The Week I Made a Million Pillows

I went a little crazy over the past week and made a bunch of pillows.

Not sure what the fabric is because I got it in the Joann's clearance section for $3/yard.

Fabric: Robert Kaufman Metro Living Tile White, purchased here; I made the rosettes following this tutorial.

The bow pillow was inspired by this one.

I bought this damask fabric for a different project but changed my mind and tried to return it. Fabric.com gave me a refund and said "Just keep it." Woo hoo for free fabric. :)

Rick says that no pillows are necessary on the couch since he just has to put them on the floor when he wants to lay down anyway. I, on the other hand, am of the mind that the more pillows, the better.

But to safeguard against Daddy "accidentally" putting my creations in the garbage can, I have hired Gingerbread to keep a close eye on them.

She takes her job very seriously.

All of the pillow covers are removable for easy washing and/or changing. I wasn't planning on detailing my sewing process, mainly because it involves strategies such as:

1. taking over the entire dining room table with my supplies
2. measuring the fabric as fast as possible
3. cutting the fabric as fast as possible
4. sewing the fabric as fast as possible

...none of which are helpful to most anyone. For real sewing advice about how to make a removable envelope back pillowcase, see this post or this post.

Right now, I need to figure out where I am going to put all of these pillows. One would be nice in a chair...

Or I could put one on our bed...

Or I could cover Rick with them because he loves them so much...

Or I might just take a nap on them.

This, by the way, is what a week of adolescents will do to you. I'm not sure what GB's excuse is. A week of extreme pillow-watching, perhaps?

Have a great week, everyone! :)

Update: I want to honor the seller's right to her product (the bow pillow) so I won't be sharing how I made it. You can buy one just like it (only nicer because I am a sewing novice) here. :)


  1. That's all I want to do on Friday when the 3:15 bell rings! I love me some nap-filled, student-free weekends! The pillows look awesome =)

  2. Anonymous9/19/2011

    How cute! We could use some new pillows for our sofa...I need to get sewing. I love the one with the bow :)

  3. Adorable! I made a pillow this weekend too and I planned to post about it tomorrow! Great minds, I tell ya. But you may have about 999,999 more done than me, I'll try to catch up tonight.

  4. So you'll be at my house to make pillow aaaround what time?

  5. Um, all of these are gorgeous! Love the bow! My husband is not supportive of my pillow problem either, but whatever. I love them! I am so inspired by yours!

  6. Impressive. They look great! I especially love that first pillow - I'm mildly obsessed w/ grey and white stripes. I can't sew anything so I'm super inspired.

  7. Oh I love all the pillows! And the cat picture was hilarious. Love it!

  8. Pretty pillows! I love the combination of all the texture and the colors!

    Andy also believes that pillows should be removed from the couch as quickly as possible. I'll be hanging on to every word of your tutorial. :)

  9. While more pillows on the couch may LOOK more appealing, it is not practical to have 3 square feet of room to sit on a 9 foot couch!

    Beware, I've lured GB away with treats and am stashing the pillows in an undisclosed location, to be ransomed. Muahhahahahaha......

  10. Anonymous9/19/2011

    I don't think its just adolescents... my job drove me to crafting this weekend, too. I spray painted a lamp, spray painted some planters to make them more fall-y for future mum planting, an made a fall door wreath (I was getting a little lightheaded from all the spray paint).

    Love the pillows. The hubs tend to express the same views a Rick, at which point I use said pillows as projectiles :)

  11. hahaha I never knew that husbands felt this way about pillows...maybe it's because nobody asks you on those pre-marriage surveys how you feel about pillows on the couch? It should be added. You know, right after "How many kids do you want?" and "How will you share finances?"

    Rick: Bring it on. GB likes me best, remember? ;) (xo)

  12. You are a pillow making machine. I'm trying to pick a favorite and I can't! Love the guard cat...it's always nice to have someone look out for your projects!

  13. Wow you're a way better pillow maker than I am!!!

    but.... where's the washcloth pillow?!

  14. Really nice collection of pillows. Gingerbread is a great protector!

  15. I'd be proud of myself for getting a single pillow sewn, I'm in awe. Love the bow pillow!

  16. Wow, you have been one busy lady!! Great job. Why don't men share our enthusiasm for pillow, pillows and more pillows! As for Gingerbread, she deserves a raise or at the very least a giant treat.

  17. AUGH!!! Love all the pillows!! I am planning on hitting up the discount fabric store this week to make some of my own....I'll keep you updated. Thanks once again for the inspiration!


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