A Random.org Winner and Prince Edward

If random.org is involved in this post, I might as well also include some other random insight into my life, right? Because I happen to like randomness and silliness AND Prince Edward…and who says this blog has to be full of exclusively Practical and Useful Information? We’ll save that for another year day.

But before we get to the particular brand of randomness indirectly involving Prince Edward, the winner of our This Old House giveaway is Regan from Renovating Rothenbergers!

random.org result

I would have been happy to send this subscription anyone’s way, but I was especially glad Regan won because her name is Regan and that’s my sister’s name and I have never “met” anyone else with that name before. We affectionately call my little sister Beez (long story…don’t ask, because even we don’t quite know), though, and Regan of RR hasn’t given me express permission to do the same for her….yet….so for now, I can keep them straight. Usually.

But back to Prince Edward. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I have a thing for the following items:

-my cats


-the movie Enchanted.

My Regan likes to act out Enchanted with me, especially this scene in which Pip is trying to communicate Giselle’s impending danger to to the dim Prince Edward (we’ll forgive him for his lack of brains because he’s cute and can sing…that’s what you look for in a guy, right?) and independently switches back and forth between acting out the sweet, unsuspecting Giselle and the evil Nathaniel, who is offering her a poisoned apple. She rejects it at first, but then Pip/Nathaniel convinces her that “It’s goooood!”…


…which is our favorite part. Which means we basically have to say “It’s goooood” in a chipmunk voice at least a million and a half times a year day.


We got a little silly over the holidays and slowly recruited more and more family members into our I Love Enchanted and Am Going to Marry Prince Edward One Day As Long As He Will Sing to Me and Doesn’t Mind Chipmunk Voices Club. It all began when our little cousin looked on with envy, wishing she, too, could join us in our obsession…


We let her in and then my mom wanted in, as well, even though she’s never seen the movie. (This fact is a crime, I tell you….one of these days…maybe when she has grandchildren and they’ve been groomed to love Enchanted as much as their mommy, she will watch it with them…)…


…and then we even got Grandma on board.


Like I always say: there’s nothing like multi-generational “It’s gooooood.” Actually, I’ve never said that. But I will begin immediately.

So…who else wants to join our club? Who thinks I’m insane for saying Prince Edward is cute? Who wants to fight me for him?


Seriously. I am beyond dorky. This blog is really confirming that fact in me. God forbid any of my students ever find this ridiculous little piece of the Internet.

Have a great weekend! :)


  1. Anonymous1/06/2012

    That is awesome! I love that scene too. Hmmm...maybe I should watch that this weekend... :)

  2. Sorry, Prince Edward, but I'm too much of a Dr. McDreamy fan to appreciate your good looks. (Honestly, doesn't Patrick Dempsey just make you swoon?)
    It's ALL good!

  3. I'm so excited to have won - thanks again Erin!!! And it's so funny you call your sister Beez because my nickname is Beetle and they kinda sound similar :)

    And watching Enchanted for the 10th time is on my list now. Love that movie!!

  4. Yeah, I might put my name into the Prince Edward hat. Who doesn't love the Prince Charming type? I mean he's rugged yet sensitive, handsome yet approachable... I bet he makes great omelets and give awesome back rubs, too.

  5. Rachel1/06/2012

    Not gonna lie... I will laugh if you have a follow up post in a few days about your class going "It's gooooood!" :-p

  6. Yes, I would totally take that Prince Edward of yours. Your family is kind of incredible for letting you take these pics of them and post them on the internet for the ENTIRE WORLD to see.

  7. Oh my gosh, you are HILARIOUS. I love that part in the movie!! And yes, James Marsden is cute. :-)

  8. hahaha this was hilarious...and that movie...oh I wish I lived her life! haha


    p.s. come check out my blog design giveaway on colorissue.blogspot.com

  9. i'm going to start saying "it's goood" on a regular basis now too. katie and i are trying to also incorporate WHAT?! like gus and shawn from psych say. yup, we're cool. and hello prince edward....i'd totally marry him. :)


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