Four Good Reasons For Falling Off the Face of the Blogging Earth

Reason #1: Your computer is mysteriously abducted by aliens, who demand a reasonable sum of eighty nine million dollars for its safe return.

Reason #2: Your cats insist that you pet them no fewer than 34,120 strokes per day, leaving you basically only enough remaining time to do other important things like vacuum the coat closet and organize your sock drawer.

Reason #3: You recently fell prey to a vicious disease that allows you to eat nothing except oil of cod and also renders you incapable of moving your fingers, and your breath smells so bad from the cod that you are forced into a perpetual state of gargling Scope.

Reason #4: You discover that you are next-of-kin to 18 orphaned children and they move in, bringing with them an insatiable need for grilled cheese and apple juice and gummy bears, so you’ve spent the last two weeks sleeping in the supermarket aisles in case of emergency.

None of these, of course, explain why I personally parachuted off of the blogging earth and crash-landed somewhere north of a distant galaxy, where I’ve spent the last two weeks perfecting my tan and constructing shelters out of earwax and animal carcasses.

snorkelingI learned how to do this in Girl Scouts right after selling Thin Mints and knitting potholders.

I’ve sent out an urgent S.O.S. and am anxiously awaiting word of my rescuers.

Until then…


  1. ba ha ha ha ha!!!! i love your humor.

  2. Anonymous12/12/2012

    Your blog always brings a smile to my face. :) You have been missed!

  3. I've missed you. I hope you make it.

  4. #5 - Being 7 months pregnant with no energy and therefore nothing to talk about... yeah that's me. While you're being rescued, can you send someone to fix my house?

  5. ValenzMom (aka Helen)12/12/2012

    Hold on! The Coast Guard has been dispatched! We told them it was an emergency - our blogger is in the drink! They asked, "What do you need her for?" We said, "It's Christmas! What do you think?" So they've sent the fastest helicopter and their best rescue swimmer. We soon should have you back in the pink!

    We really do miss you!

  6. You are so weird (but awesome) Lol. It's why we all love you and keep coming back for m.o.r.e.

    Hope someone finds you soon! ;)

  7. Aliens, adopted children, cats.....whatever the excuse, we miss you. But away somewhere wonderful at this time of year is the best excuse yet!!! Have fun.

  8. Hahaha! I miss you as well! Lucky you for having a Christmas tan though ;)

  9. COME BACK, ERIN!!!!! I have to admit, I told Jen, "Maybe Erin hasn't been blogging much because she's pregnant." I guess you just parachuted somewhere, so, there goes that theory of mine.

  10. Let's see how you decorated your earwax and animal carcass shelter!

  11. Hahaha. I love Kelly's suggestion. ;)


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