A Virtual Baby Shower for Kelly

Today is a special day in blogland. Why? Because today, Skye and I are throwing a virtual baby shower for one of my very first bloggy friends, Kelly, the lovely lady behind View Along the Way.


We’re hoping Kelly doesn’t go into labor before she gets to read our posts, because she’s seriously expecting her baby girl any day now. She makes a gorgeous ready-to-pop chica, don’t you think?


So welcome to your shower, Kelly! Want to know the details?

Jen & Katie have decorated.

Ange has whipped up our appetizers.

Visit Faith for a pink dessert.

Carrie took care of the beverage table with a punch that’s—you guessed it—pink.

Cassie and Michelle brought handmade gifts for your baby girl.

No shower is complete without the obligatory game, and Maury has two. (I promise you won’t have to do anything awkward like “guess the weight of the poop” or anything.)

Carol is taking care of YOU with a special (and practical!) handmade gift for the mama.

And on your way out, stop by to see Jean for your perfectly girlie favor.

And me? I suppose I’m co-hosting, and since this is all make-believe anyway, I’m going to make-believe that this shower is being held on this quaint little porch, and that this quaint little porch belongs to me in my 50 acres of wooded gloriousness, and that a pregnant lady would actually like to sit on that bench:

porch prettyStolen from here.

If you’re stopping by this post, YOU are officially a guest at Kelly’s shower. So leave her a little love in the “guestbook.” Share your favorite shower memory, or your favorite ready-to-give-birth memory, or just some good wishes!

Congratulations, Kelly! We can’t wait to “meet” your new little girl! :)


  1. What a fun idea, Erin & Skye! Thanks for letting me drop by the shower. Our family order is the same as Kelly's - boy then girl. Just before our daughter was born I bought nearly a million adorable hairbows and couldn't wait to use them. But she was bald till she was almost two! Even when she was wearing all pink, people would say, "What a sweet little BOY!" So here's to headbands to hold all those hair accessories! Congrats, Kelly.

  2. erin- your porch is so pretty and so perfect for the shower! thanks for inviting me and for hosting. so much fun!

  3. Anonymous4/04/2012

    I can't wait to see everyone's contributions! Looks like a great party!

  4. I feel so honored to be invited! ;-) Kelly, you're a sweet and funny and beautiful and your girl will be, too. And she might be as handy as your hubby, bonus!

    May your birth be fast and uncomplicated, but above all, may your girl be healthy and strong. XO

  5. Thanks for hosting! I love your porch. :-)

  6. So excited for Kelly and her sweet family! Thanks for hosting Erin and Skye!

  7. YAY!! This is sooo awesome! I'm loving the party so much. Maybe we should have more parties. Are your kitties having a birthday or something anytime soon? We could have party for them!! :)

    1. haha I think I sort of love that idea...it would help me fulfill my dream of becoming an official Crazy Cat Lady. ;)

  8. Thanks Erin for hosting such a fun party. I loved seeing what everyone contributed. I only wish we could all meet up in real life and actually dig into all the deliciousness:)

  9. Kelly, you ARE a gorgeous...how did the oh-so-eloquent Erin put it? A ready to pop chica. Classy, Erin. Classy. Lol. ;) Seriously...you are one of those beautiful glowing women everyone wants to look like at that stage.

    From a mommy of three (who had three in 3 years and 3 months time - whew! - and thought she would never get out of the diaper stage)...you will survive.

    Best to you on the arrival of your sweet baby girl!

  10. Aren't you so sweet for hosting us all on your porch! Everything was sweet and wonderful!

  11. ERIN! You have completely blown me away today! This is the funnest, coolest surprise EVER and I'm so honored and excited AND GIDDY! Plus I LOVE the beautiful porch location you've chosen. I have to admit, I'm just a little bummed that the "guess the weight of the poop" game wasn't chosen. :) And that we couldn't all get together and do this in real life! You are the BEST! Thank you for this amazing surprise! :) :) (PS, I'm going to "attend" on my blog tonight or tomorrow, so don't forget to check in for that!)

  12. Thanks for hosting Erin and Skye! You ladies rock!!

  13. Fancy porch!! I think this shower was a success. You are awesome. The end!

  14. What a sweet idea for such a sweet young Mama. Kelly, I pray and hope your baby girl looks just like you (don't scoff!!). I have no doubt God will hand pick her to be just what your family needs. I cannot wait to meet her (in person!). If you and Andy handle parenting like you do remodeling, I have no doubt your kids will turn out awesome. Love you!

  15. This is such a cute idea!! Everything is lovely, and Kelly DOES make such a pretty soon-to-be mama!! Congrats to her and her family!

  16. Erin, you did an awesome job co-hosting and organizing this surprise. Thanks for getting everyone together!


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