Our Legally Blonde Weekend

Rick and I have been busy lately. House projects don’t currently exist. Life projects, on the other hand, are in abundance. Among other things, Rick got a new job, I completed my portfolio for tenure, and we both participated in an Easter cantata at church that was performed last night. In honor of the resurrection, I resurrected my French horn…which is otherwise used to keep our basement door closed.

One of the most exciting life projects over the past few weeks, though, was the local high school production of Legally Blonde. Has anyone seen that musical? If you are a fan of the movie, you must see the musical. I mean, seriously, there’s an entire song devoted to the bend and snap.

Anyway, this particular production of Legally Blonde was exciting for several reasons. One, both my little sister and Rick’s little sister were in it, as imprisoned fitness queen Brooke Wyndham and the hilarious hairdresser Paulette, respectively.

brooke paulette

brooke paulette 3

Two, Rick played the piano, rocking out a $12.99 pink dress shirt…


…under the baton of my dad, who is retiring this year after over 30 years of being the high school band director at the school. I love this picture of him watching his students give a little “thank-you---we-will-miss-you---you rock” presentation to him at the end of the last show. Yes, Rick is getting a little teary in the background. (My daddy happens to have been his former music teacher, too.)



Three, my brother surprised us by flying out from Phoenix just for the show. We hadn’t seen him since December. I wish I had taken pictures all of my family members’ reactions when he first showed up, because they all were a mixture of crying/grinning/hyperventilating and would surely have made for some terrifically awful photos.

DSC_2462Little siblings.

Four, I got to play photographer with my DSLR. Experimenting with shutter speed at dress rehearsals, I caught this iconic moment between Paulette and the UPS guy (1/320 exposure time):


And Brooke going airborne in excitement during the performance (1/400 exposure time):


My personal photography lesson to myself: action shots require a high shutter speed, or else they’ll be a giant blur. Yay for learning.

So: thoughts about musicals, thoughts about Legally Blonde, thoughts about photography, thoughts about French horns as doorstops? Ready, go. :)

P.S. Remember that lack of house projects? I’m going to take it easy the next few weeks and let life catch back up to me. That said, things will probably be light and sporadic on the bloggy front.


  1. hw fun is that! i used to take emmy to the high school musicals where we used to live. since we just moved here in the fall i am not up on when the high school here does them but i need to find out. i love going and seeing the young talented kids, and i love taking emmy and exposing her to that. and i got teary eyed at that picture of your dad- he looks so sweet and so proud.

  2. Life projects are better anyway. :) That picture of your daddy is so sweet. Kinda made me wanna tear up.

  3. Very cool tribute to your dad. :) And great pics!

  4. Sounds like a great time! Life projects are definitely way more important than home ones so good for you for taking some time. That photo of your dad is very sweet- it almost made me cry (I'm overly emotional lol). He looks so proud!

  5. How fun! I love that it was such a family affair for you guys!

  6. What a special event for your family! Looks like you had an amazing time!

  7. Erin! I LOVE this post!! Sounds like just a fantastic time for your family. I love the photo of your dad.
    Oh and I also love Legally Blonde - I HAVE to hear the bend and snap song. :-)

    1. Listen for free!


      The high school version left out the swear words, of course. :P

  8. Wow, what a fun time and a great big happy family! How fun.

  9. The picture of your dad is awesome! You can see all the joy and love in your family!! I soooo wish you had a video of that bend and snap song!!

  10. Sounds like you've been having a ton of fun! I would love to see Legally Blonde on Braodway!

  11. DiDi Martin4/02/2012

    ..just happened to be nearby when your brother surprised your Mom. I felt her joy -loved the tearful embrace! I'm so fortunate to have gotten to know you and your whole family! God bless!

  12. Awww, that picture of your dad is too good. Happy retirement to him!

    What's Rick's new job? (Nosey fellow pharmacist question. I want him to feel the blog love as well!)

    1. He just got hired as the supervising pharmacist at a place he was formerly working part-time. So now he’s full time…and in charge. Weird since he’s like half the age of the other people who work there, but the medical director asked him if he wanted the job, so of course he didn’t turn it down. :)

  13. Sounds so fun! Where are the videos of your easter cantata? :) Congrats to Rick on the new job, and to your dad on retirement!

  14. So, basically what you're saying is: your family rules the school. ;) That's awesome.

    From a musician's daughter and a former high school drama queen...I salute you all. :)

    That pic of your dad really is fantastic. And way to go on the action shots! ;) Did you take all of these that are posted?

  15. P.S. My dad is retiring this year, too. Can we please stop being so much alike? ;)

    Oh, wait. My hub totally does not play the piano. Whew! He only plays the radio.

    (But I used to play the piano...and flute...but that's not the point.)

    And congratulations on Rick's new job!!!

  16. Oh.my!
    This post is chock-full of awesomeness! All in one breath you informed us of church cantatas & high school musicals, french-horning & hubs-pianoing, job switch & retirement, all topped off with the bro's surprise visit.
    When would you get any projects started, let alone finished?!?
    (incredible photog skills on display, btw...)

  17. OMG I LOOOOOOOVE Legally Blonde! I watched the series on MTV when they were looking for the new Elle and I memorized almost all of the words. That is seriously one of my favorite musicals! Great pictures - especially of the bend and snap moment! How perfect!!

    1. YESSSS! So exciting to find someone who knows the music. Isn’t it beyond fun?! I can’t even pick a favorite.

  18. what a fun weekend!!

    have fun taking a little time to yourselves :)

  19. Rachel4/03/2012

    Yay for Brendan surprises!!!

    If you ever want DSLR tips just let me know. I am not anywhere near a professional yet but I would like to think I at least have an idea of what I am doing. (3.72 GPA whoop whoop. Not a 4.0 but I will take it...darn math/boring photo history classes.)

    In addition to your shutter speed you also want to take a look at your aperture (the F-stop) and your ISO.

    I am a member of a photography group on Facebook that has tutorials and friendly contests. I could send you an invite to it if you want.

  20. Rachel4/03/2012

    Yay for retiring Daddy photos too... In the photo under that one it appears that your Momma is getting a little teary eyed herself :-)

  21. Aw, makes me nostalgic for my high school musical days. I cannot believe how fun it must have been with so many family members involved. And both of your sisters had parts! What crazy talented families you guys come from!


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