DIY Lace Overlay Pillow

It’s been a while since I’ve made a pillow. Let’s correct that immediately. I think that this time, I’ll channel my inner granny and make a project using….lace.

DIY Lace Overlay Pillow


I was inspired by this pillow at Pier 1. My fancy supplies consist of an old window valance and a red t-shirt that had been relegated to the donation pile--and a cat who makes it her personal business to be in as many photos as possible.


The whole thing is quite simple if you don’t use a stretchy old t-shirt for your base fabric, in which case it becomes significantly more difficult because, well, it stretches. (Who knew?) And this is not what you want when trying to create something uniform-looking. Pillows, like most people, shouldn’t wear spandex-like attire. My pillow is a little wonky at spots because of the unevenly stretched fabric. I may have been aiming for perfection, but “good enough” is acceptable when it comes to this sort of thing.


Don’t be like me. Use real fabric.

I cut the lace larger than the pillow front itself so that there would be plenty of overlap and it wouldn’t separate from the base because of the holes in the lace.


Then you simply pin it all together inside out and sew around the edge. Leave a gap to stuff the pillow in, turn it inside out, stuff that pillow in, and sew it up by hand. Ta da! A new pillow.


Yes, the arrival of this pillow does mean that red is becoming the accent color in our bedroom. A nightstand and gallery wall that also incorporate red/blue/gray combos are in the works/75% complete. I’m surprised at my choice of red, because red has always been, along with orange, the most under-represented color in my wardrobe. It’s just not my go-to color. I’ve always wanted to say that: “my “go-to” color, my “go-to” pants, my “go-to” salami.

(Actually, I’ve never wanted to say that. I’ve never developed an unequivocal affinity for any one particular brand of salami, either.)

But I like the pairing of a warm color with the cool grays and blues that are already in the room, so red it is.


The first take of that same angle:


Cats these days.

All this talk of red has inspired Rick to drape his red clothing around the room in protest. (He pretends to see red bahaha have a severe aversion to every color except blue.) I’d say he’s getting the hang of this decorating thing. Next thing you know, he’ll be using words like “herringbone” and “patina.”

Have you ever started decorating with a color you never expected to? Did your husband come with a limited acceptable color palette? Who wants to come pet my cat while I try to take pictures?

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  1. so cute and easy enough even for me! :)

  2. Love the pillow! I dont think it looks wonky at all. My dog makes it her goal in life to sit on whatever fabric I have out to use for projects. In her opinion, if it's on the floor, it's fair game.

  3. I'm a big red fan lately too! Way to make an easy project hard. Let's start a club!

  4. I don't think this is granny-ish at all! I love it.

    I want to like red and use it all over our apartment but I keep going back to green and blue (so much blue). At least I have some yellow in there to warm things up!

  5. I love this pillow!! And great repurpose of materials- gotta love free pillows!

    I love red as an accent colour but have yet to use it in our house. Shayne only really likes blue too. Silly men.

  6. Red is beautiful, like your pillow. I totally hear you. I have 0 red in my closet, but love it as an accent colour for the home!

  7. Red is not my color but I love, love, LOVE lace. And I like the little burst of contrast against the chair.
    Everyone is sewing these days...and I can't. Not to save my life. I admire and clap from afar.

  8. Can we say adorable? I just need to go ahead and suck it up and buy a sewing machine. And then learn how to use it. :)

  9. Anonymous5/08/2012

    :) half my shots have at least one animal in them (sometimes I end up with a dog-chasing-cat and more often, a cat-chasing-dog blur).

    Oh, and my "go-to" salami is Genoa. Just saying.

  10. WOW, this looks so great! I love lace (in a sweet 1920's way). I'd never think of doing this, so glad to have seen your blog!

  11. Inner granny, wonky and go-to salami.

    I love you.

    And your cat(s).

    And I once painted one wall of our bedroom red and it bombed. No, it was not "the bomb"...we (mainly Justin) hated it. I finally saw the light after two years (ha) and repainted what it is today. Whew. ;)

    Red as an accent color...awesomeness.
    Red as a wall...not so awesomeness.

    Oh and hi...I'm back. :)

  12. Love it! I'll be wanting some red pillows for our living room eventually, so I may just have to try this!

  13. This actually does make me think of my grandma... but in a good way! It looks so sassy on that chair.

  14. I love the red with the gray. And the lace is super granny-chic in all the right ways!

  15. I love it! So far as choosing colours unexpectedly - I had a pomegranate colour in my last kitchen - never thought of adding something so deep in nature, but it worked.

  16. wow! Sweet splash of red!

    My theory is you can never go wrong covering something with a layer of lace. (As long as I keep it in my room so it doesn't offend the masculine side of the men in my house...) HA!

    Up-cycling clothes & old curtains is fantastic! I always hear stuff like, "Hey, that was my best Hawaiian shirt..." "Mom, did I say I was done with those jeans with the holes in them?" "You shredded my best t-shirt!"

  17. ahhhh it's perfect on that chair! and can i just say that i have to take about 3 tries of every photo too to not get an orange blur (or two) running through the center :). dan is pretty open to all colors with the exception of pinks and purples haha.

  18. i started decorating with gray. gray is not my color. gray is katie's color. i am a yellow, orange, green kind of girl. or maybe it was just the solid gray i hated. who knows. i love this pillow. so so much. i have a thing for lace right now so that's probably why. can't wait to see the accents in the room!

  19. Erin this is a great idea! Clever and super cute!


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