Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Bling

It is a well-known fact that glitter makes everything better. Had glitter been present at the following, there is good reason to believe that all would have been drastically improved:

  • the stock market crash of 1929
  • journeying west along the Oregon Trail
  • the debut of the leisure suit.

It goes without saying, then, that glitter also improves Christmas presents.


My gifts will be wrapped in brown paper until I am 94 years old. Why? Because we got the giant roll of brown paper at Home Depot for like $8 and barely put a dent in it.


I will also be picking glitter out of my pores until I am 94 years old. At that point, it may get mixed in with my denture cream. But since glitter makes everything better, this is all very acceptable.


By the way, I bought all of the fabulously glitzy ribbon the week before Christmas when it was already 70% off at Joann’s, proving once and for all that waiting until the last minute occasionally pays off.


Aaaand not to be outranked by shiny stuff, Zoe decided to park her furry butt in the gifts as we tried to wrap them, and then chomped on the paper. We do feed her, really.


Have you improved anything with glitter lately? What’s your wrapping design of choice? I hope everyone had a peaceful and healthy Christmas!


  1. I love your wrapping! I looks so pretty!

  2. Gorgeous wrapping! I really love the look of the brown paper with glittery ribbon! :)

  3. Beautiful packages! I love the versatility of brown wrapping paper. My kitty also chews paper. We have to be careful and not let important documents sit out on the desk. :)

  4. Those packages are beautiful! I love brown paper, but I have so many rolls of gold, red, and green to go through first. This year I discovered twine and yarn make pretty bows. :)

  5. Those packages are just made of win. Beautiful + cost effective = win!

  6. your presents are gorgeous! i have some home depot brown paper too...i LOVE it! :)

  7. My wife always wraps in brown paper, and has got me doing it too. She always either paints (sometimes with glitter paint), draws, does paper cutouts, or uses fancy ribbon. They aleays end up really cool.

  8. Your gifts are lovely. I got a huge roll of Kraft paper for a party in October to use as table covering. I used it for Christmas and its still gong strong. I went with yarn for ribbons this year and liked the look. Plus, I have tons of yarn around so it's cheap and easy. And bonus for no glitter in my 94-year-old pores.

  9. You make boring ol' craft paper look so jazzy! I bet if there had been glitter at the stock market crash in 1929, we would probably STILL be finding residual glitter all over wall street.

  10. Anonymous12/31/2012

    Since I had a vintage aluminum Christmas tree this year, I went with vintage-looking wrapping paper as well. However, I love the look of the brown paper with the glitzy ribbons. Kim's comment about using yarn brought back lots of memories of my grandmother. She always used yarn as the ribbon on her presents, making pom-poms instead of bows. She always had plenty of it on hand since she crocheted and knitted. Plus it didn't get crushed when she packed the presents for shipping.

  11. I think I need to do this next year. $8? We bought overly expensive glitter wrapping paper and it was horrible! The tape didn't even stick to it. Your gifts look beautiful!


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