Etsy Under $20: Back to School for All Ages

*I accidentally posted this yesterday for about 38 seconds. It’s here for real now.*

In exactly 11 days, I will be meeting my new 7th and 9th graders. I am being serious when I say that I am genuinely excited, and I can’t wait to get started. What am I looking forward to the most about my new job? Being 10 minutes away from my school. Smaller class sizes. Getting more involved in the district. Already knowing several of my colleagues. Having younger students. I fully anticipate many hilarious, yogurt-spewing sentences like these. (The 10th graders this past year had just gotten too smart. Their writing was disappointingly coherent. Nobody was writing “virgin” instead of “version.” Sad.)

So in honor of all those heading back to school, including me, I thought I’d fill August’s “Etsy Under $20” round-up with “back to school” products for all ages!

1. These fun pencils from Earmark. You can choose from over 20 color and saying combinations to make a personalized set of 12. Pretty cool, write? (Bahaha. Ha.)

fun pencils

2. This handmade zippered pencil pouch by Silky Smooth. I need one of these for my man-eating purse.

handmade pencil case

3. This cute journal from Happy Dappy Bits. Bonus: the cover and pages are made of 100% recycled cardstock and paper!

handmade journal

4. This set of 3 embossed mini-notebooks from Paper Jayne. You get to choose your colors and designs. I love the little owl and the typewriter.

mini emobssed notebooks

5. This handmade canvas and screen-printed backpack from Catbird Creatures. The poppy red color is so cheerful.

handmade backpack

6. This insulated lunch bag from Carried Away Bags. It’s actually just a bit over $20 but for the size and cuteness factor I thought I’d include it as a bonus #6. There are a ton more fabric options, too!

insulated lunch bag

***If you pin any of these, please pin from the original source!***

What’s your favorite item? Do you know anyone going back to school soon? Who wants to help me figure out why students don’t notice when they’ve replaced “version” with “virgin” in their writing?


  1. I LOVE that lunch bag!!! Super cute - have a good weekend, Erin...summer is almost over....

  2. I think my faves are those pencils and the notebooks, but they're all great finds!

  3. Love that little pencil bag! I need one of them for pens and one for lipstick.

  4. I have never been O-V-E-R something like I was school when I finally finished my masters. I haven't looked back or missed it yet. But something about that first picture with the pencils... I could smell them! And it smelled good! Hope you really enjoy your first week back!!!

  5. I used to love back to school. That is a cute lunch bag; I'd totally take that to work. Good luck with your new job!!

  6. Love that lunch bag and the little pencil case- super cute!! I used to love back to school time... but only because it meant new pens, pencils, markers and all that great school supply stuff. I've always had an obsession with a freshly sharpened pencil and a brand new blank note book. Seems like there are endless possibilities!

  7. Pencils,journal,lunchbag and I love the banana seat bike on the back pack :>!
    THE BIKE IS SHOWING MY AGE,LOL,You girls probably dont even rememeber them cuties from back in the late 70s. They where great for towing you bff around ;]. Etsy is awesome! Enjoy back to school! My 10 and 16 Year old are excited about shopping but not to thrilled about getting up early for school instead of the beach,wahhhh.

  8. Erin,

    Thanks so much for sharing! I love the red backpack! Absolutely adorable!


  9. I would have been the coolest kid in school with that awesome backpack!

  10. oh my -- picking out school supplies for boys is sooooooooooooo different from girls. Between the "I'nt know." and the "I'nt care." I want to shake them & say buy.it.yourself!
    Because we're like #47 nationally in education, we've been in session for 3 1/2 weeks already... (of course, my university student just started yesterday.)

    I pray you will have the most wonderful year of teaching, ev.er! I hope you can go back to school with that adorable insulated lunch bag...

  11. Love the little notebooks - and I agree with you, the typewriter is so cute.

    Good luck - enjoy your last week off.

  12. Great roundup.
    I use a pencil case in my purse, not for pencils, but to corral all my lipsticks, hand cream, emergency sewing kit, etc. It makes my purse so much less cluttered to have the small stuff all in one place.


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