Random Craftiness Link Party: Game Pieces and ‘Whatzit’ Gift Tags

Woo hoo! We’ve made it to the first official Random Acts of Craftiness link party. I am excited to see how many followed through with the challenge and what all you creative people came up with!

My game of choice (sort of; it really was more along the lines of “My game of this is what I could find at Goodwill for cheap”) was Whatzit. (I’d really like to play the game “What zit?” but that’s irrelevant.) Using some of the playing cards, I made little gift tags that can easily be attached to something small like a candy bar and slipped in a co-workers mailbox, or onto a treat in your husband’s car. (Dear Rick: Pretend to be surprised.)

DIY gift tags
I chose cards whose sayings matched up with a typical Hallmark sentiment, like “Missing you,” “Two thumbs up,” “Love at first sight”…

clever gift tags
“I want to grow old with you,” “You’re one in a million,” “A round of applause.”

unique gift tags

For the record, I am really, really bad at these puzzles. We sat with a stack of them the night I bought the game and I could figure out maybe two of the 50+ we looked at. Here’s hoping the recipients of these aren’t totally perplexed and thinking, um, why is there a random game card glued to this tag?

make your own gift tags
So that’s what I’ve got…let’s see what you’ve got!

To join in the fun, enter your link below. The party closes at midnight on Friday, 9/28. Karah at The Space Between, our cheerleader-of-the-month, will be choosing her favorites and featuring them on her blog on Wednesday, 10/3. Décor and The Dog’s Michelle has coerced her husband Nate into selecting a few projects to be given the Husband’s Choice Award, which will also be featured on Wednesday, 10/3 on Michelle’s blog.

The rules. I just ask that you share some comment love with the other participants (this was NOT an easy challenge!) AND include a text-link or button-link back to the party in your post so others can find the fun, too.


Not liking your project? That’s okay. Poke fun at it with this button and link up anyway. I know I appreciate you trying, no matter how it turned out!


Giveaway: By entering this link party, you are automatically entered into our monthly giveaway: a $25 credit to the Etsy shop Crazy Fox Studio, where you can find all of these unique, gorgeous pieces of jewelry. The winner will be contacted in advance and announced on Wednesday, 10/3.

crazy fox studio etsy

And that’s it! I can’t wait to check out all of your projects!

*Please note that this is a link party for challenge projects only. I reserve the right to delete unrelated links. Thank you! :)

P.S. I’m also sharing my crazy over at Primitive & Proper today! Big thanks to Cassie for inviting me. :)


  1. Hi Erin, I came over from Primitive & Proper! Very cute blog! I'm in love with your bathroom makeover by the way ;)

  2. Thanks for hosting. My daughter and I had fun making our project. Megan

  3. So cool! I would love to recieve a gift with a brainteaser attached, and I would super impressed if it had even mildly appropriate sentiment. I've never heard of Whatzit before, but sounds like my kind of fun. (Have I ever told you how dorky I am?) Thanks for hosting and getting this whole challenge going. I've had fun so far :)

  4. Very cute idea, Erin! I love these little puzzles and I think it'll be fun to surprise people with them! :)

  5. These are great! I think I need to look into this game! Love brainteasers, and so great that they will be attached to gifts for friends and family :)

  6. Love the idea! Unfortunately, I'm also awful at this game. So I'd be like "Thanks for the thumb card??".

  7. So I completely spaced and forgot to submit my comment before when I linked up (#fail)... oops.

    I had never heard of this game before but I love the idea of using these as gift tags. I'm a big fan of puzzles like these, even if they often stump me!

  8. That a really cute idea!

    I am horrifically bad at games like that. So bad, in fact, that I couldn't figure out why you were giving them answer to them until I saw the "round of applause" one.

  9. Thanks for being the hostess with the mostest for this awesome RAoC par-tay! Very clever upcycling idea for a card game, I must say. (I usually don't even use gift tags anymore. I just shove the gift into the recipient's hands & say, "Here.")

  10. Very cool! I really had very good intentions of joining in on the fun... Next time!

  11. I love these! The puzzles are so cute! I didn't quite get it until you started saying what the puzzles meant. What a creative idea!

    Thanks for hosting!

  12. Very cute idea! I love the brainteaser puzzles, although I am not very good at solving them - so I would be one of those people going ummm thanks for the card?!

  13. So cute! Although I have to say, I never get those games. :p

  14. Heard about you from The Space Between! Good luck getting your link party up and running! :)

  15. Some of them are really cool but the people that have word verification on are losing out on comments. :/

    I don't have a craft. I don't even have a cool game-inspired blog post talking about WHY I don't have a craft.

    I do have a blog post talking about how crazy my weekend was, and how tired I (STILL) am from that, but, alas, that really isn't going to cut it. I went to Restore on Monday, hoping for something, but they only had like 10 different versions of Trivial Pursuit, nothing with real game pieces, and I didn't really have time or energy to go anywhere else at that point. I know, I suck, but hopefully this doesn't disqualify me from playing next month. :)

  16. These are so fun! My family loves to play board games. I don't have anything to link up -- I just found out about this today, and I can't imagine tearing up a game I already have and love... :) But I am loving the posts I'm already seeing here! Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Aren't you the clever duck? ;)
    I'm usually pretty quick on those word puzzles, but Love @ first sight had me stumped. Could have something to do with being sleep deprived.

    Nah. ;)

    Hope you're having a great week!

  18. Thanks for the reminder the party was open.. I'm on a another planet. I have clearly gone with the majority and used Dominoes.. what a versatile little game. Thanks so much for hosting! I had a blast, can't wait to do it again!

  19. These are great! Such a cute idea. Thanks for this whole Random Acts of Craftiness idea. It's been really fun.

  20. what a cute idea! I need to take the finished photos of mine in the next day or so and get to blogging!!

  21. WHOA how fun is that jax lampshade? and thank you, friend for an awesome and funny post today! you were a hit!

  22. Shooooot. I am almost out of time! I was thinking the link up was tomorrow. I better get painting!
    I love all the creative ideas posted already; so cool!

  23. Okay, this was a tough one. I'm almost afraid to see what you come up with next!!

  24. I know I came out of nowhere to say I wanted to participate in the first place, well now I have to admit that I didn't do it. I wanted to take a spare Leia figurine from Star Wars Trivial Pursuit and attach it into a music box, but work exploded and I didn't have any time. I still want to try to participate in your other challenges though.

  25. I'm terrible and I tried, failed, and gave up. So I'm vowing to take on October's challenge and not let it defeat me. :)


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