Christmas to all!

  12. Love it.
    Have a very merry Christmas, Erin :)

  13. Amen. :)

    Hope you all had a very merry Christmas with your lovely mantle!

  14. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

    1. hahaha I see what you did there. ;)


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