A Winter-y Tray Display

I’m told it’s winter. However, we have a green lawn and the forecast for this entire week is in the 40s. This is NOT NORMAL. I’m used to having brushed snow off my car at least, say, 20 times by this point in the season. But believe me: I am not saddened by this fact. The cold and I have never really gotten along, and I reeeeeally don’t like driving in the snow and ice. So if Western NY never figures out what season it is, that is okay with me.

But since it’s January, and at the very least the changing seasons mean changing up decor around the house, I decided to bring some winter to my home by installing a snow machine in my living room.

Not really. Really, I just filled this tray on our ottoman with some items that looked winter-y to me. Which is not nearly as exciting as a snow machine, but hey, you do what you can.



The tray was a Christmas gift from my aunt and uncle, as was the snuggly blanket that you can see Gingerbread enjoying in the background of that last picture. It’s perfect for our ottoman as a place to set drinks when we need to. I know what you’re thinking: is there room on that tray for drinks? The answer is yes, after I shove all of that unnecessary stuff out of the way, unnecessary but perfectly winter-y stuff like the stump from our Christmas tree and a branch from our backyard, both of which you might remember from my Christmas fantle.


I also tossed in some decorative balls I’ve had for forever, or at least two years. They wander around our house about as often as I do when I can’t find some article of clothing that I desperately want to wear. This happens as least once a week. (Do any of you know where my black yoga pants are? They’ve been MIA for at least a month. Rick, the one who hangs all of his pants in one section and makes sure all of his clothes face the same way on the hangers, says this is because my clothes filing system is lacking in organization. He’s probably right.)


A few Scrabble tiles found a home there because they went with the natural color scheme and because they seemed winter-y to me…can’t you picture playing Scrabble by a roaring fire, mug of hot chocolate in hand, while a winter storm rages outside? If you can’t, I blame Words with Friends.


Zoe thinks Scrabble tiles make pretty good toys, which is Reason #812 why we don’t usually support the cat toy industry with our money. It took her approximately 4 minutes to knock all of them onto the floor.


The strands of silver beads are from Joann’s, purchased at their 70% off after Christmas sale. I think they make an interesting contrast with the raw wooden elements.


Oh, and I can’t forget the glass bottles. They are, of course, from the recycling bin of a neighbor of yore. I stuck those corks in them so they looked more finished in all their empty glory.



So that’s my winter-y tray in honor of a thus far winter-less winter. And just because I’m interested: what does “winter” mean where you live? For us, “winter” means that the average daily temperature is around 25 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average yearly snowfall is over 90 inches. (More significantly, it means no yard sales, no spray paint, and no sandals.) Basically, we’re the people who whine about 90 degree days and don’t break out the plows for a couple inches of snow. Okay, I’m the person who whines about 90 degree days. I won’t speak for the rest of the fine folks in my area. :)

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  1. I'm loving this winter also! It's supposed to snow tomorrow though. :(

    I'm digging the winter tray! You're so resourceful.

  2. Cute winter tray!! I love that you just use stuff you have around your house. I also love the lack of winter. (winter = subzero temps, lots of snow, and crabby Katie. buckling kids in carseats in a parking lot with a bitter cold windchill is not my idea of fun). I am looking forward to sandals and 80 degree days. :-)

  3. So pretty! We have no winter...ever. South Florida hits 60s and everyone breaks out the big boots and jackets which is just hysterical to me. We have been in the 80s all winter pretty much.

    1. haha it's like when we think we're going to die because the temperature breaks 90! :)

  4. I really like your wintery tray!

    I lose clothes all the time. They have a tendency to reappear in my dirty clothes basket about 3 weeks after I realize they're missing. Something leads me to believe my fine boyfriend accidentally picks them up and puts them with his stuff.

    Winter here is temps in the 30's and snow. We've been hit hard the last 2 years but there are winters that I remember getting only maybe 1 big snowfall. Oh, I live in Southeastern PA. It's ridiculous how warm it's been here too!

  5. Cute tray! (Also, my black yoga pants have been missing for about a month too. I had to go buy a new pair.)
    Winter in Dallas generally has a 20 degree temperature range. We bounce around from the 30's to 50's the whole season...sometimes colder, sometimes warmer. We may get snow a time or two...generally not much. But icestorms are our main problem when it's really cold. I think the greatest winter peril, however, are drivers. People lose their minds around here when frigid precipitation falls.

  6. Oh snap. Love it! So pretty. I'm in Kansas and we're usually sub-zero by now, but we broke a record with a 70 degree day last week! In-sane.

  7. I love the wintery tray! My theory is, if it's going to cold then it needs to snow. If there is no snow I'd prefer weather in the 60s :)

  8. Love your wintery tray! And, of course, pics of the kitties always warm things up. It's been a strange warm winter, but I don't miss shoveling and driving in the white stuff.

  9. That is beautiful! I still can't get over the tree stump. Loving it! We've been in the SIXTIES this week. I actually wore short sleeves today. I just hope February and March don't show up and make us pay!

  10. Winter for me growing up never meant anything below 50, MAYBE 40s (I'm from New Orleans). Snow was always a hit or miss. However, I still think of warm soups and snuggly blankets whenever this season rolls around. :)

    Gorgeous decor!

  11. I know I commented already but I just had to tell you that I had your page up on my laptop, and Matea walked by, looked at the computer, and said, "mom, they are using the wrong ones!" I had no idea what she was talking about until she pointed at that picture of you and Rick with the mugs! :-) I thought it was funny.

    1. haha Katie that's too funny! Silly Rick for stealing my mug... ;)

  12. Love your wintry tray :). It's funny to me that you said it felt too warm at 40 - that would be winter for us here in good ole NC, 40 seems freezing to me. We are the ones who break out the snow plows, run to the grocery store for milk and bread and cancel everything for 2 inches of snow so we can stay in and watch the local news channel talk about how treacherous the roads are - and it's awesome.

  13. That is an awesome winter display. The scrabble pieces are my fav! No winter here yet either although we hit the mountains on the weekend for skiing and there's lots of snow and cold there (which is where it should stay in my opinion!)

  14. This is beautiful...I love the eclectic-ness of it! I'm hosting a Winter Wonderland link party on Monday and would love it if you linked up!


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